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Computer languages are likely to be the linguistic skills that make you outstanding

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This post was post-dated. I thought of this a day after the birthday of a woman I love and care. Although she is very serious, she can be very funny. Since she does not know English, and her children are all overseas pursuing better lives, so she has to start making overseas trip to see her children, especially when they need her.

There was a funny incident that made me laugh until stomachache.

Once, in a rush upon returning from hospital upon the arrival of her first grandchild, she thought that the free sample of Tollyjoy liquid wash for bottles, was meant for baby bath, simply because she does not understand English. So, she let her grandchild to bath with liquid was for bottles! Her daughter was over exhausted from delivery to early discover it until she saw why such a bottle was placed in the bathroom.

Even the father of the baby does not know this, I am the privileged one to be shared such a story. In future, as a potential mentor / consultant to the baby, I may tell her grandchild this story when the child refuses to learn something.

In Asia, if you know English, you can secure a good job (i.e. one with higher salary than average job).

Asians in English speaking cities in Asia (e.g. Hong Kong, Singapore) enjoy higher income (though it comes with higher expenditure as well), more choices in employment.

People in India also benefit from the global companies that take advantage of geo-arbitraging.
Though these outsourced employees earn less that employees in US, yet they earn more than people in India.

Not many Asians know English well, although the number is increasing. More Asian parents in China are sending their children to English speaking countries (US, UK, Australia). These generations of Asians are well versed in their mother tongues as well as the international language — English. Some of the ambitious ones even speak the third, the forth languages. A personal encounter was the high school age Korean girl who sat next to me on a flight to Canada. She speaks : Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese.

I am so thankful that by chance and choice, I have the opportunities to learn English. I am still learning everyday through reading and writing.

In my humble prediction, since more and more Asians are mastering English, a good command of English alone will no longer differentiate a talent.

The Pareto Law applies. When less people speak English, you are a rare talent. When more people speak English, you need to have additional skills to differentiate yourself.

One need additional language skills. Instead of another language, e.g. Chinese Mandarin (I think it is important too, but the Chinese are eagerly learning English) and Spanish, one can and must focus on computer languages.

Simply put, for the 21st century,
computer languages = English for people in non-English speaking countries in the 20th century.

Oh my goodness, my command of computer languages is far from acceptable.
After my project L in the 1st half of 2013,
it is time for me to improve my computer languages.

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February 24, 2013 at 10:24 pm

Giving gives you happiness

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People whom I think deserve listening to and learning from, advocate giving. When we give, we will feel happy.

I have given many things in my life:
Things for donation.
Energy / sweat.
I hope to give wisdom in the near future.

Most time I am happy to give, but there are times I am forced to give by circumstances.
For example, once a woman asked my man to help her take photo, then she asked me to lend her my (beautiful) hat. I was unwilling because it was drizzling and I did not feel well, yet I still gave in to her request.
This is a very small example, in work / school we are often / sometimes / rarely forced to give as well.

Why are we sometimes unhappy to give?
1. The receiver has more than us. They already have more / better things yet they insist / trick us to give to them.
E.g. An acquaintance WT who spent $ to study in US, then she got a scholarship to study in UK, mentioned that a beggar earns 50% more than her per month (the beggar’s income is in news in summer 2012).

2. There are imbalance of forces / power. People of authority (parents, teachers, bosses) make you to do things in which you have to give more than what you are willing to give.

3. There are inequality of contribution from collaborators / co-workers / team members in giving and receiving. A solution is to enter the joint efforts with the attitude of "giving without expecting to receive", but this does not serve the purpose of group synergy. When you collaborate, you want 1 + 1 = 3 or more. Perhaps not all collaboration makes everyone happy, if this is the case and you find yourself giving more than what you should, you can try to move on to another project then.

4. Naturally, it makes sense not to give to your competitors (e.g. in business), unless you want to turn them into your collaborators. I think the latter strategy is excellent. When you cannot beat your competitors, you join them, which I did well in summer 2009.

5. Emotion / personal likes and dislikes / chemistry. We just like some people more than others, e.g. our good / kind friends. A girlfriend of mine is rich from working in bank and claiming insurance, yet I still love to give her gifts because I love her. We have been friends for ages and I found her like my elder sister (whom I never have), wise and kind. On contrary, we may find it hard to like (hopefully very few) people. E.g. Can you like your housemate if he always leaves post-excretion signs on your toilet bowl? Can you like your neighbor who blast loud music when you want to sleep? No matter what, even if our likes and dislikes for different people vary, we will still try our best to see everyone equally. After all, we are all children of God.

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January 5, 2013 at 8:24 am

Christmas 2012: I think I am a geek

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While people are in the mood of celebrating Christmas and New Year, I am finding myself to be more motivated and hardworking than ever.

I had shopped for Christmas gifts early (I did it simultaneously when I shopped for groceries and there were sales / discounts). No last minute shopping for me. Thank you for the new bag and book for my Christmas gifts!

I am learning to forgive my boss who is dragging me down. He is slowing the progress of my work. I am also learning about patience.

Due to medical reason, I am not allowed by my doctor (and mother) to go out (including to go to my workplace, church). Fortunately, I can still work using my laptop, read, reflect and think. Pretty happy.

Counting my blessings:
@~@ Finished reading and understanding a couple of books.
@~@ Have consulted and learned from my mentors more than in 2011: the super kind MT, Uncle Zhou, Aunt Ning, Aunt SQ (Dec), Uncle Toni, Uncle Roger (Nov), Brother Adam, Brother Tim.
@~@ Planned for the education of LS and obtained the approval from the father of LS. See pink 2012 notebook page 51.
@~@ Reflected on my lessons (Always remember that there are no absolute failures, but temporary setbacks), past achievements (e.g. PhD), and future plans (including being a business-owner entrepreneur, an agent of positive change).

An important lesson:
Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

@~@ Have fed myself with positive food for mind and soul (almost daily and every morning). This is highly important because the Russian psychologist Blyuma Zeigarnik discovered early in this century that human beings remember unresolved problems, frustrations, failures, and rejections much better than we remember our successes and completions.
@~@ Being hugged every morning and night by my man. Tips: Women need to be loved, men need to be respected.
@~@ Sent personalized Christmas cards to my friends.
@~@ Ate Shepherd pie and banana pear yoghurt for the breakfast on Christmas Eve. Shepherd pie reminds me on cold and wet England in the winter.
@~@ No need to spend time on commuting means I can sleep more.
@~@ Delivered an almost 90-minute of talk (based on my notes from books I read in 2012) to LS, with breaks in between. Tired. I must train my stamina because I will deliver more inspiring talks in the future. See books2012.txt
@~@ Dressed up myself on Christmas day, though I could not wear my engagement ring (hopefully for temporary). I love the progress of applying make-up, transforming myself into more beautiful than ever.
@~@ Clean flat (since Dec 23rd) thanks to the cleaning lady. We are sleeping on my favorite bed sheets with the pattern of pink flowers and purple leaves. So far, we only have 3 bed sheets.
@~@ Not being able to attend a Christmas mass, I listened to "On Eagle’s Wings". Always remember that "He will raise you up on eagle’s wings".

@~@ Listened to the songs by Mindy Gledhill. Gothic. Soothing. Fairy Tales.

Finally, Merry Christmas to the readers of Blueroselady. I love you!

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December 25, 2012 at 8:54 pm

Human relationships are complex yet I want to build relationships using my simplicity and sincerity

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A successful friend (77), once told me that the most difficult thing is human relationship. In the end of March 2012, due to miscommunication, I realize that my friend is perhaps right.

People of different background are involved in this communication, from the English, the French, the Indian, to the Chinese, so it is hard for me to tone my communication to suit someone, as it involved people of diverse background.
I sent suggestions as my help was requested, but the person feel insulted.
I want to help others.
I have tried to limit myself not to help others, if they do not request my help.
Even so, I still make the other person unhappy.

A piece of advice from the mentor SH:
I think you should have a talk with him to clarify things.
All guys have ego, like your brother, I think it is of similar situation.

1. To tailor make my communication to different individuals.
2. Accept the fact that I cannot make everyone happy.

Another example for sharing:
A close friend of mine (a male) once accidentally asked his former colleague GM if she likes him.
The problem was she knew that he was in a relationship with a girl who is their mutual friend.
With the personality of his former colleague, my close friend made her lose face.
Since then, she refused my close friend to contact her.

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December 24, 2012 at 9:38 am

Benefits of being pregnant

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Growing life. Loving someone without being able to see him yet.
People are nicer to me. Parents give me nutritious food, Mom bought me new maternity wear. Boss is less demanding. Kind strangers give me a seat on public train.
I am allowed to eat more by my man. Normally, if we share food, he will eat 2/3 and I eat 1/3.
No longer afraid of cold. I used to be afraid of low temperature, when people wear 2 layers, I have to wear 3 layers.
Enlarged breasts. My bra size increases by n_now – n_before = 4, cup size increases by 2 alphabets.

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November 4, 2012 at 10:56 am

Focus on strengths more, fix weaknesses less

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We have been conditioned (trained / taught) to focus about our weaknesses.
For example,
1. parents scan the report cards of their children to focus on subjects their children need improvement, the failing grades are written in red, screaming for attention. Fortunately, my parents did not bother to look at my report cards.
2. teachers mark our homeworks, assignments, and exam papers with red inks. They do nothing on the correct answers, but our errors are marked with crosses.
3. bossses discuss on our weaknessess at annual performance review.
4. media loves to report stories of people who overcome their weaknesses to achieve great things.

Have we ever stopped to realize that focusing our strengths is more productive than improving our weaknesses?
Both Tim Ferriss and Chu Chin-Ning (whose books I read in autumn 2012) advocate us to focus on our strengths.

Yes, we can improve our weaknesses, but at slower pace.
The end results may be slight improvement, yet still mediocre.

Types of strength:
achiever / has stamina to work long hours
intellect / thinking
strategic / intuitive
futuristic / what can one does
relater / can relate with people
belief / has strong core values that one wil not compromise / stubborn

Note that a strength can also be a weakness, depending on the situations.

Remember that:
1. the key to success is to work with the way God designed us, focus on our strengths.
2. combine our strengths to create synergy and achieve greatness.
Many people may share the same individual strength as ours, but a combination of strengths shapes our uniqueness and identity, makes us outstanding if we can unleash the synergistic effects.
3. There are always abundance of opportunities for our particular combination of strengths. Jobs that do not make use of our strengths, require things that we are not strong in, are exhausting. If we have tried our best and still do not see desirable results, perhaps it is time to change jobs / career.
4. Every knife requires sharpening, similarly we must hone our strengths with knowledge, skills, and practice.

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October 23, 2012 at 12:15 pm

I want to protect and earn $ for my baby

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On the third Friday in Aug 2012, I was taking a public train to go home. My journey home takes 1 hour.
After walking and standing in a crowded train, I just got to sit for few minutes to close my eyes then a woman asked me to stand up to give up my seat for a strong man carrying a baby.
I was on medical leave the day before because I felt dizzy and I still felt dizzy and tired.
I felt like crying and telling her "I also carry my baby".
Fortunately the man indicated that he is alighting at the next stop.

Well, pregnant women can be weepy, so I just have to be aware of that fact. No need to cry for a small thing like this.
That woman was just trying to be nice to the baby, without her knowing that she was being the opposite to my baby.
It was the woman who laid her hand with contact to me while I was standing, but I did not bother because she is a woman and she did that to hold a handgrill, she actually held two so she body contacted me. It is ok that my personal space was crossed, I could tolerate, but I was upset when she asked me to stand up.
Perhaps, in future, I will carry a little card, "sorry, I am carrying my baby" and show to the person who asks a seat from me, if I feel tired / dizzy and do not want to give up my seat.

I have been pregnant for several months, but my bump is not showing much.
My obs-gyn said this is because I am slim.
I read that this is also because of my 1st pregnancy, my muscles are still very tight.
But I was not spared from morning sickness, heartburn, and dizziness. The dizziness is worrying because it possesses hazard when you are traveling on your own, with no family members.
I tried my best to walk slowly, closer to the side of path so that I can quickly hold on to the wall or column if I need, and avoid people who need to rush. It is just like driving on the slower lane to let the faster cars to take over.
From my experience taking public train commuting to work every weekday, there was only once a middle age man kindly offered me to sit. I was so grateful and thanked him. I noted that as a blessing in 2012. Yes, I count my blessings.
Many times I have to fight for my seat.
I also have to be careful especially at the interchange stations, where people were often running to catch the train before the doors close. The next train will arrive in less than 5 minutes! How fast can they be by running and being a hazard to people like me.
I also have to use my both hands to protect my tummy from people carrying big rucksacks / bags including well-dressed professionals, or people to eager to get into the train before those who are alighting come out, sometimes I am holding my hands in fists so I have extra strength to prevent being bumped by careless people.
It is ok, I have no expectation from the world.

I used to get home late to avoid the crowd, but now I have severe heartburn that I have to eat my dinner at least few hours before sleeping. The heartburn gets worse with pregnancy, and I feel tired after a day at work.
I am tempted to leave work early, but I feel that it is not responsible to do so.
Sometimes, it makes me think of what I want to do in this life.
Perhaps, if I have a car, I do not have to squeeze with many people. If I have more $, I can take a taxi.
Honestly, people are nicer when supplies are more than demands, and vice versa.
Sometimes, I think the working crowd is cruel, or perhaps it is just my perception.
Well, they are tired from working, which are different from people who go out to relax at the park.
Perhaps, I am living in a competitive society and country.
If I can do my work at home, or I have flexible working hours, my quality of life will be better.
I am really looking into it.
I want to earn more $ too, so that I can give better healthcare, education, and opportunities for my children.
I want to have more time to spend with my children, instead of working for other people.
In the past, I was happy with my pay because I feel that my job allows me to contribute to great causes, but now I feel that if I cannot take care of my own progenies, how can I take are of others?

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August 17, 2012 at 1:46 pm

How to go home on time

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I want to go home on time and still get everything done!

My life turns better in 2012. If I have to work later, it will not be later than 7.30 pm to avoid the 6 pm rush hours.

Strategy: PERK
P = Postpone
E = Eliminate
R = Reduce
K = Keep

List all my activities (including mundane ones like washing myself, dishes, and clothes) to meeting friends.
Next to each activity write: P, E, R or K.

In the last week of 2012, I eliminate some documents (that I think I will not need again for the next 1 year).
I keep some important points in softcopy.

Things I have applied PERK in 2012:
minimize watching / reading news online or through print media (I will get important news through people who are closed to me).
avoid boring gatherings (with distant relatives, friends) / professional talks indirectly related to my current projects.
discard useless emails (by marking them as Spam).
fasting from social media e.g. facebook.

My family is my man.
The in-laws are the in-laws.

In the near future (few years down the road), I want to work from home a few days a week.
To suggest to boss, say "flexi-time" or "telecommuting" instead of "working from home".
The latter may sound like a pseudo-vacation day.
Choices of words do matter.
It will be better when I am my own boss.

book "The Other 8 Hours" by Robert Pagliarini

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May 31, 2012 at 3:12 pm

Wanted! Dual boot Windows Linux

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Next month, my dearest Gateway laptop is celebrating 2nd anniversary.

She is my 3rd laptop, after Toshiba (1st), HP (2nd).

She is getting slower than ever. HELP!

Is it because I have filled her with so many data?

I need to sort out a number of files in my laptop.

I want a dual boot Windows Linux.

The IT officer can help me to convert the Gateway into a dual boot.

The pro of Windows:

1. MS Office – EndNote.

2. Adobe Acrobat. create PDF from multiple files. Save as JPG, PNG, PDF format. Photoshop (seems better than Gimp). Can highlight my PDF files. can save with password.

3. Irfanview – batch rename / convert images files.

4. CutePDF

5. WinRar.

I seldom use them now:

Windows live messenger.

Putty, WinSCP

I am going to try these:

1. to create a PDF from multiple files in Linux:

2. There is no native-Linux version of IrfanView. However, you can use IrfanView in conjunction with Linux programs like WINE.

Wine enables running windows application on linux.

3. winrar for linux :

The pro of Linux:

1. FREE. open source.

2. command lines : ls, grep, rm, mv, cp, ssh, scp

3. R

Things that can work in both Windows and Linux:

1. Notepad++ (Windows) vs gedit (Linux).

2. internet browser (chrome, firefox).

3. Skype.

4. QQ (as long as I have internet browser,

5. VLC media player

6. LaTeX

It is important for me to have a partition that can be accessed by both Windows and Linux.

Now, I love to store my data in simple text file.

Then, I can highlight them using text editor (or save as .rb or .r)

But how to store Chinese characters in simple text file?

I do not play games, do not watch movies on my laptop. Can you believe it?

Honestly, I dislike staring at monitors for too long.

Thankfully, I can connect my laptop to our TV for editing jobs.

Still, I prefer to read hard copies or rest my eyes by appreciating nature.

Sometimes, I consider of giving my Windows 7 up, and be a 100% Linux; yet there are features of Windows that I love of course (see above).


I can use the Windows of my partner when he is sleeping.

I cannot live without either Windows or Linux.
I heard that Mac combines both features, yet Mac seems to be expensive to me.

I welcome any advice and suggestions ūüôā

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May 18, 2012 at 7:44 am

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Quotes to inspire Blueroselady to work

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If you rest, you rust. — Helen Hayes.

It is not real work unless you would rather be doing something else. — J.M. Barrie.

I am so full of my work, I can’t stop to eat or sleep, or for anything but a daily run. — Louisa May Alcott.

What is work? And what is not work? These are questions that perplex the wisest of men. — Bhagavad Gita.

Study to be quiet, and do your own business. — I Thessalonians: 4:11

No work with interest is ever hard. I am always certain of results. They always come if you work hard enough. — Henry Ford.

Work smarter, not harder. — Ron Carswell.

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April 8, 2012 at 3:40 pm