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Pregnancy challenges me

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This post was post-dated.
I wrote below almost 4 weeks since conception / fertilization.
Pregnancy makes me super tired. All I want is to rest and to eat. After I eat, I feel like vomitting (fortunately none come out).
I lie on sofa more often than ever.
I do not feel like going to work, but I have to earn a living (and make some progresses before my maternity leaves).
Fatigue is possibly due to dramatic rise of progesterone.
Beware that fatigue can also be a symptom of iron-deficiency anemia.

I also had dreams every night while sleeping.
Some dreams are scary.
Now, between midnight and 2 am I will wake up to go washroom.
I will always wake up at night at least once, even if I drink very little before sleeping.

Pregnancy makes my olfactory sense and taste buds super sensitive.
Now plain water tastes weird.
I dislikes plain water.
Everything I eat left some smells lingering in my mouth.
The smell of the refrigerator makes me want to vomit.

Pregnancy drives overwhelming production of phlegm.

Pregnancy lowers my immune system.
I suffered from viral-associated fever until 38.8 C. Worried!
I suffered from infection.
But, I will be strong for the sake of our baby.
I also suffered from diarrhea.
5x in a day since early 5 am.
Again, I will be strong and persevered for the sake of our baby.

I decided not to go for voluntary activity in a hospital.
I will wait until my immune system increases.

I am invited twice overseas.
These selections are likely to be helpful for my career, yet for the sake of our baby, I decide to give them a miss.
My partner is worried about radiation of taking flight.
After all, our baby was conceived overseas, so our baby was once exposed when I returned, but we can strive to minimize air travel.
I am also worried about luggage, pregnant women are not supposed to carry heavy stuff.
Bye traveling! Bye being a globetrotting young lady! Welcome to the world of motherhood.

All these I am willing to endure for the safety and health of our baby.
Our baby is healthy, happy and I will safely deliver him to this world.
Our baby is strong in mind, body, and soul.
We pray to St Jude for protecting our baby.
We pray Novena.

Written by blueroselady

September 23, 2012 at 1:17 pm