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Travel: Angkor Wat of Cambodia & how it inspires me

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When I have no time, $, energy to physically travel,
I love to virtually travel
through high quality documentaries
such as this one produced by National Geographic.

The benefits of documentaries (which sometimes we do not experience while traveling physically)
# bird view taken from e.g. airplane.
# music.
# expert knowledge.
# 3D models.

Moreover, high quality documentaries e.g. by National Geographic,
incorporate artistic cinematography,
e.g. the use of bokeh, framing techniques,
which are pleasurable to the eyes.

1. water is critical. Civilizations such as Egypt and Khmer Empire relies on Nile and Mekong River respectively.

2. Western restoration methods do not always work for Eastern architecture like Angkor Wat. Similarly, Western ways of doing business may not always work in the East.

3. Angkor Wat is like a gigantic ship floating on the ocean, thanks to the gigantic moat surrounding the temple. However, this ship is made of stones including the magic stone laterite, that can be shaped yet highly durable (for almost 1 millennium) after it hardens.

4. Over-engineering is not good, as it partly contributes to the decline of the Khmer civilization. How do we know if we are over-engineering?
This is a subset / an example of question for a big question from the serenity prayer:
"God grant me
the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

5. The priests of the ancient time are not only spiritually knowledgeable, they also serve as engineers.
It reminds me on the Renaissance men.
Are we living in over-specialized age?
We need human talent who have broad knowledge as well as deep knowledge for a field of specialization.

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Tips: Beijing

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Time flies. People come and leave.
Exactly 5 years later after my first arrival in Beijing.
Only now I realized that I visited a number of UNESCO sites.

Listen to 程永涂 (2nd son of 程砚秋 Cheng Yanqiu) telling the story of his father, at their residence with tea.
Cheng Yanqiu was one of the great twentieth century performers of the Dan role type in Beijing Opera (京剧).

Great wall at Badaling.
Great wall at Simatai. ❤
Summer Palace 颐和园 .
Old Summer Palace 圆明园. At the ruins of the European-styled palaces, we imagined how beautiful and magnificent 圆明园 would be today if 圆明园 was not destroyed and looted. The Chinese government decided to keep the ruined site as is to teach future generations about the consequences of being dominated by foreign powers.
Gugong (Palace) Museum. Built in 1420 in the Ming Dynasty. UNESCO. 9000 palaces and halls. surrounded by a 3km long, 10 m high city wall, a moat.
Temple of Heaven 天坛 . Emperors worship Heaven and pray for better harvest. UNESCO. The huge pillars in the hall represent the 4 seasons, 12 months of the year, 12 WATCHES of the day.
Ming Tombs.
Beihai Park.
Fragrant Hills Park 香山公园. not yet. To go in autumn for the red leaves.
Yonghe Lamasery 雍和宮. June 3rd, 2006. Han, Manchu, Tibetan, Mongol.
Great Bell Temple 大钟寺. June 3rd, 2006.
Grand View Garden 大观园. patterned after typical scenes in Dream of the Red Chamber.
Confucian Temple 孔庙.
Chinese Ethnic Culture Park 中华民族园. not yet.
Peking Man Site. note yet.

Watch 越剧 at Tsinghua U auditorium 大礼堂. free. The Auditorium is of Roman-Greek style.
study MBA (Tsinghua biz school, MIT Sloan).
Stroll, drink at 前海 后海
watch students-made movies at 北京电影学院

April Rhapsody (人间四月天). 46 min x 20 episodes. Xu Zhimo.

Peking Roast Duck 全聚德
dumplings at Zi Jing Can Ting, Tsinghua campus.

Beijing Hotel. I love this place, so close to Wangfujing where I bought a lot of books, cosmetics for the woman whom I love most.
The New Foreign Students Hostel (清华大学紫荆留学生公寓) at north east gate.
The older the bike, the safe it is.
Always get receipts from taxi driver.

About Tsinghua U:
outstanding Tsinghua’s graduate 300 officials, among them are
former PM Zhu Rongji (electrical engineering 1951, chairman of Tsinghua Student Union in 1951) and wife. Deng once said that Zhu “has his own views, dares to make decisions and knows economics.”
Hu Jintao (1965 grad of hydraulic engineering) and wife
Wu Bangguo 吴邦国 (electron tube engineering 1967)
Wu Guanzhen 吴官正 (thermal engineering 1968)
Huang Ju (1st Vice Premier)
Zeng Peiyan

A Catholic priest Mr Roosevelt persuaded to return 12 million that Qing dynasty had overpaid, not in cash, but to do something useful. Hence 1911 Tsinghua U.

4 kinds of architectures:
1. XianFeng
2. American architecture e.g. Auditorium
3. traditional Chinese and USSR style
4. modern. after 1978 Deng Xiaoping liberation.
Beijing Tourist map May – June 2006 : Olympic Park is still under construction.

Having been twice in Beijing during hot summer. Perhaps, one day we could see the Palace Museum (Forbidden City) being covered by snow. A winter trip!
卢沟桥 (Marco Polo Bridge)

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