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Today is my day, I climbed to the top of Senate House

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I just finished a lecture at 12 noon, my stomach has made noises – very hungry. The lecturer is very good in teaching, a big shot professor in his field, but my hunger distracted me.

Then, F called, asking if I can come to the City Centre. I asked him to give me 15 minutes, for dropping my laptop, getting my camera & props, and cycling (I didn’t know that I can be so efficient!).

I thought we are going to climb up the St. Mary Church Tower, I’ve never been there as I am too stingy to pay 2 pounds :(, I think I will go there sometimes when the weather and light are appropriate for photo takings – anyway the $ will go to preserve the church.

Note added in 2013: Finally I brought Dad and Mom to climb up the Great St Mary Church Tower when they traveled to England for the first (I hope not the last) time to attend my graduation. That climb was my first climb to the GSM Church Tower. Sometimes, I cannot believe how frugal I can be. I can be very patient, really!

Back to 2008. But we didn’t go up the St. Mary Church, instead to my surprise, we went up to the Senate House rooftop. My greatest honour indeed.

First, I went into the Senate House before my graduation, Senate House is used mainly for degree ceremonies and not open to the public.

Second, I climbed up to the roof, at inner triangle roof (suitable for horror movie site) seeing some marks left by people dated as far as 17xx. Nowadays, not many Cambridge students are allowed to go up beyond the roof of the Senate House. The view from top is spectacular, I can see the St. John’s Tower, King’s Chapel, Caius Tower, and of course GSM tower.

The way up is okay as compared to monkey climbing in Fansipan, just that I am carrying my prop, bag with camera, etc – but they are not a problem. The way up to St. John’s Tower is longer as it is higher and I have done that! The custodian stayed with us and patiently waited while F and I are working. I am so blessed!

This is the best volunteering event I have done with my current university, considering I don’t do much as I am very occupied with my research – a desperate research student.

In my undergraduate, I served in 1st-aiding, mentoring primary school kinds, fund-raising for needy students, organizing university-wide events (I skipped the entire week lectures for 1 of them).

Once I was discussing with my course mate (SC) who now works as an investment banker, he proposed we grow bacteria that produce gold, I proposed we form a dream-realizing team, we do whatever things to realize our client’s weirdest dream, e.g. climbing Everest or taking videos of the Mariana Trench (oops…need to be trained in oceanography?) to bride hunting. Join force with me & let us be dream achievers!

Note added in 2013: I discover that I love to ascend, to climb, and to fly. Whenever and wherever I travel, I always like to climb a tower / an observation / a hill to gain the bird view.

The excitement aside, I received a newsletter from the Prison University Project. Inside it, there is a news on a former student who was shot while talking to his friend in San Francisco, he is 23 and has children to support. I am sad to hear that. We are very fortunate, living in a much safer environment.

Written by blueroselady

November 26, 2008 at 4:27 pm