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Rules of Blueroselady for increasing love and productivity in 2013

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I strive to be more loving and productive.

Here are my rules for 2013:
Always PRAY immediately after waking up and plan to do one IMPORTANT (not necessarily urgent) thing daily.
To HAPPILY LIVE and ACHIEVE (instead of achieve 1st then be happy).
To CONTRIBUTE / yield.
When it comes to going after what I love in life, I DO NOT TAKE NO for an answer. NO simply means that I have to try other strategies. DETERMINATION!
@~@ Delete emails not personalized to me, emails that are automatically personalized to me, emails with unimportant information to me.
@~@ DO NOT Talk / write anything that are unlawful, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, pornographic, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, violate any law, or is otherwise inappropriate.
@~@ Delete / discard / donate anything that is not USEFUL, BEAUTIFUL or JOYFUL to me.
@~@ Stop posting images / photos to Blueroselady wordpress (because it takes a lot of time). I will write more, share songs / videos by others. I will use other avenues.

The philosophy of life

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January 20, 2013 at 3:39 pm

How to go home on time

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I want to go home on time and still get everything done!

My life turns better in 2012. If I have to work later, it will not be later than 7.30 pm to avoid the 6 pm rush hours.

Strategy: PERK
P = Postpone
E = Eliminate
R = Reduce
K = Keep

List all my activities (including mundane ones like washing myself, dishes, and clothes) to meeting friends.
Next to each activity write: P, E, R or K.

In the last week of 2012, I eliminate some documents (that I think I will not need again for the next 1 year).
I keep some important points in softcopy.

Things I have applied PERK in 2012:
minimize watching / reading news online or through print media (I will get important news through people who are closed to me).
avoid boring gatherings (with distant relatives, friends) / professional talks indirectly related to my current projects.
discard useless emails (by marking them as Spam).
fasting from social media e.g. facebook.

My family is my man.
The in-laws are the in-laws.

In the near future (few years down the road), I want to work from home a few days a week.
To suggest to boss, say "flexi-time" or "telecommuting" instead of "working from home".
The latter may sound like a pseudo-vacation day.
Choices of words do matter.
It will be better when I am my own boss.

book "The Other 8 Hours" by Robert Pagliarini

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May 31, 2012 at 3:12 pm

On time but not hurrying

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Have you ever found yourselves rushing from a place to another? Taking public transports at the rush hours can be stressful because everyone seems to be in hurry. My housemate and I often go home together after work because we work at nearby offices. Many times, we go home after the rush hours. This way, we can do more work at the workplace instead of bringing our work home and we feel more relaxed on the journey home.


My Dear and I tend to prefer to go for a holiday free and easy instead of with a guided tour. We have more control on the time we would like to spend to appreciate the sceneries and to enjoy the fresh air, without hurrying because we have to follow the guided tour program.



Of course, there are things that we must do on time, such as arriving on time at school or office. To avoid hurrying and stressing ourselves, we can wake up earlier if we need more time to wash out and have breakfast. My parents used to advice me to arrive early at the airport. The passengers are expected to wait for the flight, but the airplane will not wait for the late passengers. If we arrive just few minutes before the boarding gate closes, we may be hurrying, panicking, and even forgetting things.

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January 2, 2012 at 2:34 pm

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To be discipline with TIME

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2011 is coming to an end. I feel that I have been easily distracted.
Do I still want to continue in this career? I cannot dream of wealth in this career, but just enough.
I am like in a cycle of motivation, up (when I read work of others) and down (when I think how we are going to make progress in our lives). We have 30 years of mortgage.

I want to go for that career, inspired from immigrants & summers of 2009, 2010. Where should I start? Keep on reading & learning from others.

Always pray in the morning.
Do the most important things 1st.
Always give time to see greenery.
Do not read newspapers in the morning, read at night only.
Do not google non-work, IT guy dislikes you.
Do not check other email accounts other than main one; check only after a min of 2 hrs.
Remember to double-check your email recipient.
Fast from twitter, wordpress, facebook for 1 month and subsequent alt months.
No photographic forum surfing at work.
No TV, esp drama series; TV is bad for u (MacKinnon).
Watch only heart-warming ~2 hour movies.
Do not read entertainment news / gossips; gossips are bad for you.
At work, no non-work related surfing; except 20% for continuous learning.
Do not talent search at daytime; do only at evening / night time.
Limit read about travel destinations to 1X / week unless you have an upcoming travel.
Visit a country / place you have not been to 1X / year; skip those you have been to except visiting parents or professional trips.
Pray and sleep by midnight.

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December 22, 2011 at 3:21 pm

Tips: couple relationship

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# Determine the sharing of financial duties
# Be upfront about liabilities
# Ensure an adequate emergency fund
# Share your money upbringing and beliefs
# Share financial goals
# Regular communication and review

Reading zodiac compatibility for fun.
It is too simple to arrive at a conclusion merely using the zodiac, as we are highly complex systems.
Advice for the lady: Don’t get dragged into a battle of egos. Just smile and let them think they are right!

Well, I am not an expert but please me share what I learnt from others (Psychologist Meredith Fuller, relationship counsellor Eric Hudson, etc).
Hope that they are useful.

People often find a partner who is complementing: opposite in some ways, similar in others.
After 1 – 3 years, some couples find that those qualities that initially attracted them to their partners star annoying them instead.
Solution: must embrace each other’s opposite traits and love them again, like you once did.

Pay attention to what your partner is really saying.

Differences in personality are not necessarily a bad thing, it is about how you handle them.

5-year risk: take each other for granted.
Busy juggling work and children, partner becomes last priority.
Solution: Do not forget our manners. Treat our partner with the same respect and consideration we give others. A heartfelt compliment. A neck massage. A little kindness.
Make it a rule to ban name-calling, put-downs, bad language during conflicts.
In the long run, it is essential that you both make time for each other.
You may need to say NO to a social engagement, leave work at a decent time.

10-year risk: slowly disconnecting.
Do not believe that the grass is greener on the other side.

15-year risk: leaving the other behind.
Renewing a dream, learning new skills, doing some further study or traveling to exotic destinations can act like a vitamin shot for a long-term relationship.
Solution: plan things together. Reassure your partner that you are not going anywhere. You are just trying to bring some juice back into the relationship.
Note: Men tend to put a lot of their identity into their work, when this changes due to retirement or retrenchment, they can feel lost.

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February 14, 2011 at 4:08 pm

Book: Time Management

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By Marc Mancini

Rocks, gravels, sands, water
If we don’t put the big rocks in first, we’ll never get them all in. p57.

Make at least 3 personal and 3 professional long-term goals.

Leave me alone! certain responsibilities require solitdue. p60.

Find a ‘secret’ place to work.
The times when others aren’t in the office and callers don’t expect you to be there, can be the most productive.

The 50% rule
Whenever we schedule a meeting, add 50% to the time we schedule.

Variety is the key. Avoid doing any 1 thing for longer than 90 mins. p67.

How to delegate effectively ?
Delegating suceeds only if we assign responsibility to the right person.
Delegation can be downward, SIDEWAYS / LATERAL, OUTSOURCING.

Sometimes someone above us assigns us a responsibility that shouldnt be ours; or someone delegates so incompletely. Yes, try to delegate the job backs.
seek “guidance”
Express our enthusiasm about the project, but say that we feell we don’t yet fully grasp the goals / procedures.

Good communicators (p75):
# Eye contact
# Treat other with respect
# Listen as carefully as we speak
# Organize our thoughts before we speak
# Avoid jargons / technical terms
# Don’t assume
# Encourage questions
# Ask for feedback
# AVOID SPEAKING when they are angry

Everyone is concerned with – the What’s in it for me? (WIIFM) – so explain the benefits.
Don’t sell the features, sell the benefits.
When we delegate, always SET DEADLINES.
Written report is better, can share with others.

Learning to say NO
Cancel subscription to publications we rarely get around to reading.
Telemarketers know that it’s hard to say no, they prey on our politeness.

A different way:
We don’t have to do EVERYTHING everyone wants us to do.
We also don’t have to do everything THE WAY everyone wants us to do it.

How to say NO
# Give a reason
# Be diplomatic
# Suggest a trade-off e.g. say that we are willing to find some other way to contribute
# Don’t postpone our decision

How not to take no for an answer
# Persistence

Never schedule a meeting because it’s customary.

Chapter 8 (p93)
The Art of anticipating
# Make a hard / soft copy of every doc we write / sign + backup (blueroselady’ additional tips)
# reconfirm appoinmnts made some time ago
# keep a pad + pencil beside our phones
# keep maps in our cars
# keep service manuals for home appliances in a-quick-to-find place
# emergency plans .e.g homes hit by a power outage / disaster
# take reading materials to e.g. doc, dentist

Accept responsibility, assume things ALWAYS take longer than expected, and act accordingly.

Handling over a project to a client / boss EARLY -> will impress them.

Give false times and deadlines to people, but don’t tell them what we are doing.

How to make our letters, memos, e-mails more clearly:
# Avoid passive voice
# Replace negatives with POSITIVES
# Edit long sentences into SHORTER units
# Be specific e.g. meeting time, date
# Organize our writing via dashes, numbers, bullet points, bold print, underlines, italics, punctuations

Handling phone call:
“So what can I do for you?” If the call moves aimlessly / too long.
“Sorry, but I have to be at a meeting in five minutes. Let’s try to wrap this up.”

Don’t become overly reliant on technology

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November 28, 2009 at 5:12 pm

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