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China: Yunnan (south of the clouds)

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I love WordPress that is always improving! This is my first post sent via email.

The sandstone pinnacles of the Earth Forest in Yuanmou County reminds me on Cappadocia, where we make our own "pyramid" and entertain Spanish tourists.

I always love flowers:

lotus, azalea, camelia.


Do you know that hot pot was originally a Mongolian method of cooking several ingredients at once?

I now also like to cook hot pot in which I can throw in as many things as available in our fridge.

The minority people (of Yunnan) remind me on my trip to Northern Vietnam, where our guides to trek to the top of Fansipan are Hmong people.

The Karst limestone pillars of the Stone Forest looks like a heroic scene, where masters fight all their best out.

Guys, if you grow up with your heroes, you may like the Stone Forest.


I love the traditional costumes of Sani girls: pink, magenta, red, purple.

With yellow part of their sleeves / sash.


The traditional house in Xishuangbanna: reminds me on house pictures that I cut and paste while a primary school student.

DALI is near Erhai Lake.


The great bend of the Yangzi is so near Lijiang.

"The Disneyfication of Dayan (Lijiang Old Town) feature the daily appearance of 50 Naxi men and 50 Naxi women, in traditional costume, all from villages in the nearby plains assigned by rotation, at Sifang Square to dance for the tourists".

I do have a mix of feelings for the word "Disneyfication".

The calcinated rocks at BAISHUITAI are shaped like rice terraces, reminds me on Pamukkale of Turkey.

The monastic village of SONGZHANLIN.


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