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The world in a nutshell (early Spring 2010)

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(1) China has surpassed the US as the world 2nd largest luxury consumer. Businessmen buy small items like scarves and purses of famous brands, “with price tags intact” as gift for business partners.
From Hurun report: China’s super-rich has hit 825,000 people. 63% of them have 10-15 million yuan, 20% have 50-100 million yuan, and 17% have over 100 million yuan. 9% of them are 30 and below, 66% are between 31 to 45 years old. 30% of them are female.
In the past, luxury shops sales staff worldwide ignored the Chinese from mainland, but now they welcome them with big arms. With money, you will get Smile and Service.

(2) British poundsterling is falling. Good time to travel to UK, as your money will worth more.

(3) Top global brands: Wal-Mart, Google,  Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, GE, HSBC, HP, Nokia, Citi. Top 5 airline brands: Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Air France, American Airlines, Japan Airlines (I have flied with each of them in my less-than-3-decades of life, thank you Lord for your generosity). Source: Brand Finance.

(4) Universities in US and Europe are having tough times. Students at UC Berkeley, U Wisconsin-Milwaukee are protesting against hike in tuition fee due to budget cut in education. Europe is also cutting spending on higher education. Germany’s increased spending is largely directed to provide scholarships for various key professions / gifted students, rather than core funding. European universities responded with postponing spending on new buildings, putting a free on new employees. UCL head Malcolm Grant said that funding may never come back to the levels of investment that they have presently got. Imperial College head Roy Anderson wants to cut the links with gov funding so that he can charge local students GBP12,000 a year instead of GBP3,145 of tuition fee at this moment.  They also admit more foreign students, but they less famous universities are less likely to attract $ from foreign students.

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March 7, 2010 at 3:58 am

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Blessings in February 2010

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Darling and his family bidded me farewell at the airport.
I realized that airport is a nice venue for my photography pursuit, with many flowers, plants, and festive decorations.
I made my most expensive purchase this month: 2 Shui Jing Fang @ 500 ml for $161.1
I landed on time to celebrate Mum’s birthday. No, we did not eat at any restaurant, but we had sumptuous dinner with our family at Dad’s round stone table. My favorite sea cucumber, steamboat balls, and sweet soy sauce prawns.
On the journey, Uncle Mainland told me that he started as a coolie working for 3 years. He thought it as an exercise to strengthen body. Because he was capable of sending 7 trips of goods daily as compared to 3 trips done by most workers, he was promoted to be a debt-collector. From there, he was able to meet more bosses and learnt on the rope of doing business. As an employee or subordinate, we can only be “low” (low-profile, don’t compete with them, if you are better than them, don’t show it), no matter how bad our bosses are.

At night Dad and I watched a China-produced animation, 秦时明月(QinsMoon). Dad said it reminds him of Avatar.

Mum and I had a heart-to-heart discussion. Mum said it’s ok that I am not to be what Dad hopes I want to be.
Mum and I enjoyed talented performances onn JiangSu and GuangDong channels, from a man who can make music on whatever daily tools to a Lady Gaga guy.
I love 黄圣依 (Huang Shen Yi), she is so beautiful!
I am a bleseed and loved one. I thank you very much Lord!

Day 2.
Hurray! Mum bought us new clothes, new underwears, new cosmetics, and a new spectacle.
On the way home, we took bajaj and inhaled 40-minute of CO2 and other toxic gases. I really admire people who are working everyday in this kind of traffic condition. Suddenly, Dad’s humble home feels like a heaven on earth.
At night, Uncle Mainland treats 3 of his customers, and he kindly invited me. I enjoyed 4 drunken prawns, fried eel with honey, white-onion sauce oyster, black-pepper beef steak, and many others. Life is so good!

Day 3.
We went to the shopping center where we experience an earthquake in last October. These days, clothes are expensive, and I am quite happy to wear the ones Mum and Sis have felt boring wearing. Mum got two nice dresses, though I felt that the first one was expensive. A pink wig and a round hat cheered me up.
At night, Dad bought us supper after treating his guests from overseas. Lap Choi, the ketupat rice dipped in satay sauce, fried banana were what we had.

Day 4.
My collaborators sent me thorough reply. I got to work smarter and harder now!
Sis cooked a kimchi soup. It made me remember our happy days enjoying delicious food in Korea. In fact, one of our most delicious meal was enjoyed at a small hut along a big street and the woman seller spoke no English. Smile and point seemed to be the best strategy.

Day 5.
I found a card written by one of my teachers in 1999.
Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself ~
in the power you have
to control your own life,
day by day,
Believe in the strength
that you have deep inside,
and your faith will help
show you the way …

Believe in tomorrow
and what it will bring ~
let a hopeful heart
carry you through,
For things will work out
if you trust and believe
there’s no limit
to what you can do!
Emily Matthews

Whatever special challeges
you face along life’s way,
May you trust
that you will always find
the best in every day.

In the afternoon, I did the make-up and photoshoots for Sis. We used her traditional and modern dresses, necklaces, and a pink wig. The pink version of Lady Gaga, yay!
Tonight, we sent Sis to airport. She is flying to Aussie with a scholarship. We are so proud of her!

Happy things occuring in this Lunar New Year 2010:

# Darling and I drank a cup of 龙井茶 (long jing tea), the fragrant is unique (30Jan10)

# Drank birds’ nest soup (31Jan10)

# Few days before Lunar New Year, with my parents, I watched the last few episodes of 神话 (Shen Hua). There was a saying that lovers wait for 1000 years, but 易小川 (Xiaochuan) had waited for 2000 years only to meet his lover for a very short while before she died. 小川 (Xiaochuan) and 玉漱 (YiShu) had eaten the 长生不老, but 玉漱 (YiShu) was trapped in the tomb of Qin Emperor. Xiaochuan was trying to find the clues to open the tomb.

# Recorded Dad’s mimicking the natural sound of wolves. We were watching a documentary, Dad even thought of ideas how awesome it is if people can design a device to allow human beings to fly. Next, recorded Dad playing harmonica on the song 礼义廉耻 and singing.

# Mum re-sew her youth dress for me, adding two sleeves and reducing the length of the skirt. The cloth material for the dress was from the cloth used to decorate Mum’s wedding cupboard. I want to wear Mum’s innovative dress for my birthday, grinned. Everlasting fashion, everlasting love! (16-Feb-2010)

# We had a delicious seafood dinner: crab, big head prawn, kerapu fish, shell adze steamed with white onion, genjer (20-Feb-2010). See another post for the eating house details.

# Mum cooked bird nest for the first time for me. She had to separate the bird nest from the feather painfully. It tastes unique, a very dense of egg-white-alike, but tastier. Probably, Mum cooked it differently, by steaming. The bird was reared by Mum’s bro’s friend. I am so lucky (21-Feb-2010)

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February 7, 2010 at 5:32 am

Let’s buy Fair Trade products

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When we buy a product with a Fair Trade label on it, we can feel assured that more of our money is going to the people who produced it rather than a host of middlemen-multinationals.
When I was in England, I could feel the aunties prefers Fair Trade products. This phenomenon is less in Singapore, probably the aunties here will catch up in the near future.
Let’s buy Fair Trade tea, coffee, chocolate, jute bags.

1. I think I had bought a Fair Trade chocolate for my Godmother before, hurray!
2. I love this Motherhouse bag, which is Made in Bangladesh under the leadership of an inspiring entrepreneur Eriko Yamaguchi.

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January 17, 2010 at 12:44 pm

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Merry Christmas 2009

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# Slept until 10.30 am
# Had a breakfast of prawn noodle with Darling and Uncle
# Replied Christmas wishes via facebook
# Sent Xmas wishes to friends via msn, and chat a bit with sis and a friend (1 hour)
# Worked and study on my research
# Made Darling happy
# Darling treated dinner at Ding Tai Fung, I love xiao long bao
# Bought a SeaGull mattress for $106
# Tried the circle line from Marymount MRT station
# Had 2x diarrhea

To drink:
# yoghurt
# vegetable / chicken soup with sal

Don’t drink:
# Soft drink
# coffee / tea


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December 25, 2009 at 2:09 pm

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Shopping wish list

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Highly desired:
# sleeping mattress

# Cambodia, Philipine, or Laos, anyone?
# Visit Liechtenstein and get a passport stamp. From Liechtenstein, can visit Feldkirch in Austria or Lake Constance (I have been to Lake Constance!).

I am happy if you give me as a gift:
# Lolita-alike costume

# light umbrella (made of aluminium), so my shoulder will not be painful to carry along on whole day.
# black ladies bag (can carry using both shoulders), instead of 1-shoulder ladies bag.

Thought about it last time, but I change my mind (i.e. I don’t want them anymore):
# creative ear-in earphone which block out noises! (After testing Zhuai’s one, I think it does not really block noise)

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December 24, 2009 at 3:06 pm

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Blessings in December 2009

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Blessings in December 2009:
# Dinner of Nyonya dishes with Pooh’s family
# Lebanese lunch treated by boss at
# Dinner with Darling at Crystal Jade. It is my first time trying abalone after living for more than a quarter century. Though it tastes like rubber, I have experienced it.
# Bought Irma Throw at Ikea.

# Made my own egg mask. It costs only an egg.
# Saw Body Secrets products at Carrefour. Made in Malaysia. Reminds me on The Body Shop, and the Ocean body scrub – which Dear bought for $5.9, reminds me on the Body Shop Oceanus lotion that we won in 2007. I am going to scrub my dead skin now!
# 24-12-09 Mass sermon highlights that we are to be hopeful, hopeful because of Jesus’ love. There are two twins who are opposite in thinking: the optimist and the pessimist. When the father gives a room full of present, the pessimist is still worried that he could not operate his toys, his friends will want to borrow and will not return, etc. Yet, the father gives a room full of horse manure to the optimist and he is dancing happily as he thinks that he is getting a pony.
# Dear accompanied me to see doctor. My blood pressure is 90/60, in 2007 was also the same. I must eat more red meat, broccoli, kai lan, kangkung, spinach.
# Bought The Body Shop Oceanus Body lotion 400 ml ($29.9) for $16.9 and Oceanus bath shower gel ($21.9) for $12.9. Bargain purchase, hurray!

Blueroselady’s egg mask:
# Wash our tired face with soap
# Spray rice water
# Apply the egg white over our face, don’t forget the wrinkled parts below our eyes
# Wait till we feel tightens
# Rinse with water
# Spray rice water
# Apply the egg yolk
# Rinse with water, more water until clean
# Spray rice water
I feel that my face skin is so soft after the treatment, and an egg served me, Darling, and Auntie.

It seems that most of my happiness comes from food. Look forward to meeting my responsibilities in study and work, and toward my family, friends, and societies.

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December 1, 2009 at 11:48 pm