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Lindau – the smartest place on earth for a week each summer

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In a past summer, I was on a ferry gazing at Lindau with too little time to get down from the ferry.

Lindau = a tiny Bavarian town. 25,000 population.

Meeting initiators: Lindau doctors Gustav Parade and Franz Karl Hein – wanted to do something to end German’s post-Nazi scientific isolation.

Conversations range from untangling sticky research problems to the joys of a career in research, philosophies of life and beyond.

Lindau meeting 2010 brought together 59 Nobel laureates in chemistry, physiology / medicine, physics and 675 young researchers from 68 countries for a week of personal encounters and exchange on the future of science and society.
This year meeting theme: Sustainability, energy, cosmology.

Oliver Smithies (Nobel lau 2007 medicine, designer mice): I am not a very complicated scientist, I am just a simple student of science.
“If you can still be doing experiments on a Saturday when you’re 85; and enjoying them, then you have had a good life in science.”

Annette Schavan (German Federal Min for Edu and Rsch): Find out abt the motivation, inspiration and responsibility in science, and GET CONNECTED.
The Lindau meetings transcend the boundaries between cultures, disciplines and generations and encourage networks of scientific excellence.

The Lindau Council selects the best of undergraduate, master and doctoral students, post-doctoral scientists from all over the world.

Please nominate and send me to Lindau, I am very excited to meet, learn from, and headhunt the future Nobel Laureates, the young scientists worldwide.

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July 28, 2010 at 4:47 pm

Happy photographing, learning, and shopping

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This noon, I went to the V.D. lab to take photos of 2.8 million pounds microscope. The microscope has a camera that can capture a shot in 200 ms – and my humble camera was trying to capture this super high-tech camera hidden at the bottom of the microscope. V.D. explained to me their research. I could learn from V.D. to use simple terms and avoid jargons when explaining to others not from our fields. V.D.’s lab is clean and bright, not big, but sufficiently equipped with tissue culture room and benches – it made me missed the days when I was working in a biochemistry lab under the guidance of my honours sup.
V.D. is very kind, gave me a 2-hour to work at lab, really grateful. Then, I had lunch at 2.30pm at Cafe Carrington, when I realized how hungry I was. Next, I went to the Past Times shop to see if there is any cheap things I can buy, since it put big signs of sales. I got this Mucha 2009 diary, happy! Mucha, a 20th century artist, is my favorite artworks in Prague visit.  I will write happy things that happen in days in 2009 in it. I also saw many Teddy Bear with my uni name but they are so expensive! In future I will request a production of mini T-shirts / sweaters to be worn by my dearest Bear L, my dog, and mini-me. Talking about mini-me, I saw Gap kids got many sales, yeah my future progenies, Darling, and I will wear the same / similar fashion but different sizes or masculine/feminine gradient.

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January 10, 2009 at 6:27 pm