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Movie: Dear Enemy (2011)

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Thanks to a good friend, I recently watched a movie about investment bankers, who are involved in a M&A of Lithium mining companies. The movie was played by Xu Jinglei and Stanley Huang. I have also watched the movie Go Lala Go! (2010), played by both of them. I love both movies, perhaps simply because they are romantic comedy film, a genre of movie that I favor.

What I love about the movie is that the plots bring the audience from HongKong to London, South Africa, Chengdu, and Australia. Yes, I love travelling (the beautiful sceneries and people)!

It seems to me that modern Chinese people regard careers such as investment banking highly.

When I was a student in UK, I sometimes attend career talks, some of them are hosted by investment banks. They only want the brightest of the brightest, and while it is prestigious to work as an investment bank, it comes with long hours and high level of stress, according to some insiders.

While a friend of mine is so passionate in becoming a quant (quantitative analyst), and keeps on asking me to practice together, I find myself value peace / tranquility and creativity much more than competitiveness and results (unlike the teens me).

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November 18, 2013 at 2:54 pm

Dream of love in the spring 2012

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What I want for spring 2012
@~@ minority tribe costumes with natural scenery + horse + kungfu.
@~@ Qipao with wooden umbrella + Shanghai collar black suit in ancient town.
@~@ Bridal gown with super long veil in wetland / greenery + water (flying water) + snow mountain.
@~@ colorful gowns (that cover my large lower legs).
@~@ spring flowers (never ending fascination!)

Tree immersed in water is SEXY!
REFLECTIONs are always so reflecting.

Why am I in love with TURQUISE CYAN? Jiuzhaigou! see Vision_063
RED is always making you the center of attraction (good with greenery or snow backdrop).
For future project, I can wear something on my wedding gown to create a new fashion! see Chengdu_NanHu_11, for more inspiration.

@~@ FLY
I love everything that can fly.
FLYing WATER: e.g. Chengdu_ChaoYangLake_02.
FLYing GOWN or flying VEIL e.g. Chengdu_Jiuzhaigou_007, Jiuzhaigou_1, Chengdu_Xindu_04.
Do you know that flying gown can make you look like a butterfly?

Classic e.g. Chengdu_MuGeCuo_68, Chengdu_Jiuzhaigou_002
Probably the secret of being classic lies in the fact that you cannot really see the face, so they are more like representatives of universal lovers.

Presenting parts as a part of story.
Macro on flowers / memorables.
half-body of 1 lover + full body of another lover.
e.g. Chengdu_Jiuzhaigou_051

Bride in gown sitting on top of tree, especially tree immersed in water.
Climb to the roofs of ancient town.
GG carries MM (like what we did in Bohinj).

Tell your photographer:
1. shoot up
2. shoot 1/3
3. shoot classic (cannot clearly see face).

smoke / fog effects always add to the romantic feeling.
strong SUN effect e.g. Chengdu_Xindu_13.
add noise + unsharp mask: gives a sense of harsh environment and strong characters e.g. Chengdu_Xindu_43.

2 chopsticks on your head are SEXY!

Above points are based on analysis on love photos:
GuoSeTianXiang: 61 photos
JiuZhaiGou: 88 photos
MuGeCuo: 68 photos
NanHu: 22 photos
RuoErGai: 25 photos
ShangLi ancient town: 20 photos
Xindu Bridge: 68 photos
XiangSong Lake: 17 photos
ShiXiang Lake: 31 photos
and so many others …


DK Eyewitness Travel China
my reference folder

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April 1, 2012 at 2:15 pm

Movie: You Are the Apple of My Eye (那些年, 我們一起追的女孩)

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While I was in the public transport in Taiwan (autumn 2011) I saw the ads for this movie and immediately wanted to watch this movie. My wish is granted thanks to my lover!

Being mischievous and after caught masturbating in class, Ko Ching-Teng 柯景騰 (the male lead) was ordered by their teacher to sit in front of a good student Shen Jia-Yi (the female lead) so that she can keep him in check.

Shen loves to poke Ke’s back to pressure him to study hard.

Their love relationship develops.

Perhaps, both of them are so contrasting in characters.

In 10 years time (while you were in high school), you may not need the knowledge of log.  Then why are you still learning hard?

人生很多事情都是徒劳无功的. Many things in life are futile.

My lover loves this movie a lot.  We watched this movie together while waiting for a flight, that was his 2nd time watching it.

Why does he particularly like this movie?

1. He liked to read manga, did not put much effort into studies until last minutes, and hung out a lot with friends.

2. He is sometimes as childish as the main male character.

3. This movie can bring back your memory.

This movie attracts those born between mid 70s to mid 80s, because they can relate to the movie.

This movie brings back the beautiful memory of puppy love.

4. He fell in love with a girl who is like Shen, a hardworking girl with a track record of academic excellence. Unlike Ko’s, I think my lover has a happier ending.

Why did Shen do not end up with Ko?

Perhaps Ko is too childish.

The things that you like about a potential boyfriend can be the things that you hate most of your husband.

Why did Shen fall for Ko?

Opposite attracts.

As Shen grew up, she decided that a mature man may be a better husband.

Girls, have you ever been attracted to nerdy hardworking boys?

There are some things about bad boys that attract you, do you agree?

A bad boy that helped you, you like him!

Perhaps when Ko lent his book so that Shen will not be punished is the turning point. Shen fell for Ko.

What is the take home message for me?

It is important to continuously encourage your bad boy.

You will never know what he may end up to be, a writer, a movie maker that eternalize your love story (irregardless it has a happy ending).

For example, every day, Ko reads and collects large amounts of materials and keeps writing 5000 words.

He is a productive writer, publishing at the rate of one book per month in 14 consecutive months.

If Ko can do it, so can I !

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March 12, 2012 at 9:02 am

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Romantic Winter in Korea

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Runaway Juno’s pick of 5 romantic spots in Seoul:
Chyunggye cheon
Seoul n tower
Gyungbok palace
Han river
Samchung dong

Things to do:
buy a pan for Mum (I got it from e-mart)
listen to Arirang. May peace prevails in Korea Peninsula. God bless!
listen to talented guitarist Sungha Jung (Seongha Jeong / 정성하 / 鄭成河). There is a sense of tranquility listening to him playing the guitar. Thank you and love you! Keep on playing your guitar.

Useful URLs: (for coupon)
Yahoo finance for currency converter

Watched 4D Hall and wrote our names in Hangul (Hangeul) calligraphy @ The Story of Admiral Yi Sunshin.
Hangeul, developed under King Sejong, is the Korean alphabet that opened up a new world.

We were fortunate that our application to visit the Blue House (청와대 or 靑瓦臺) was accepted.
Blue House is added to the list of palaces or VVIP sites visited:
Great Hall of the People (人民大会堂)
Forbidden City (紫禁城, where Blueroselady fell in love with love and photography), today is Palace Museum
Summer Palace (颐和园)
The Old Summer Palace (圆明园 – sadly only the ruins)
White House (outside, in future we will become among the guests)
Blue House, Seoul
Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁 or 景福宮)
Changdeokgung Palace (창덕궁 or 昌德宮)
Buckingham Palace (outside, Queen’s gallery)
Kensington Palace
Windsor Castle
Blenheim Palace (birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill), Oxfordshire
Istana Merdeka
Presidential Palace, Nicosia

At -10 degree C in Gyeongbokgung, my sweetheart remarked that the Kings had to endure cold winter without modern days heater.

Favorites from our trip:
Romantic snowing at Suwon Fortress (imagine that we were a warrior and a beauty of the old ages).
Snow sledding (1. impromptu at Children’s Grand Park because the sledding facility was closed by the time we reached there, 2. Songdo Resort – I saw piglet, rabbit, and Hachiko-alike puppies. Welcome to Rabbit Seolla)
Korean food (hot pot, grilled pork at Jonggak)
Stroll along Cheonggyecheon (청계천) stream admiring the Seoul night neon light, the side of the waterfall became ice like ice carving.

We visited 2 UNESCO sites: Suwon Fortress and Changdeokgung. Though we are not crazy about branded goods (Channel, LV, Porsche). We do love world-class branded destinations.
Our hotel was closed to the station so we did not have to spend too long in the cold at night to reach our hotel. I like our hotel room toilet bowl with seat warmer, butt (2 holes) washers.
Korean people are very kind and helpful, they go out their way to help us. Those who walked back to help us get the right bus outside Songdo Resort. The hotel staff who ran to help us catch the shuttle bus.
Korean people are respectful to the elders and loving to the young. I am so touched. I desire to have this kind of service-heart to others.
We bought winter coat each at KRW 10,000 – KRW 15,000.
Added Suwon and Incheon to my tripAdvisor map.
We were among the last people to visit the Biwon (secret garden) of Changdeokgung (昌德宮) on the day, thanks to the kindness of the friendly staff.

Places to visit for future Korea trip:
Seoraksan National Park (fall / autumn)
Samcheong-dong Bukchon, Seoul
Gyeongju (former Silla capital)
Busan to Japan

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January 11, 2012 at 5:11 pm

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What define a hot hunk or babe?

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Juju said any combination of at least 2 of the below: cute (good look), rich, athletic (good built), or smart.
I know, it it superficial.
For those who have both good look + smart, they are more difficult to attain, and I know I am an average the next-door girl.
For me, my definition is simple: love me. Love means you are gentle (no violence: physical and verbal), you are supportive.

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February 27, 2011 at 2:26 am

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Tips: couple relationship

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# Determine the sharing of financial duties
# Be upfront about liabilities
# Ensure an adequate emergency fund
# Share your money upbringing and beliefs
# Share financial goals
# Regular communication and review

Reading zodiac compatibility for fun.
It is too simple to arrive at a conclusion merely using the zodiac, as we are highly complex systems.
Advice for the lady: Don’t get dragged into a battle of egos. Just smile and let them think they are right!

Well, I am not an expert but please me share what I learnt from others (Psychologist Meredith Fuller, relationship counsellor Eric Hudson, etc).
Hope that they are useful.

People often find a partner who is complementing: opposite in some ways, similar in others.
After 1 – 3 years, some couples find that those qualities that initially attracted them to their partners star annoying them instead.
Solution: must embrace each other’s opposite traits and love them again, like you once did.

Pay attention to what your partner is really saying.

Differences in personality are not necessarily a bad thing, it is about how you handle them.

5-year risk: take each other for granted.
Busy juggling work and children, partner becomes last priority.
Solution: Do not forget our manners. Treat our partner with the same respect and consideration we give others. A heartfelt compliment. A neck massage. A little kindness.
Make it a rule to ban name-calling, put-downs, bad language during conflicts.
In the long run, it is essential that you both make time for each other.
You may need to say NO to a social engagement, leave work at a decent time.

10-year risk: slowly disconnecting.
Do not believe that the grass is greener on the other side.

15-year risk: leaving the other behind.
Renewing a dream, learning new skills, doing some further study or traveling to exotic destinations can act like a vitamin shot for a long-term relationship.
Solution: plan things together. Reassure your partner that you are not going anywhere. You are just trying to bring some juice back into the relationship.
Note: Men tend to put a lot of their identity into their work, when this changes due to retirement or retrenchment, they can feel lost.

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February 14, 2011 at 4:08 pm

Happy Valentine 2011

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My ideas this year:
a card (classic).
cook red / purple color soup of beetroot, rich in anthocyanin (powerful antioxidant).
Happy Project (the weekend preceding February 14th which fall on Monday).
watch a Korean romantic-comedy together at home.

Top Korean romantic-comedy:
The Classic a.k.a Love Story
My Sassy Girl (watched)
200 Pounds Beauty (watched)
My wife is a gangster
Please Teach me English. Somebody told me that this movie reminds him on Amelie.
My Little Bride (watched)
Innocent steps (watched)
Millionaire’s First Love
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.. and Spring (watched)

吝啬罗曼史 Jjejjehan Romance (watched)

I consider buying a couple spa package. Yet, I guess that there will be many customers which render reduced quality of services. The same goes for restaurants, some will in fact increase their prices. Only (expensive) valentine menu is available.

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February 14, 2011 at 2:14 pm