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How do you perceive money and wealth?

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The media (TV, movies, magazines, newspapers) often portray the wealthy as those who wear designer clothes, eat fine dining, drive luxurious cars, and fly first class. Growing up and being fed by such information make many of us believe that is how the wealthy live their lives. In reality, this is only true for those who inherit their wealth, strike lotteries, or those super talented artists and sportsmen, but they risk losing their wealth without proper wealth management.

Doris Day, a famous 60s Hollywood singer-actress, lost her fortune when her husband-manager cheater her and ran off.
Mike Tyson, a heavyweight champion who earned over $500 million, filed for bankruptcy because of his lavish lifestyle of luxury cars, huge mansions, and Bengal tigers.
Michael Jackson, earned over $700 million in his career, but he spent $20-$30 million more than he earns every year.

On the other hand, many people stay poor because of common negative beliefs about money and wealth. For example, when one sees one’s parents work so hard, being cheated, and still remain poor, they may adopt the common negative beliefs.
Here, I list the common negative beliefs and debunk why they are not true.

Myth: Having a lot of money will change you (into a bad person)
Myth: Money will make you less spiritual.
Myth: Money is the ‘root of all evil’
Fact: Money is a personality magnifier, it is neutral on its own, it is just a tool.
If one is selfish, having money will make him even more selfish.
Majority of causes of murder, cheating, stealing, lying are poverty (lack of money) and greed.
If one is kind and generous, money will enables him to give more to others, do God’s work.
When you no need to worry about money anymore, you can focus on more important things in life.
Some wealthy people believe that they do not own their money, they are merely custodians of God’s wealth.

Myth: We do not have a lot of money / time to make money because we love our children.
Fact: People who believe in this myth are giving themselves excuses. If they love their children, they will provide their best for their children, and not use their children as an excuse / justification for their lack of money.

Myth: Money will not buy you happiness.
Myth: Money is not that important.
Myth: Money is not everything.
Fact: It is true that money is not everything but everything is money. Without money, you cannot buy food / clothes and provide shelter for your family, you cannot buy presents for you friends, you cannot send your children to schools. Money can enhance the things that matter: family, friends, health, spirituality, career, education. Note that when someone says "money is not that important", he is just consoling himself. Analyze carefully before believing what others say.

Myth: The wealthy are materialistic.
Myth: The wealthy worship money.
Myth: Rich people are greedy and selfish.
Fact: Not all wealthy people work for money, some of them work for their passion / personal mission. People who lack money can also be materialistic, they constantly worry about money or are envious of their richer neighbors / relatives / friends.
If you resent rich people and think that they are bad, then your subconscious mind will never allow you to become rich.
It is important to find role models (rich people with integrity and kindness) whom you admire and are keen to learn from, instead of making hasty generalization.

Myth: If I am wealthy, my friends / family / relatives will look at me differently.
Myth: If I became wealth, I will lose all my friends.
Fact: If you lose some of your friends, then you realize that they are your false friends. True friends will be happy for your success and wealth. When you become wealthy, you will make new friends with wealthy mindset.

Myth: To have more money, I will be depriving others of it.
Myth: There is no enough money for everyone to be rich.
Myth: There are less opportunities to make money nowadays.
Fact: There is abundance in the universe. There are always enough / new resources for people who pursue wealth with integrity. In your process to make money (ethically, legally), you will create new / better products / services and jobs for others.

Myth: Having a lot of money will give you worries / problems.
Myth: The wealthy have a lot to manage.
Fact: Most problems in life (relationships, health, career) are the results of the lack of money.
Blueroselady’s reflection: I used to follow the myth in my early 20s, until a mentor VB told me that if I have no money, I will have more things to manage.

Myth: If God wanted us to have money, he would give it to us.
Fact: God helps those who help themselves. There is no free lunch in this world. Be self-sustainable. You have to ask (through prayer), believe that you deserve prosperity, and take action (work hard and smart).
Blueroselady’s reflection: Spending a larger proportion of my life seeking knowledge (as a student) than seeking wealth, the same principle applies. If we do not put in efforts in our study, we will not get good results, we will not gain wisdom, no matter how hard we pray, we need to take action. Now, in my chapter of life in seeking wealth to nurture the next generation, I will put my best efforts together with prayer to God.

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September 17, 2012 at 2:00 pm

Should I buy an insurance plan for my pregnancy?

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Questions to ask the salesperson:
@~@ What is the earliest expectant mother’s purchase a pregnancy insurance plan and when does coverage start?
@~@ Does the plan offer a savings component?
@~@ Does the plan cover hospitalization costs for both mother and baby?
@~@ What are the pregnancy complications that are covered for the insured expectant mothers?
@~@ What are the congenital illnesses covered by the plan?
@~@ Does the plan allow the option of transferring the policy to the child’s name?

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August 20, 2012 at 5:58 am

Pray and Back-up

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@Mar 15, 2011
I feel sad about what happen in Japan. They seem to suffer from multitude of disasters. Earthquakes, tsunami, nuclear radiation, and volcano eruption.
I admire and respect those rescue workers, risking their lives to save others. Some of my friends went to Aceh and Sichuan to aid, they are very kind-hearted and courageous. You all are heroes!

What is the most important?
My father said that we only live once, we have to cherish our lives. Be careful when we travel (cross the road, do not overdrink, rush for train / bus). While we are careful road users, others may not, so we have to be precautious againsts others too.
My father prepared a rope so that in the event of fire, we could climb down using it.
My mother experienced her home being burnt down from fire. Except from clothes that she calmly managed to wrap around using large bed cloth, she lost everything, including her childhood photos.
With today technologies, back-up our photos (memories) online or in e-mails to your closed kins / friends (if you want to keep them private).
I also suggest you to back-up your birth cert, identity card, travel documents (e.g. passport), baptism, and academic certs.
Academic certs are required for job / further studies applications.

We cannot back-up our lives, we can only pray more to God and be more careful.
Realizing how vulnerable we are, we can only live our lives with diligence, perseverance, respect, humility.
Count our blessings and be grateful.
Always have faith and hope, in God, in a better future!

@ Apr, 2011
A lesson from April 2011.
How to prevent data loss?
Back-up your files in computer:
(1) email them to your inbox.
(2) back-up at thumbdrive / to other computer using .sh file which runs multiple scp commands.
(3) perhaps in future, auto sync across computers.

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March 15, 2012 at 2:43 pm

Tips: scientists / scholars

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Written, oral and presentation skills.
The only way to get ahead!
Includes: email, discussions, interviews, Q&A at conferences and seminars
It is only a skill – you can learn it!
Polish it up!
Train your neural networks from constant reading

Believe in yourself and what you have done
However, learn to convince your reviewers tactfully!
The art of suggestion is important here
The ability to handle hostile reviewers/audience/fellow scientists is critical to progress in your career
If you cannot beat them, join them ; collaborate instead of confront

Make a roadmap of where you want to be:
3 years from now
5 years from now
Longer term….
Plan and organize your life:
Most quests can be “projects”

Deliver your results on time!
Critical, essential, routine are useful labels
Review these regularly
Make the time: after it all Einstein said that it is relative and can be stretched

Be a pioneer!
Try novel approaches
Be curious
Discover new paths (algorithms), new maps (workflows), new places (new data/associations),….
When you get there, there is always another mountain to climb…

(1) mentor SR of mentor VT

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June 22, 2011 at 3:16 pm

How and when do we want to die?

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This morning on the train to work, I read parts of the Lent reflection. Often, our concerns are limited to our current situation or at most few years down the road.
We tend to avoid pondering and discussing death.
However, nobody can avoid death.
We can choose not to move to a place, not to marry, or to do a particular thing.
Since we cannot prevent death, though with God grace and our health and safety precaution we could improve our lives and live longer (subjected to the will of God), why do not we decide what kind of death we wish?
Though we may not always get what we wish, but a praying heart may get an answer in this life time.

During the funeral of my grandmother, I am inspired by her lantern: mother of 4 generations. Our science teachers taught us that for a species to avoid extinction, they have to reproduce. Our economists warn us that we are living in an over-populated earth. Whom should we listen to?
@~@ People may be concerned about the cost of raising children, and other living costs (housing, taxes, …, the list will be endless).
@~@ Women may be concerned about delay in their careers if they have children.
@~@ People may not have found the right partners. Beautiful, charming, and people seem to be easier to get people to fall in love with them. I argue that this may be a dellusion in some cases. Those admirers may not truly love you as a person, but they love you because you are beautiful or rich or talented. If you are, like me, not outstandingly beautiful in the view of crowd, you can always work harder to build strength in other areas, e.g. inner beauty. God will help you and there will always someone in this world who will love you.

If God grants me, I wish to die in sleep at my old age (I told people that I wish to live to 100 years) surrounded by loving children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.
Perhaps, several days before my last day on this earth, God will send a message through His angels. Then, I could give my last advices, hugs, and kisses to my loved ones.

If God grants me, I wish to live my old age pursuing meaningful and beautiful things. For example,
@~@ do volunteer work, read stories to children, share with young people. To be able to share, I have to present well and have substances to present.
@~@ be a Justice of Peace to marry people.
@~@ pursue art: photography (especially people and nature).
@~@ do scientific research, though my learning speed may not be as good as young people, I am humble to learn from them.

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April 4, 2011 at 2:46 pm

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Reflections of 2010

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I feel that I have no control over my studies. Honestly, if you ask me what my advices would be to those aspiring knowledge seekers, it is better to do a master (by coursework) than to do a doctorate degree. In a doctorate degree, your destiny is somehow determined by other people. Since we have taken these paths, and we are close the finish line (though our bosses love to extend our finish line). What can we do? Surrender everything to God (an answer to console ourselves) and try our best (a diplomatic answer).

In terms of family, I managed to spend Lunar New Year together this year (it is called Seollal in Korean). Since I am now living closed to my parents (well relatively short distance flight compared to trans-Atlantic/Pacific flights), I want to visit them every Lunar New Year. Since 1999 until 2006, I only spent one Lunar New Year with them. I also spent the 2008 and 2009 away from my parents. God taught us that family is more important than work (career), so this way I am doing more of God’s will. This summer, I met a Taiwanese middle-age woman, formerly from a lab of my grand-supervisor in Harvard, who told me that no matter how busy she is, she will always visit her parents. Thanks to the uplanned Seattle transit by United Airlines, I met a Hong Kong grand-mother who visited her parents in Toronto. With God’s blessings, I look forward to bringing my parents to enjoy vibrant Lunar New Year in our ancestor land.

Almost 5 years ago, I told Darling my 3 dream destinations. Honestly, none of them has been fulfilled. It is okay, I will still keep these dreams. Yet, God has been so genereous to me, to visit places that I have never heard of, from Cappadocia to Cyprus; to meet and work with people from different races, cultural and education backgrounds, religions (including atheists), fame and fortune status. I also started to dream to visit Antarctica, a land where no nation claims sovereignty.

I look forward to opportunities to grow with God, with Darling, and making fruitful contributions in this life. God thank you for your blessings, and in our difficulties, we seek and trust You.

In terms of career wise, our hopes are to finish our studies. We believe that God will provide to us, and we will put our efforts through hardworking, smartworking, learning humbly, and having grateful hearts.

Dec 29th: Darling told me that I have potential to do part-time selling cosmetics. I could potentially attract rich ladies from my birth country.

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December 31, 2010 at 11:59 pm

What is next in the 5 years?

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We met a couple who mentioned that they do freelance in order to take care of their daughter. I am so touched that I start considering doing freelance too. What kinds of freelance will enable me to take care of my family and at the same time earn enough income to support them? I welcome suggestions.

Sales (insurance, property). This will train me to be a more friendly person. Of course integrity is the top priority
Stock investors. I found it is very interesting to learn about a stock and making money from investing in it.
Manage properties rental. Right now, I do not have any property, but we are working toward it.
Photography (wedding, family / children / baby).

I will always remember a piece of advice: as long as I have integrity and am hardworking, God will bless us with providence. Amen.

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November 17, 2010 at 2:55 pm