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Inspirations from the philanthropist Masa Kogure

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Masa Kogure 小暮真久 is a creative giver.

A former engineer who worked in the artificial heart pump industry, using his training in biomechanical engineering.

conducted medical research including investigation of new type of artificial heart valve.
Education :
Bachelor’s in Engineering, Waseda University, Tokyo;
Master’s in Engineering, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.

McKinsey Consultant :
specializing in healthcare, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.
served more than 30 companies in Japan, Europe and US.

Author of Connecting the World with 20 Yen.

A social entrepreneur.

Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Asia, 2011
World Economic Forum.
Asian Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 by Schwab Foundation

Founder of Table for Two (TfT) since 2007 : an international group that aims to curb obesity in the rich world while ending hunger in Africa.

TFT aims to shift the global food imbalance by
"transferring excess calories" from the developed to the developing world, working to confront obesity and malnutrition.
To quote the first sentence in the TfT website (as of early summer 2013), "In our world of 7 billion, 1 billion lack access to adequate food and nutrition, while a roughly equal number suffer from obesity, diabetes, and other health issues related to overnutrition.

1. Many people have a kind heart to help others, but only some people like Masa Kogure can actualize his ideas. His training as an engineer and management consultant is essential to lay the foundations required for him to run TfT.

2. It is a norm for Japanese to stay loyal to a single company / profession, but Masa Kogure is an outlier from what is common in Japan.
Perhaps what is popularly believed is not always right, as Tim Ferriss highlighted.

In 2011, I was surprised when a friend of mine (from Tokyo University) shared with me that he wanted to pursue a PhD, then becoming a CEO, he seems to have many goals, but he plans to focus on different goals on different stage of his life.

You do not have to pursue a single career in this life. You can have a portfolio of career. No matter what your current career is, use it to learn and contribute as much as possible, because your skills will be applicable and transferable to your next endeavor.

3. The art of balancing.
The beauty of the TfT is in its attempt to re-balance / re-shift the equilibrium of extreme food consumption (obesity and hunger) in developed and poor countries respectively.
While TfT works at macro level,
every individual can work at micro level,
start within ourselves.
Have a balanced meal daily.
To people living in developed countries, we can start consume more green (vegetables) and less meat.
To people who suffer malnutrition, we can start consuming more nutritious food.
Being able to eat, to eat well is a blessing.
First we eat to live, but we also want to live to eat well, to eat balance.

4. The power of social media.
Masa Kogure deploys the power of social media to increase awareness of TFT’s message and as well as the usual Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blog channels, TFT also makes an effort to engage with bloggers around the world to spread the word.

More in Japanese:

The idea that hunger and obesity are two sides of the same global issue has been echoed by Ellen Gustafson, co-creator of FEED bags (watch her TEDTalk here).

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