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Beautiful Asian women whom Blueroselady admires

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Beauty is subjective, it lies in the eyes of beholders. Please let me share with you this list of beautiful Asian women to serve as inspirations for my beauty pursuits. They are so beautiful!
To me, they look innocent, beautiful, classic.

The list is in alphabeutical family name order:
Nike Ardilla (birthday 27 December 1975)
Vivian Chow (birthday November 10, 1967) : elegant
Vivian Hsu (birthday March 19, 1975) : innocent
Jun Ji-hyun (birthday October 30, 1981)
Kim Tae-hee (birthday March 29, 1980)
Michelle Phan (birthday April 11, 1987) : talented with puffy lips
Ruan Lingyu (birthday April 26, 1910) : pitiful yet strong
Dawn Yang (birthday December 5, 1984) : big innocent eyes

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January 1, 2012 at 1:50 am

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A view on domestic workers or helpers

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At this moment, we do not have any helper. We wash our clothes and dishes ourselves. With growing responsibilities in the future, we may need a helper. In fact now, my husband is considering on hiring an hourly helper.

Many times, we read newspaper reports on abuse of domestic workers. Why? Is it human nature? When one is stronger or more powerful than others, a tendency to bully surfaces. I hope this hypothesis is wrong.
In many movies, we often see the rich look down on the poor and treat them without respects.

“God has given us a role in co-creating the world and making it a better place.
So whatever the work we do, whether cleaning a house or cleansing a soul, we can take pride in it as it promotes human development.”

“Having adequate rest can help enhance their work and mental well-being.”

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December 20, 2011 at 4:53 pm

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