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How to live a healthy life? 17 simple tested tips

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1. Rest well. Sleep 6-8 hours daily.

2. Live a life of integrity, so that you can sleep well at night.

3. Master the art of how to stop worrying, so that you can sleep well at night.
Many years ago, I found the simple tips by Dale Carnegie help.
I have added more tips to my arsenal,
and will share about it more.

4. Know when & how to say NO to unnecessary activities / requests.

5. Remember “Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind.
Beware of culture-driven narcissism.

6. Remember “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me
When my good friend L was serving in Students’ Union, she gave her best to serve the students as an act of gratitude.
L was from a relatively poor family but fortunately she received full scholarhsip and some living allowance, so she was highly motivated to give back to other fellow students.
Sadly, her predecessor (in Students’ Union) scolded her ‘lackey’ / ‘running dog’.
Later she realized that her predecessor was just a man who was hungry for power, loved to drink excessive alcohol, and did not care of others.
No need to care about his word.
I personally found L an inspiring leader.
She was willing to help her subordinates much more beyond what her predecessor did.

7. Pray to say your gratitude and aspirations / hope.

8. Forgive.
The most forgiving person I have ever known: Jesus.
When you want to forgive someone (but still feel the hurt inside), remember Jesus.

9. Harbor no intention to harm others.
If you have been erred, the best revenge is success.

10. Eat more vegetables and fruit; eat less red meat.
cook rice with some healthier choices e.g.
sweet potatoes

11. Eat home cooked food.
Honestly, cooking can consume a lot of time.
On Vesak Day of 2013, I spent my time from 10am – 4 pm going to shop for groceries, washing, peeling, cutting, and cooking.
Yes, I do take a time out for brunch, feeding and bathing my child.
But, it consumed 25% of my time.
My strategy to cope:
do not cook on continuous days,
if possible cook on alternate days.

12. Try your best to pass motion daily.
When the diaper of my first son was wet,
it was more difficult for him to relax and pass motion, regardless that I train him to pass motion.
That is why he loved to pass motion after I just changed his diaper.

13. Stroll / walk, breathe in fresh air @ park / natural reserves / gardens / beaches. Nature heals!
If you have a dog, you can walk your dog.

14. Reframe your perspectives of doing house chores as a form of exercises.

15. While you pursue the tangible, cherish the intangible.
At the end of the day, it is the intangible (love, happiness, health, harmony / peace) that matters.
to have the intangible,
one must have the tangible : money (e.g. to travel / to learn / to buy), achievements (e.g. degree, career promotion, sales record), materials (e.g. nutritious food, warm clothings, safe home / luxurious bungalow).
1. Prioritize.
2. Practice the art of balancing.

16. Write to yourself.
Keep a diary / journal.
This helps to prioritize.

17. Create for yourself & share it to others.
My simple definition of “create” include
think of ideas.
write your ideas down.
do it (e.g. experiments / cooking / dance).
design products.
photograph your creation.
make audios of your ideas & creations (e.g. if your idea is in the form of song / poem / speech).
make videos of your ideas & creations.
make presentations (using e.g. powerpoint).
invent / innovate business ideas / business models.
the list goes on

and most importantly
share them to the world with your greatest LOVE!
Honestly, the act of creating makes me so happy.

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June 15, 2013 at 3:03 pm

How to sell? How not to accept NO for an answer?

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Firstly, what to sell?
The best things to sell are those that I want to buy, products / services that I believe in.
There are things that are useful but not worthy.
For example, while I find insurance is useful, insurance agents tend to sell insurance products that can earn them high commission but provide lower values for the customers for a given cost. There are other insurance products that can provide better coverage, at the same cost, but insurance agents will not sell them because they cannot earn a living from selling them.
Therefore, at this moment, I am not going to consider to be an insurance salesperson, though admitting that they are among those salespeople with the great perseverance (sometimes annoying irritation) and excellent selling skills whom I have ever encountered.

What do customers want?
Arouse desire / want for gain
Arouse fear of loss
Express honest appreciation, praise to make others feel important (it will better to praise the non-obvious things)

Use YOU in my words, sentences.
Be a great listener, do not talk too much. Letthe advice of Benjamin Franklin, “speak not but what may benefits others, avoid trifling / trivial / petty conversation
Smile. The secret to a genuine smile is to think of many things that I am grateful of.
To gain confidence of customers, use witnesses / testimonials / existing clients. Learn from how lawyers operate.

Write out my sales speech, word for word.
Read it for multiple times.

When customers say “I cannot afford it”, it means he really wants it.
I have to show him how to pay, speaking in their interest.

In the face of objections, ask questions
Why not?
What else?
Do not argue

see Bettger50_Frank_selling

What are people emotionally hungry for?

How to play the game of life?
Thick face, black heart
Why must we close the deal fast?

How to say No?

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October 20, 2012 at 3:08 pm

How to say No?

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Confucius said human beings are born with good nature.

We are naturally inclined to help others, especially those who take the courage to seek helps from us.

I do not like to say No to requests of help.

My closed friends told me this is because (to them) I am too kind or gullible so that I often end up being exploited.

As I progress in life with more and more responsibilities, it seems that I have to learn how to say No.

I have to be firm.

A colleague of mine wants me to help him with his project.

The problem is he does not know specifically what he wants to achieve at the end of the project.

His project is exciting, but unrealistic to me.

He needs more man power.

Therefore, I am not keen to be too involved.

I do not mind to help with advices, but he wants me to actually do a large part of the project. It will consume a lot of my energy and time.

I am lagging behind for my own projects as a result of being ill in March 2012.


How can I say No without insulting him?

He can be mean, and he is quite a high flyer with excellent talking skills.

I am not afraid of him, yet I do not want to burn our bridge either.

In the same period, a colleague of my partner wants my help. He wants to phone me and to meet me face-to-face. He is so persistent (which is good for his goal and people whom he has to take care of). The only thing that I find annoying is his use of pressure through my partner. He nagged my partner, so my partner has to nag me. It is OK, I will be nice and kind for this time.

Why do we say No?

  1. We want to focus on our priority and top goals.
  2. When we say yes to B, we say No to A. A can be spending time with my partner, resting. B can be doing overtime work, doing fruitless things that consume our time and energy. Saying Yes can means sacrifice to your more important things.
  3. It is OK to say No.

I favor diplomatic ways of saying No.

Use appropriate medium depending on the closeness of relationship with the person: face-to-face, email, phone call.

How to say No?

  1. Perhaps you can try (insert somebody) who is more experienced.
  2. I am sorry, perhaps next time.
  3. I am sorry, I am afraid that I cannot fully commit to helping you.
  4. I am sorry, I have other priorities at this moment.
  5. I am sorry, I could not talk to you now. How is about (insert other timing)?
  6. No, thank you.
  7. Delay / procrastinate your reply (this implicitly tells the person that you are not so interested) and apologize.
  8. No reply (for emails).
  9. Minimize your access to the person.

If you have more suggestions that you would kindly share in the comments, I say thank you to you in advance for sharing.

Written by blueroselady

March 29, 2012 at 4:24 pm