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What my friends say about me

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I admit that I can be a loner, but I am not an anti social person.
In fact, I enjoy listening to my friends and giving ideas to solve their problems or make their lives happier and healthier when they feel that they need my advice.

I admit that I am frugal, yet not stingy.
Some people may mistaken me as stingy and dislike me.
However, I do not care.
I make friends not to gain the liking and approval, yet to make my friends happy.

Well, not all my friends are expressive in their writings, yet some are so kind to write affirmations for me so that I can be a better friend than ever.

Here are a collection of testimonials.

These testimonials are mainly for me to read because when some people who write me off as a friend starts to criticize me or simply when an angry friend unleashes his or her emotion on me, I will be like a ROCK that can gives encouragement to myself and others who want to receive it.

A (US): You are CARING and awesome. Thank you so much for the money (from my birth country). It is an awesome souvenir.
A (UK): You are forever so nice. Thank for taking care of us in the trip.
AL (HK): You’re a very nice and smart girl. I still remember the moment where we have our first chat after the flight to Xi’An. It’s always COMFORTABLE to talk with you.
CL (HK): I will not forget all the mornings when I woke up from my bed and you always asked me if I slept well. You are also such a brilliant person. You are smart and very devoted to your work, be it your study or photography. You are so attentive to details, trying to remember everything you experienced and everyone you met.
E (HK, US, UK) : You’re such a friendly, sweet and intelligent person and I really treasure the time we spent together.
H (Canada): You are a wonderful person with a big heart.
IK (Canada): You always wear such a beautiful smile on your face.
J (HK): I appreciate your learning attitude and your courage in challenging yourself more. Work hard for your dreams.
JC (Canada): You are such a sweet and cute girl. I will certainly miss your smile after tomorrow.
JB (China): I like you sooooo much, your personality really good. you are soooo cute! I think there must be thousands of people around who like your personality. Keep it on!!! I am soooo lucky to become your friend.
L (US): You are a great person to talk to and I will miss that.
MXR (China): I feel sooooooo happy to be friend with you. I’ve never seen a girl who is so kind-hearted and friendly. I’ll never forget your sweet smile.
P (Thailand, US): You are truly one of the most nicest, thoughtful, and selfless people I know. I really enjoyed meeting you and am grateful to count you among my friends.
YH (Malaysia): You have been a very personal and down to earth person. I can see that you like spending quality time talking to other people, hoping to UNDERSTAND them better, including the family in the train, the old lady at the Expo.

Written by blueroselady

June 16, 2012 at 5:31 am