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The fundamental right of a human being: a choice for human dignity

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We do not have the choice on which parents we want to be born into.
Naturally, all parents love their children (this natural law is also obvious in most of animal kingdoms).
Sadly, some parents may be prone to negativity. Getting drunk, gambling, having affairs. Imagine if a father comes back home drunk, whispered by devil advocate to do harm on their children, hits and rapes his daughter.
Do we expect the daugther to suffer in silence? Long-term violences only have two extreme results, she suffers mental breakdown or becomes violent too. A never-ending viscious cycle.
If another man wants to adopt her as a daugther, give her food, shelter, and security, is it wrong for her to choose to leave her biological father and move into the home of the foster father?

I still believe that by nature all fathers are kind and loving towards their children. In the above example, when the biological father is not under the influence of alcohol, he is and can be loving, but he is not stable. The inability to retain stability means that he is still in ignorant state, hence he loses his daughter (irregardless of she staying or leaving). We could only pray and hope for the best.

My analogy applies not only for family institution, but also at larger scales.

Written by blueroselady

July 4, 2010 at 4:42 pm