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Learning preferences and strengths: sharing my method in 4 words

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Since we were born, we have started learning.
Learning and living are integral processes.

Different people have unique preferences and strengths in learning. The secret is to identify our own preferences and strengths,
and optimize them to develop our talents and creativity,
so that we can be of great service to others (while earning a livelihood simultaneously).

Here are quick reminders for myself to effectively, efficiently & effortlessly learn:

1. Intelligence = nature (genes) + nurture (environment). But, better methods / strategies for learning can boost up intelligence. In an analogy, before dyes and color contact lenses, hair color and eye color were entirely genetic too respectively.
2. Learn from how nature works, when one path gets shut down, we can take a different route.
3a. Must build construct / architecture / framework / blueprint. When we have a construct, we can solve difficult problems even when there is a lot of missing information.
3b. Must summarize / make notes.
4a. Must link concepts / ideas with visuals / feelings (synaesthesia).
4b. Try to link together ideas that do not normally connect (use metaphor / analogy). With patience & perseverance, we can connect any subjects.
5. Must use both: repetition / rote memorization + holistic relating / inter-linking.
6. Must create: write, draw, take photos, make videos.

In 4 words:


Final remark: I appreciate that my ability to understand things effortlessly is improving everyday.

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Holistic Learning by Scott Young

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October 24, 2013 at 3:51 am

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How to read? 10 tips for children that are also applicable for adults

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Reading & comprehension are essential skills for learning of all subjects.

To be an independent learners, our chidren / we
# must read CAREFULly.
# must have a good command of VOCABulary.
# must be able to make INFERENCEs.
# must minimize errors in GRAMMAR, SPELLING, & PUNCTUATION when writing review / reading journal / 读书心得.

Good readers are able to
# UNDERSTAND the text.
# THINK CRITICALLY about what the author has said, as the saying by Mencius goes "尽信书不如无书." We need an analytical mind.
# make CONNECTIONS / relate between the text and our own background knowledge / real life events.
# REFLECT upon the ideas given in the text.

Since reading is so essential,
how to read effectively, efficiently, and happily?

1. Reading must be meaningful.
Read with a purpose,
a question in mind,
then our children / we will be motivated.

2. Make reading a daily habit / routine / practice at home.

3. Visit libraries / book shops to get food for our minds like visiting market to get daily food for our bodies.

4. For young readers who have little background knowledge, unlike we adult, choose diverse, enjoyable, readable books.
Readable books refer to books that our children are able to read, not difficult books.
If the books are too difficult, children may get discouraged to enjoy reading.
When I was a little children, I made the mistake of trying to read tough classical books, and ended up not reading them because the rich vocabularies were too much for my little command of language at that time.

5. For your readers, parents can read aloud to them.

6. Consider also audio books / pre-recorded text in voicenotes.

7. STORY TELLING helps to develop listening & oral skills. Encourage our children to re-tell parts of story read, without making it sounds / feels like a hard test.
Soothing / angelic voice(e.g. J’s voice) helps.
Characters come to life when they have a voice, and sound effects are more compelling if they are convincing and audible.
Slow down at the key part.
The storyteller Neil Griffiths advices "Read aloud to them stories they love again and again!" I agree that repetition works.
Neil thinks that children can start listening to stories since they are in the womb!
In other words, unborn babies are never too young to enjoy listening to stories.
I also think that children never become too old for story time;
there is a child inside everyone of us.
If we can be child-like again,
even if our body has matured and aged, our soul will be happy!

8. Visualize the story.
Use photographic memory
to remember & recall the story / lesson.
A story can empower us with the ability
to dream, to dream imaginatively, to DREAM BIG.

9. Diarize our reflections / opinions / favorite parts from reading because developing both writing & reading skills does support each others.

10. Quiet room and peace / tranquility. If this is not possible, we can use ear pieces to listen to music that is suitable for reading. Supportive environment: neither too hot nor too cold.

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March 31, 2013 at 12:29 am

How to photograph your little ones (babies, toddlers, children)?

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Accept that we cannot pose babies, so use street photography approach, i.e. ALWAYS have CAMERA READY.

Take MORE PICTURES to increase the probability of getting good pictures.

Get down to their level (do not dwarf them).

Capture their many faces / emotional states / mood.

CLOSE-UP for their tiny body parts (hands, feet, eyes, mouth, head / face).

Use NATURAL LIGHT from a window to light your baby.
The outdoor sun can be harsh for your baby.
If you want to take pictures outdoors, do it in the shade. SHADE can act as a good diffuser.

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December 4, 2012 at 1:07 am

Movie: You Are the Apple of My Eye (那些年, 我們一起追的女孩)

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While I was in the public transport in Taiwan (autumn 2011) I saw the ads for this movie and immediately wanted to watch this movie. My wish is granted thanks to my lover!

Being mischievous and after caught masturbating in class, Ko Ching-Teng 柯景騰 (the male lead) was ordered by their teacher to sit in front of a good student Shen Jia-Yi (the female lead) so that she can keep him in check.

Shen loves to poke Ke’s back to pressure him to study hard.

Their love relationship develops.

Perhaps, both of them are so contrasting in characters.

In 10 years time (while you were in high school), you may not need the knowledge of log.  Then why are you still learning hard?

人生很多事情都是徒劳无功的. Many things in life are futile.

My lover loves this movie a lot.  We watched this movie together while waiting for a flight, that was his 2nd time watching it.

Why does he particularly like this movie?

1. He liked to read manga, did not put much effort into studies until last minutes, and hung out a lot with friends.

2. He is sometimes as childish as the main male character.

3. This movie can bring back your memory.

This movie attracts those born between mid 70s to mid 80s, because they can relate to the movie.

This movie brings back the beautiful memory of puppy love.

4. He fell in love with a girl who is like Shen, a hardworking girl with a track record of academic excellence. Unlike Ko’s, I think my lover has a happier ending.

Why did Shen do not end up with Ko?

Perhaps Ko is too childish.

The things that you like about a potential boyfriend can be the things that you hate most of your husband.

Why did Shen fall for Ko?

Opposite attracts.

As Shen grew up, she decided that a mature man may be a better husband.

Girls, have you ever been attracted to nerdy hardworking boys?

There are some things about bad boys that attract you, do you agree?

A bad boy that helped you, you like him!

Perhaps when Ko lent his book so that Shen will not be punished is the turning point. Shen fell for Ko.

What is the take home message for me?

It is important to continuously encourage your bad boy.

You will never know what he may end up to be, a writer, a movie maker that eternalize your love story (irregardless it has a happy ending).

For example, every day, Ko reads and collects large amounts of materials and keeps writing 5000 words.

He is a productive writer, publishing at the rate of one book per month in 14 consecutive months.

If Ko can do it, so can I !

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March 12, 2012 at 9:02 am

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Instagram, Instant Retro, vintageJS, Pixlr-o-matic

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Time flies since I graduated from high school at the age of 17. Yes, I was the youngest in the class! I think this is a blessing. ok, enough talking about myself. I want to be humble, and we can be humble by being aware that whatever we have are gifts from God (for my non-believer friends, I would say gifts from the universe).

I love vintage photos, they are so timeless and nostalgic, they can bring back countless happy memories. Not having the latest technology should not deter ones from having beautiful memories. Here, I am reviewing a number of tools / software to create everlasting pieces of memorable photos.

Review period: January 2012

Pro: like a shop, it has many things that we need.
Con: steep learning curve.
Will I use it again? I have been using it. I have to keep on learning!

Pro: easy to use, I saw my sister use it on the spot.
Con: must have iPhone, Mac, which I do not have.
Will I use it again? Yes!

Con: need internet access to upload, slow to upload / edit.
Techniques: Vignette (darken edges), Vignette (lighten center), Adjust curves, Screenlayer, Through the viewfinder, Desaturate, Blur on edges
Will I use it again? No.

Instant Retro:
Con: slow to upload, to add effects (edit).
Techniques: darken edges, lighten center, screenlayer, desaturate, roll, sun, Ttv, burned, lens, rounded, Fuji, bricks
Will I use it again? No.

Con: must upload photos
e.g. : The Hagrid filter darkens the photo and makes it grainier, while the Focal texture washes out the center and adds scratches across the face of the photo.

Con: must sign in using Facebook / Twitter.

While I am doing review, I am listening to some beautiful songs, including Wang Jie. I love her so much. Her eyes are smiling!

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March 2, 2012 at 3:49 pm

Tips: improve memory

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Strive for a DEEPER UNDERSTANDING. There is psychological evidence to suggest that the more you understand about your material, the more you will remember and retain it, regardless of what memorization technique you use, or how many times you repeat the material to yourself.

Get a good night rest!

Rehearse what you have learned!

Make colorful visual associations.

Use mnemonic devices.
mnemonics = any memorization technique that helps you make material more PERSONALLY MEANINGFUL.

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February 24, 2011 at 3:35 pm

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