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Why hug and kiss your loved ones?

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Your children’s brain love hugs.
Remember to actively hug and kiss your child when he/she waves goodbye at school, grazes his/her knee, or he/she gets out of bed in the morning.
Studies (through brain scans by Washington University) have shown that the brains of such early-nurtured kids have a larger hippocampus, a major component of the brain and plays important roles in the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long-term memory and spatial navigation.
A larger hippocampus may make it easier for kids to learn, improve their memory, and respond to stress.

Remember to hug your spouse too.
Hugging releases endorphin and serotonin into the blood stream which cause pleasure and negate pain and sadness, lowers blood pressure and prolongs life.
"Dr Vernon Colemena of London argues that cuddles and kisses are just as important as medicines when it comes to keeping healthy. In America, insurance companies conducted studies which showed that if a woman kisses her husband goodbye every morning, he is much less likely to have a car accident on the way to work, and his life expectancy improves on an average of 5 years, thanks to her morning kisses."

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November 26, 2012 at 2:18 am

How to build a marriage to last?

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Love is more than a feeling. It is something to DO each and every day. Decide to love your spouse, regardless of your feeling / emotion.
Trust and confide in one another.
Be willing to lower expectations set before marriage.
Be persistent over commitment, pursue happiness within marriage rather than simply staying because of the commitment.
Rspect and value each other.
Express feeling to one another.
Be intimate and close.
Have mutual sexual satisfaction.
Express understanding and support.
Encourage independence in one another.
Express contentment and appreciation / gratitude.
"Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it." Swedish proverb.

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November 25, 2012 at 1:59 am

Why is it good to have children between 20s and 40s?

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Oogenesis is the formation of the ovum (female sex cells), which begin as hundreds of thousands of oogonia (stem cells) in the fetal ovaries. During prenatal development, the oogonia grow to become primary oocytes that contain 46 chromosomes. Each oocyte undergoes meiosis; at birth, oocytes are in prophase. During this first meiotic division, oocytes enter a resting phase that lasts until the oocyte resumes development during the ovarian cycle (puberty). The female is born with all the oocytes she will ever have.

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October 15, 2012 at 1:46 am

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About (last revised in April 2012)

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Our nature does produce roses, but not blue roses.

Human beings want things that they do not have, so scientists genetically engineer blue roses.

Blue roses are cherished and treasured because they are rare.
It is common to spray white roses into blue roses, yet blue roses that grow from the plant are more endearing.

My best friend called me blueroselady because I am a product of nature and nurture with gigantic love, unshakeable faith, and everlasting hope for life.

My dear friend, I love you always.

My love includes

  1. betterment of our world.
  2. children and child-like (not childish) people.
  3. Darling, Dad, Mom, siblings.
  4. a golden retriever dog.
  5. my soul mates– my friends
  6. KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM. strong interest in philosophy and metaphysics.
  7. BEAUTY: soothing and uplifting people, images, movies and songs. I have a keen eye for detail, a fine sense of beauty and excellent taste.
  8. TRAVELing in my chair and sofa, on foot, by public transports.
  9. flying and soaring high with birds.
  10. food: seafood, Asian food (Japanese, Korean, Sichuan, Northern China), (Italian, French) desserts, chocolates.

My strengths include

  1. Visionary — I am a natural leader with great wealth including spiritual and horizon wealth
  2. Definite PURPOSE with long-term goals and ability to see LARGER PICtures.
  4. CONNECTivity – can relate to people in all walks of life. I can talk with people of diverse backgrounds, from domestic workers to presidents.
  5. bedrock of society, the foundation of any enterprise.
  6. methodical, systematic.
  7. reliable, responsible.
  8. everyday, Blueroselady is growing her strength in character and joie de vivre.
  9. Careers: finance, real-estate, science, publishing, also can shine in politics, social work, teaching.

My qualities which can either be strengths or weaknesses include

  1. compassionate, idealistic
  2. Others perceive me as gentle, safe harbor, warm, unthreatening.
  3. patient, understanding, wonderful listener.

How to overcome my weaknesses?

  1. Be a calculated risk taker. I am a bit reckless, fortunately A BIT, not entirely.
  2. must not hold on to people or situations just because I feel that justice has not yet been done, or that someone still owes me something. My solution: let the universe judge injustice.
  3. must not let my strong likes and dislikes overrule her common sense and compassion.
  4. must be open to shortcuts and creative solutions.
  5. * should use tact and diplomacy, be LESS EMOTIONAL.
  6. * must exercise more, for my appearance and radiance.

My MISSION includes

  1. to love myself so that I can love others better.
  2. to give continual guidance, inspiration, and encouragement to people around her.
  3. to reach a high degree of DETACHMENT, to understand that power and influence must be used for the BENEFIT of MANKIND.
  4. to bounce back from failures and defeats. I can BENDS without breaking, like the bamboo.
  5. to love Darling so that our marriage will last till the end of age.

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April 1, 2012 at 2:06 am

Prayer: to and for my love

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Let the rebuke be preceded by a KISS.
Do not require a request to be repeated.
Never should both be angry at the same time.

Never neglect the other, for all the world beside.
Let each strive to always accommodate the other.

Let the angry word be answered only with a kiss.
Bestow your warmest sympathies in each other’s trials.
Make your criticism seldom, and in the most loving manner possible.
Make no display of the sacrifices you make for each other.
Never make a remark calculated to bring ridicule upon the other.

Never deceive; confidence, once lost, can never be wholly regained.
Always use the most GENTLE and LOVING WORDS when addressing each other.
Let each study what pleasure can be bestowed upon the other during the day.

Always leave home with a TENDER GOOD-BYE and LOVING WORDS. They may be the last.
Consult and avise together in all that comes within the experience and sphere of each individuality.
Never reproach the other for an error which was done with a good motive and with the best judgment at the time.


O God, who has blessed marriage with the holiness
and dignity of a sacraement, grant us as a husband and a wife:

The prudence to recognize and the courage to avoid the folly / foolishness of pettiness, the cruel wounds of unkindness, and the cancer of mistrust.

The maturity to act and react as adults, especially in disagreeable situations.

The patience and generosity in forgiving human weaknesses and failings and in accepting and loving each other as we are, not as we might wish one another to be.

May in-laws, money, drink or religion never be a cause or source of unhappiness.

May the personality of each be blessed with a genuine sense of humour, a complete openness, and a sincere determination to understand each other.

May our love for one another be entirely unselfish, and may we find our greatest happiness in pleasing each other.

And finally, may the fingertips of Christ scatter upon us the rice of a thousand blessings, especially that our home, no matter how lavish or humble, will always be a little suburb of heaven, a place where love reigns and God’s peace abides. Amen.


Dearest God
Don’t let me go another day without expressing my love to my man.
My man is the biggest gift you gave to me Lord.
He loves his parents, I love my parents too.
Both of us love food and travel, we are very grateful for the wonderful opportunities that you have given us.
Man is INFJ, woman is ENFP,
both of us are idealist and the personality test said we are suitable for one another.

Blueroselady wants so much to have full trust in You Lord and in my man.
Please help Blueroselady to be more loving and not chasing worldly things.

My man has taught me many beautiful things in life:
1. It is OK not to be the best in the worldly matters, my man will still love and support Blueroselady.
2. the importance of work life balance.
3. the meaning of family with you Lord.

Please give me courage and eloquence to say exactly what I feel.

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December 24, 2011 at 11:45 pm

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Honey, how do I want you to love me?

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Be a responsible son, husband, father. Never let your loved ones starved.
Be God-fearing. Always remember that “God loves you”.
Have a dream and vision, a motivated and positive man will do well no matter what circumstances life throw us in.
Hug, kiss, and caress me, especially before sleeping and after waking-up.
We may disagree, but please never raise voices on each other and always work things out together.
Never criticize me in front of others, including your family and our children. You could only criticize me privately.

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November 2, 2011 at 6:35 am

Photography inspirations

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In spring 2011, for the purpose of seeking ideas for beautiful shots of lovers, I have been collecting more than a thousand inspiring ideas, and viewing even much more, from wedding photographers and world-class cinematographers.

How did I start fall in love with photography, especially people photography?
After finishing my final exams in university, I became more diligent in visiting library, watching artistic movies.
Then, I also met my 1st master of photography at 1 of the world-class universities. He is talented, handsome, and kind. He encouraged me that I had the eyes for beautiful angles. I love beautiful women, lovely children, and majestic sceneries. I love LOVE.

Photographing others need a set of skills, being photographed need another set of skills. Of course if we know both, we will do better in each of these.

How to be photographed beautiful?
practice practice practice!
how to smile kindly and charmingly?
Take note of our body language.
Our hands.
Our legs.
Hide those our weak points (e.g. tummy, remember to tuck in).
Highlight our strong and outstanding features.
I also consider learning dancing as it will capture the grace of our motion.
Remember, photographs allow us to scrutinize more carefully than movies, so we want to bring our best.
Peace be with you!

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May 1, 2011 at 1:13 am