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Dear baby, welcome to the highly competitive world! Being creative is better than being competitive

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Dear baby

Do you know that there are courses out there that keep on telling Mommy “teach your baby or toddler [insert any of these: to Read / Math / Music]”? To accelerate the rat race, the advertisement goes “You can start when your baby is 3 months old.”

Yes, Mommy started to teach you things that Mommy thinks as necessary, such as praying, sign language, idioms, texture exercise, mirror exercise to increase self-worth / self-love and awareness of body parts, vowel exercise. You responded by happily producing sounds that Mommy still does not understand: baby language.

When Mommy told a friend, he said that Mommy is highly . competitive. However, Mommy thinks that it is good & essential to introduce you the joy of learning early in life. Since you received a lot of (second-hand) toys and was given a few new toys, Mommy will not buy you any toys. We are a frugal family and Mommy wants to save for more important things for your, e.g. healthy fruits & vegetable. However, Mommy shares with you the joy of our world through play in the nature (including parks / beaches / hills / mountains / lakes) enforced with powerpoint slides to help you remember the words, beautiful books, shopping groceries in the supermarkets / markets (Yes, the markets are your playground).

Sometimes, Mommy wonders if Mommy if a competitive person. Recently, Mommy learned from Uncle W that being creative is better than being competitive; and Mommy thinks that Mommy is a creative, instead of a competitive person. Do you know what are the differences between being competitive and being creative? Mommy will write another post in the near future.

Since you are my dearest, Mommy aspires to gives you only the Best that Mommy can afford to nurture creativity, independence, and happy learning in you since your early days.

In fact, Mommy acknowledges that Mommy learned and shared a lot to you through voice notes about many lifelong skills while being pregnant with you. That perhaps explains why you are a happy baby, as observed by Aunt Flower who helped to care for you when Mommy was too weak to carry you around.

Mommy wants you to grow in a happy, healthy, harmonious baby, toddler, child, and then adult. They said it takes 10 years to grow a tree, 100 years to nurture a human being (十年树木,百年树人).

Mommy happily takes on this challenge. Mommy feels that while nurturing you, Mommy also benefits because Mommy has a chance to learn new things that Mommy did not learn as a kid, and re-learn beautiful things that Mommy has experience.

May your life be abundant with joy, happiness and generosity.


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March 31, 2013 at 7:18 am

Entrepreneur: Jenny Dawson of Rubies in the Rubble

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How do I know about her?
Market Life Winter 2011. She is a trader @ Borough Market.
Though relatively expensive, I love Borough Market and the atmosphere.

Why do I like her?
She follows her passion. After completing a maths degree, she worked for a hedge fund for 2 years, yet continued trying to think of ideas to start a business.
She is creative. Look @ the name: Rubies in the Rubble.
She is tall and beautiful. Yes, beauty attracts!

What does her enterprise do?
make preserves from surplus fruit and vegetables and employing staff who need help geting back on their feet and into a job.

Why do I like her enterprise?
aims to takcle the current culture of excessive waste.
social change agent.

What are her other ideas?
tinted contact lesn for skiiing and sailing in the sun.
a compactible, reusable cup for coffee shops.
3D glasses carryable in our handbags in funky and pretty design. Themed design for kids.

What travel ideas that I learn from?
to visit Covent Garden Market @ night, as it is running throughout the night.

The rejected ones are still useful.
e.g. the rejected fruit and vegetables can be made into preserves / jams / chutneys.

Blueroselady: if you are rejected by a school / a company, you are still a useful individual. Must believe that you have talents to serve.

To know more, check their website:

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February 2, 2012 at 4:08 pm

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