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7 Inspirations from the movie "The Grandmaster" by Wong Kar Wai

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A mentor of mine AC shared with me that he obtained a lot of visual inspirations from the movies directed by Wong Kar Wai / 王家卫.
Since then, I have started to study movies directed by the talented director.
In the spring 2013, I watched a movie entitled The Grandmaster 《一代宗師》 about Yip Man / Ip Man / 葉問 / 叶问 by Wong Kar Wai,
which was three years in the making and more than 10 years in gestation.

Yip Man was a Chinese martial artist practising Wing Chun style / 咏春拳 who have taught Bruce Lee.
The Grandmaster is an integration of artistic and kungfu movie.
I refer to this approach as an innovation,
in which the movie viewers are not only showered with fast and furious fighting actions but also the relatively s…l…o…w melancholy musings, philosophy and aesthetics,
which make this movie unique.

Herein, I share inspirations (not a movie review) that I acquire from watching the movie.

1. I find the style name of 咏春 (that sounds like forever spring) meaningful, because many people desire their lives will be youthful forever like spring, but winter is also part of our life journeys.
If life has four seasons, it’s spring to me before 40. But it then just turned straight to winter.

Instead of yearning for the past time, let us be present and cherish the four seasons of our lives!

2. The martial arts arena (江湖) are the fights of survival and striving to be the top among the martial artists,
those with the highest quality of kungfu skills tend to win, but those with wits also win.
Confucius mentions that wisdom is more important than speed, through the story in which the tortoise wins over a fast-running animal.
Today, in everyday lives of many people, we are still fighting like those martial artists,
people fight with their relevant / specialized skills (in offices / corporations, hospitals, institutions, schools, markets, etc).
All these arena are indeed highly similar, there are honor and rules of conduct to follow and abide by;
and as long as one continues to constantly learning to enhance his / her skills and enlarge his / her wisdom,
s/he will do well.

3. Super fine attention to details, a commitment to one’s career / project.
The reflections of water on the street with a moving shadow.
The thundering rain, the splashing water, the drops of water / blood.
The swirling smoke, the macro visual of dried tobacco leaves wrapped inside the cigarette stick.
The beautiful pristine white snow effects that can make audience feels the bone chilling coldness.
The splintering glass at s…l….o…w motion.
Frames and frames: e.g. the snow covered tree on both sides of the wooden residency of the Gong Grandmaster.
I put my hat off to Wong’s attentiveness to color palettes and the talent of the French cinematographer Phillipe Le Sourd.
After all, a movie is a collection of pictures that move, that’s why movie is also known as moving picture;
and the men behind The Grandmaster seem to make every picture beautiful at super fine level.
4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I always love the classic make-up of the 1930s.
The women (referring to the courtesans in cheongsam / qipao 旗袍 in the movie) have curly hair which is time-consuming to maintain in today age, but the effect is glamorously stylish.
They also have thin line eyebrows that are bending like the crescent moon.
I would refer to such a fashionable look of that era as the Ruan Lingyu’s look.
However, some people comment to me that the thin line eyebrows make them look vulnerable and pitiful.
The women express through all their bodies the sorrow, pain, grief provoked by life.
They also imply some mysteries and desires that entice people, including me a modern woman of the 21st century!
Perhaps, women with doe eyes and tiny faces are the most suitable to adopt the Ruan Lingyu’s look, from the perspective of style.

5. The themes of love, loss and the passage of time are prevalent in Wong Kar Wai’s movies, including The Grandmaster.
Even heroes and heroines are not spared from the human experiences of aging, falling ill, and death;
they are often emerging as heroes and heroines due to the tragic of human experiences such as natural disasters, wars, and death of loved ones.
No matter what happen, we want to cherish our love now,
before we loss some people who are truly dearest to us.

6. While we love many things (including people who are dearest to us), we must practice the art of detachment.
To quote Bruce Lee, "My instructor, Professor Yip Man, head of the wing chun school, would come up to me and say: Let your mind, the basic reality, do the counter-movement without any interfering deliberation. Above all, learn the art of detachment."
I will share about how to love and detach in harmonious ways in the near future.

7. Have you ever wondered why artistic movies often have sad endings?
In the movie, Yip Man’s wife died without seeing him after he moved to HK and Gong Er (inspired by female legend, Shi Jianqiao) could only keep Yip Man in her heart since Yip Man is a married man and Gong has vowed not to marry ( 獨行道) for the sake of revenging for the death of his father.
The tragic of life has appeal to the viewers,
that is why movies, especially artistic movies, explore themes such a ‘tragic fate’ persona.
but we can also create our own real movie that has a happy ending,
let us be a master director of our ‘fate’.


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April 22, 2013 at 4:14 pm

Alternative use of eyeshadow and blush on

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If you have expired eye shadow or blush on, do not discard them immediately.
You can use them to color your drawings, wishing cards, or notes.
Unlike food and cosmetics, stationery rarely has expiration date.

Your loved ones and friends will be extremely happy to receive wishing cards like birthday cards, Valentine cards, Xmas cards, that you have colored creatively using your eyeshadow and blush on.

The effects are like Monet paintings!
Of course, Monet painted so many times better,
but at least we take inspiration from Monet.

Shimmering eyeshadow makes your coloring glittering!
For white background paper, use stronger color eyeshadow.
Bright color eyeshadow is suitable for dark color paper, e.g. black cards.

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March 9, 2013 at 4:38 pm

Christmas 2012: I think I am a geek

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While people are in the mood of celebrating Christmas and New Year, I am finding myself to be more motivated and hardworking than ever.

I had shopped for Christmas gifts early (I did it simultaneously when I shopped for groceries and there were sales / discounts). No last minute shopping for me. Thank you for the new bag and book for my Christmas gifts!

I am learning to forgive my boss who is dragging me down. He is slowing the progress of my work. I am also learning about patience.

Due to medical reason, I am not allowed by my doctor (and mother) to go out (including to go to my workplace, church). Fortunately, I can still work using my laptop, read, reflect and think. Pretty happy.

Counting my blessings:
@~@ Finished reading and understanding a couple of books.
@~@ Have consulted and learned from my mentors more than in 2011: the super kind MT, Uncle Zhou, Aunt Ning, Aunt SQ (Dec), Uncle Toni, Uncle Roger (Nov), Brother Adam, Brother Tim.
@~@ Planned for the education of LS and obtained the approval from the father of LS. See pink 2012 notebook page 51.
@~@ Reflected on my lessons (Always remember that there are no absolute failures, but temporary setbacks), past achievements (e.g. PhD), and future plans (including being a business-owner entrepreneur, an agent of positive change).

An important lesson:
Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

@~@ Have fed myself with positive food for mind and soul (almost daily and every morning). This is highly important because the Russian psychologist Blyuma Zeigarnik discovered early in this century that human beings remember unresolved problems, frustrations, failures, and rejections much better than we remember our successes and completions.
@~@ Being hugged every morning and night by my man. Tips: Women need to be loved, men need to be respected.
@~@ Sent personalized Christmas cards to my friends.
@~@ Ate Shepherd pie and banana pear yoghurt for the breakfast on Christmas Eve. Shepherd pie reminds me on cold and wet England in the winter.
@~@ No need to spend time on commuting means I can sleep more.
@~@ Delivered an almost 90-minute of talk (based on my notes from books I read in 2012) to LS, with breaks in between. Tired. I must train my stamina because I will deliver more inspiring talks in the future. See books2012.txt
@~@ Dressed up myself on Christmas day, though I could not wear my engagement ring (hopefully for temporary). I love the progress of applying make-up, transforming myself into more beautiful than ever.
@~@ Clean flat (since Dec 23rd) thanks to the cleaning lady. We are sleeping on my favorite bed sheets with the pattern of pink flowers and purple leaves. So far, we only have 3 bed sheets.
@~@ Not being able to attend a Christmas mass, I listened to "On Eagle’s Wings". Always remember that "He will raise you up on eagle’s wings".

@~@ Listened to the songs by Mindy Gledhill. Gothic. Soothing. Fairy Tales.

Finally, Merry Christmas to the readers of Blueroselady. I love you!

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December 25, 2012 at 8:54 pm

When I celebrate

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It seems that we are celebrating more and more events in life, from the traditional Christmas to the latest Father’s Day, and marketers will entice customers to buy more things to pamper our loved ones.
The list below is not exhaustive:
New Year
Lunar New Year
Valentine’s Day
Mother’s Day
Women’s Day
Father’s Day
Children’s Day
Teacher’s Day

It is time for me to prioritize.

I used to celebrate monthly by dressing up as beautiful as a movie star, taking photos, and sometimes going out to have fun. Once in a while, I got my nails painted, my hair done by professionals.
Now, I want to concentrate on my venture and focus less on this monthly celebration.

However, I still want to celebrate for:
1. my birthday : I am a firm believer of self-love. Only when I love myself, I can love other people. My birthday is also a reminder how my mother loves me and all the things she has done for me. I want so much to celebrate a birthday of mine by pampering her to the best food and spa I can find.
2. Christmas : I had spent many meaningful Christmas. I learned the value of being responsible in Christmas 2004, when people were enjoying themselves, I was working. Christmas also has a role to play for my first date with my beloved man (with firework), the proposal, the once-in-a-lifetime celebration in Vatican City.
3. our anniversary : growing together to be more mature, wise, and loving than ever. We will remember that on this day n years ago that we both stood across from one another, in front of God, friends, and family and outwardly admitted our love for one another.

Apart from these, it is OK for me to celebrate or not for other events.
Sometimes, resting at home to re-charge is a better options!

In the past, I managed to celebrate the four seasons (finding the winter being the most challenging).
Whenever I have the opportunities, I would love to celebrate the four seasons with my children: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Celebration motivates me to dress beautifully.
I have worn gowns of the following colors:
black : always classic
white : Yes, it is my wedding gown!
cyan / turquoise (2012)
blue sapphire (2003) : which happened to be the same color as the table cloth of the hotel ballroom!
green apple (2002)
red maroon (2011) : beautiful autumn memory of dream and determination, think of red autumn leaves.
magenta (2012)
purple (the knee length) : I love the way it sexily reveals my shoulder

Some colors of gown that I want to wear:
shiny silver grey
red scarlet : when I am the main host
green emerald
Though, I also like colors like soft pink, peach, milk chocolate, but I think gowns of these colors do not make me stand out. I do not mind wearing gowns of these colors for an occasion like being a bridesmaid.
Well, there are other colors that I used to like in the past e.g. green sage, but now I do not find them attractive anymore. I change.
I also do not mind colorful gowns, though they may make me the center of attention.

What kind of make-up that I like?
Snow White : she has a baby face cheek without appearing fat. Snow White is in the right balance of between too fat and too bony. Thank you foundation and blush on.
large innocent doe eyes / like the eyes of Disney princesses / Kumicky eyes. Thank you eyelashes, color lens, eyeliner, concealer, eyeshadow.
sexy red lips that makes man wants to kiss. Thank you lipstick and concealer.

A comment on my preference for eye make-up:
I like that kind of attractive, innocent, yet to some people it appears vulnerable.
Perhaps it has to do with my gentle nature.
However, one can be gentle outward, and strong inward.
To be successful, a lot of inner strength is required.
Only those with inner strength will be taken seriously by customers / business partners.

I am flexible to explore with different kind of hairstyle.
Thank you wig!

How to celebrate?
write a prayer / poem / heartfelt letter
dance with your loved one
eat cake
view photos and videos that bring back treasured memory
have fine-dining / special home-cooked meal
travel / nth-honeymoon
make love
appreciate the nature / go picnic / visit botanical garden / zoo / natural reserve / national parks
throw a party : this appeals less to me because I am not a party animal. To save costs, you can throw a pot luck.
volunteer for a cause

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October 14, 2012 at 8:01 am

Notes about endometriosis

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In late March 2012, I went to attend talks on endometriosis.

I made a note of A3 size. Here, I share some important things.

You may find them useful.

Of course the best thing to do is to consult doctor.

My note is useful to me so that I can quickly remember when I forget as time goes by.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis lesions can occur on organs throughout the pelvic area.

Endometriosis occurs in ~ 1 in 10 (some say up to 20-30%) women of child-bearing age; common in women in their 30s.

Endometriosis lesions cause chronic inflammation and pain;

it produces toxic substance;

attracts killer cells (that kill eggs and sperms).

Endometriosis depends on estrogen.

Endometriosis is associated with infertility.

Endometriosis is not cancer.


The causes are not fully understood yet.

Risk factors

1. higher risk if your mother / sister suffers from endometriosis.

Mom and Sis do not have any severe menstrual pain, only me.

2. prolonged / shorted cycle of the average 28 days.

What are symptoms of endometriosis?

  1. severe menstrual pain: that affects work and require medical leave.
  2. heavy periods
  3. premenstrual pain
  4. painful sex
  5. diffuse / chronic pelvic pain
  6. chronic fatigue
  7. heavy / irregular bleeding
  8. bowel-associated / bladder-associated symptoms during menstruation, e.g. bleeding from bowel
  9. constipation
  10. diarrhea
  11. colic (Severe, often fluctuating pain in the abdomen caused by intestinal gas or obstruction in the intestines and suffered esp. by babies)
  12. no symptoms (they only know after visiting a fertility specialist)

Note: The severity of endometriosis does not always correlate to the severity of symptoms.

What are possible treatments for endometriosis?

  1. only pregnancy can check mate endometriosis, but endometriosis reduces the chance of pregnancy. Only 1 winner.
  2. lifestyle change. exercise can decrease estrogen.
  3. drugs to control pain.
  4. drugs to control endometriosis growth.

Combined oral contraceptive pill, progesterone, GnRH analogues, Mirena coil.

Con:$, side effects, pregnancy put on hold.

  1. surgery (burn, ablate, remove).

5.a. endometriosis resection: for women who want to get pregnant .

5.b. hysterectomy.

5.1. traditional open surgery

5.2. laparoscopy (minimally invasive surgery) / telescope

Note: every laparoscopy will burn eggs.

After surgery must immediately get pregnant (to prevent relapse).

I am going to see a gynecologist in early April 2012.

What to expect?

  1. ultrasound scan
  2. internal examination
  3. blood test (if suspect oncogenic cyst)
  4. PAP smear

Caveat: both ultrasound scan and internal examination may fail to detect endometriosis, particularly small cyst, scar, tiny powder deposit.

Please pray for me.


1. All surgery involves risk (of complications). Consider all possible treatment options before you decide on surgery. No surgery is safe. But the degree of safety depends on our doctors and the hospitals as well as our own body to recover.

2. Dr Ng Ying Woo said that irregular bleeding (after menstrual) may not be due to the endometriosis.

3. Menstrual cramps are not necessarily due to endometriosis.

Dr Stephen Chew said all the $ in the world cannot buy healthy eggs. The same goes for our health, they are very precious.

Someone once asked the Dalai Lama what surprises him most. This was his response:

"Man, because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.

Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.

And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present;

the result being that he does not live in the present or the future;

he lives as if he is never going to die,

and then he dies having never really lived."

4. As women grow older, our chance of getting pregnant decreases.

25 years old: 25%

35 years old: 15%

40 years old: 5%

What are possible fertility treatment?

1. IUI (put sperms into womb) : 8–10 % success rate.

2. IVF (test tube baby) to bypass the tube. 25-40% success rate.

I made a new friend with M, one of the most encouraging and courageous women I have encountered in life. I will never forget how she holds my hand.

She shared her experience in front of many people.

M suffered from endometriosis.

She had 2x surgeries.

After her first surgery, she did not take oral contraceptive pills (which are useful to prevent the relapse of endometriosis).

She was not aware of that, and since she is a Catholic, like me, by religion we are not supposed to take contraceptive pills (which she thought to prevent procreation).

I think rules need flexibility, if taking contraceptive pills is to allow recovery so that a woman has higher chance to conceive, then it is actually promoting procreation.

After her 2nd surgery, she took the contraceptive pills to prevent the relapse of endometriosis for 2 years.

Then, she stopped taking contraceptive pills after no sign of endometriosis.

She used ovulation kit to assist pregnancy and succeed after 1 year of trying.

She got her first child after 10 years of marriage, but she NEVER GIVE UP!

Now, she is a happy Mom and wishes for the 2nd child.

I am praying for you, M.

PS: M told me that Dr Fong Yoke Fai succeeded in treating her. Before that, she was seeing another gynecologist who was unhelpful and wasted her 5 years of life.

Pondering on estrogen:

Estrogen seems to me like a double edge sword.

Estrogen makes women beautiful (rosy cheek).

Estrogen promotes endometriosis.

The good news is even if one has low estrogen, make-up (lipstick, blushers) can help.

More info:

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April 1, 2012 at 2:22 am

My positive self-image

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What are Blueroselady’s talents?
# enormous listening ears.
# fast-learner (e.g. Blueroselady can do professional-grade make-up, family / portrait photography).
# curiosity in learning, foreign lands, travel.
# can combine multiple actions to produce desirable results.

What are things that Blueroselady likes best about herself?
# greater-than-self purpose (to inspire millions of people through my internationally qualified learning skills).
# angelic innocent face.
# loving.
# listening ability.
# appreciative of God’s gifts (e.g. appreciation and love of diverse food, people, places).

What are areas of my personhood that I need to improve?
# to be always positive.
# to be more focus.
# time management.
# worry less.
# angry less.

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March 22, 2012 at 3:14 pm

Our bright room

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I love our bright room.
We painted our wall white and put white curtain and roller blind.
Our double light with separate switches serve multiple purposes.

“Reading is good for you. TV is bad for you,” said 1 of my mentors.
I plan to instill the good habit of reading in my children from early ages.
I have seen many little children wearing spectacles, so I will also teach my children to read under good light (e.g. daytime sun through window) and to take a break.

I need to see clearly if I have applied my foundation / powder evenly.

3. for my LOVER
He loves white soft tofu.
The professionals have been using light to make photographs look so beautiful, so I am merely applying the technique.

4. MOSQUITOES are easier to spot and kill.
Buddhism teaches that we should not take lives away.
But these larger-than-average mosquitoes are sucking our blood and causing inflammation and swelling. So mosquitoes, you die or we suffer, are the only 2 choices.

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February 8, 2012 at 1:20 pm

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