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A journey to Yunnan

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This is a backlog travel note.

What to bring?
see 2bring4travel.txt in my folder of China2012.

I make a marking for every (large in amount) RMB note that we bring to China.
The money changer staff told us that her son was cheated.

Her son gave the shop assistant a large note.
The shop assistant went to look for change.
She came back and told him that there was no change and returned him a fake note!

Our tour guide to Shi Lin was Mr Wang.

He told us that to travel by yourselves will cost more than joining tour.
Mr Wang said his salary is RMB 1600. A month expenditure is RMB 1000. Therefore, we have to shop, the more we shop, the more commission he will receive.

If one earns RMB 2500 per month, he or she is considered high earner.
The main sources of income for travel company in Yunnan:
1. tourist attractions.
2. air tickets.
3. hotel (we were promised 4* hotel-room but we got a RMB 80 / night 2* motel-room).

4. food (Wang told us to expect the food to be not delicious).

China has 56 tribes.
Yunnan has 52 tribes.
Mr Wang said that fast and dark female are desirable.

To leave the mountain, the minority people have 2 paths:

1. study well
2. join the army
In his village (Shi Lin), the eldest woman in the tribe is the head. If a man run away to leave the mountain, all family members will be punished.

According to Wang, silver can remove ‘wind’.

To me, A Shi Ma (Yunnan) to greet female sounds similar to Ajuma (Korea).
A Shi Ma 阿诗玛 means diligent and beautiful.
To greet male, A Hei Ge 阿黑哥 / A Bai Ge 阿白哥 / Hei Bai Ge 黑白哥 aka A Hua Ge 阿花哥.

Lake is called Sea.
River 河 is called Jiang.

FOOD that we tried:
@~@ flower pastry. We love it (JiaHua brand).
@~@ over-the-bridge rice noodle.
@~@ The eight treasures of Yunnan. Too sour for me.
@~@ Wild mushroom banquet. Thank you to our tour guide Wang for driving us there (for free), he said he stayed near there. The waitress was also honest to return a forgotten phone.

@~@ Hui cuisine. The wild vegetable was unique, my first time eating such kind of vegetable.
@~@ 青稞饼 (barley bread).

@~@ grazing yaks (black, white, brown) : Zhongdian / 中甸, Blue Moon Valley
@~@ sheep
@~@ horse riding, LaShiHai / 拉市海*. It costs us RMB 350 / person, latter someone told us that you can have the ride for RMB 100. My travel partner was happy for the first time riding horse.

* When I prepared for the trip to Yunnan, 拉市海 seems so tranquil like Lake Bohinj, but when we visited 拉市海, it was hot and crowded (especially at the horse riding sites). The tranquil site was frequently visited by couples taking pre wedding photos.

Be careful of:
pickpockets / bag slashings.
Avoid barber shops, massage centers (con involvement).
police num: 110

Black Dragon Pool / 云南黑龙潭
The front cover of my favorite travel book: DK Eyewitness of China features the Black Dragon Pool with Yulong (Jade Dragon) Snow Mountain and its reflection.

When we were there, the pool was dried that we could see the cracking soil and smell the unpleasant fishy odor.

Sometimes, virtual travel (through travel books / documentaries / videos) seems, sounds and smells more relaxing. Personally, this is possible if only we have experienced similar things before, so that we can imagine and re-feel. If not, we have to travel our lives!
Many times, we have to travel indeed.

Lijiang 丽江 to Zhongdian 中甸:
terraced fields (reminded me on the journey to Sapa in Vietnam).
the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

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I am in love with slow life in Lijiang

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I am in my 20s and for the past many years I have been living a hectic city life.
I am highly competitive and committed to my undertakings.
Rush from a place to another, across countries and continents.
Fighting for projects, awards, rewards, admissions, and jobs is a daily endeavor.

In short, before I arrived in Lijiang and after I left her, I have lived a competitive, rushing, multi-tasking life. Do you also live in similar ways?

Lijiang allowed me to appreciate a different form of life: slow life.
Perhaps, it is due to my discovery of a book “slow life in Lijiang”.

Quoting my hero Gandhi, “there is more to life than increasing its speed.”
On a side note, for my 1-week stay in Lijiang, I saw only an Indian family. Perhaps, the language barrier is discouraging Indian tourists.

Why am I in love with Lijiang?
Perhaps, I visited Lijiang with a lover.
We held hands, kissed, and made love.
Perhaps, my artistic thirst was quenched by the beautiful and charming old towns, graceful willow leaves, little streams, shining cobble stoned, and red sexy lanterns.
To me, Lijiang is a re-discovered Venice in the East, for I love the Venice of Italy so and had been surviving on countless gelato, I love the delicious dishes of Lijiang (stir fried jasmine, wild vegetables that I may not eat again!).

The ladies in Lijiang
The Naxi hardworking women, I put my hat off to you.
I love the happening music of the garbage collecting little truck.
All the workers are women.
That is why Lijiang old town is relatively much cleaner than other parts of China.
My partner said I seem considering of applying for this job.
I kept on saying so fun to work with those music broadcasted from their little truck.

The ladies in Lijiang
The tourists in Lijiang:
Beautiful Chinese ladies in long colorful skirts and round hats
Carrying umbrella
I love taking pictures of them.
Who can resist beautiful things?

The children of Lijiang
Toddlers wrapped in thick clothes.
Your playground is so beautiful, yet you may not realize it.
It is the funny nature of human beings.
People cherish what they do not have or what they hardly get or what they have to fight to have.

The dogs of Lijiang: from small size to large ones.
Dogs with innocent looks
Dogs with hairstyle

The sound of Lijiang

I love the positive ending of this song.
The drum, the free feeling

The never-worry attitude of Lijiang
Time seems stop for you (when in fact time flies without you realizing it)
Let us enjoy life
Sitting at the courtyard
With swing, red lanterns, bougainvillea, a cup of tea – a private enclosure in the midst of crowded, ancient, beautiful old town
Chat with old and newly-made friends
A Shanghainese entrepreneur invited us to his inn; he bought the usage license (for 15 years).

The arhictecture of Lijiang
I love the roof.
I love the cobbled streets, shiny due to years and centuries of pedestrians walking on them.
I love the red lanterns, sweet and sexy against the cool grey roof.

Now, I only think about food and hugs from my beloved ones.
Dear said I am becoming like a bimbo on the 2nd Sunday of June 2012.
Sigh, it is time to enhance my intelligence.

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June 25, 2012 at 1:02 pm

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China: Yunnan (south of the clouds)

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I love WordPress that is always improving! This is my first post sent via email.

The sandstone pinnacles of the Earth Forest in Yuanmou County reminds me on Cappadocia, where we make our own "pyramid" and entertain Spanish tourists.

I always love flowers:

lotus, azalea, camelia.


Do you know that hot pot was originally a Mongolian method of cooking several ingredients at once?

I now also like to cook hot pot in which I can throw in as many things as available in our fridge.

The minority people (of Yunnan) remind me on my trip to Northern Vietnam, where our guides to trek to the top of Fansipan are Hmong people.

The Karst limestone pillars of the Stone Forest looks like a heroic scene, where masters fight all their best out.

Guys, if you grow up with your heroes, you may like the Stone Forest.


I love the traditional costumes of Sani girls: pink, magenta, red, purple.

With yellow part of their sleeves / sash.


The traditional house in Xishuangbanna: reminds me on house pictures that I cut and paste while a primary school student.

DALI is near Erhai Lake.


The great bend of the Yangzi is so near Lijiang.

"The Disneyfication of Dayan (Lijiang Old Town) feature the daily appearance of 50 Naxi men and 50 Naxi women, in traditional costume, all from villages in the nearby plains assigned by rotation, at Sifang Square to dance for the tourists".

I do have a mix of feelings for the word "Disneyfication".

The calcinated rocks at BAISHUITAI are shaped like rice terraces, reminds me on Pamukkale of Turkey.

The monastic village of SONGZHANLIN.


1. Yunnan. China South of the Clouds. By Jim Goodman.

2. Flickr + Pbase

Plan for our love photos @ China

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In few days of Feb 2012, I study Lijiang and Guilin


My sharing here is based on studying countless images.

I kept 600 images (101 of Guilin, the rest are majority of Lijiang) on Feb 9th, excluding those that I did not keep, so you can imagine how many efforts I have put to make our most cherished memories, for ourselves, our children, and grandchildren.




Shangrila (Zhongdian) in Yunnan reminds me on Switzerland.
LaShiHai (拉市海): I love the not-too-crowded single line of tree immersed in water so romantic!

I think they are willow tree!


A lonely island with a tree.

Field of flowers (seasonal!): you can pick some as a little bouquet.

Tall wild grass.

Cherry blossom (seasonal!) : good for close-up shots only. Can be too cluttered.

Blue sky. Tips: ask your photographer to shoot up so that you look taller + slimmer and the blue sky is more grandeur.


The more I experience LaShiHai through my imagination, there are more serene feeling about this place.

It reminds me on Lake Bohinj under sunny weather when I paraglide once upon a time ago.


XueFeng Lake:

I love the shots sitting on curvy branches of a big tree immersed in water.


Note: XueFeng Lake / LaShiHai are similar in water, greenery, mountainous backdrops.


LuGu lake:

Field of purple flowers (I think it is lavender, but seasonal!)

I remember chasing flowers in spring 2009, it is challenging!

They are blossoming today, the next days they are gone.


Dayan Town aka Lijiang Old Town:

It incorporates the folkways of so many people and the architectural styles of both north and south China.

Many lanterns (like Japanese long lanterns instead of Chinese round ones).

I like the shot from outside to the 2nd floor of a perhaps a restaurant, reminds me on the QingMingShangHeTu, especially with the hunchback bridge.

One can put candle boats down the river.


Yulong Snow Mountain (玉龙雪山):

I always love snowflakes! So pure!

Wear your sunglasses (you will look cool).
Shoot up to look majestic and make you tall.

It is also nice to be at the bottom of the mountain, not too cold, but still can capture the snow-capped Yu Long as backdrop.

Note: somewhere near Yu Long there is water + small low waterfall, with emerald water that can see through beneath like in JiuZhaiGou or Plitvice, where is it in Yulong?


1. my lip cannot stand too low temp. It will get swollen, sadly.

2. if we have to lay down on snow, our dress may get well and it will even be colder!

3. my ears are my Achilles’ heel against cold weather, and it will not be pretty to have all my shots wearing ear muff.

4. If I wear casual clothes, I can shoot myself, I do not need to hire bridal photographer! I believe in my SKILLS + CREATIVITY.


Blue Moon Valley (蓝月谷):


Bamboo path on top of waterfall, nice framing with the waterfall.

Field of yellow flowers (seasonal!)

Sometimes the water turns emerald.

It reminds me on Canadian national parks (@ west side) in the summer time.



Many horses: suitable for cowboy theme.

A field of magenta flower.


Jiudinglongtan (九鼎龙潭):

You can choose cold or warm color post-processing.





A motivation: my lover loves that kind of Halong Bay-alike scenery of Guilin and both of us have never been there.

My concern is that the air quality in Guilin is not as good as in Lijiang, you can feel the less-sunshine less-intense-blue  or less-clear-blue of sky.

Tips: oriental wooden umbrella goes well with the backdrop of limestone mountains.

I love girls with braids in traditional simple costume.

Willow leaves + water reflection will make romantic.

A scene of old house + a girl in 2 braids + a man in Shanghai black collar.

Boats are always romantic!

Leaves of bamboo add pieces of gentleness.



To me, it appears similar to Guilin.



Bamboo boat.

Tips: Kick the water to make the sparks.


For a happy project in China, we want

@~@ gown that can fly (have long materials)

@~@ gown that covers lower legs (because I have muscular leg!)

@~@ Color options:

turquoise cyan

white (I grow up dreaming my man to be like prince on the white horse,  I want to see my man in all white). He looks cool in white short-sleeve shirt that I bought for him from California.

Black (Shanghai collar)


@~@ Scenery choices:

A. greenery + water.

B. Chinese old city (e.g. SuHe).



Must tell photographer that you want (1) close-up (2) semi-close up (3) people occupy only 1/3 of the frame, (4) people occupy only 1/9 or smaller of the frame.


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