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Perseverance: why does it matter? Can perseverance be learned?

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People have focused on measuring cognitive skills such as intelligence.

However, others skills, beyond cognitive skills, contribute to human development and success.
A form of essential non-cognitive skills is perseverance / tenacity / grit.

"Never, ever, ever give up. Never give up. Never give up." ~ Winston Churchill, Battle of Britain.

Angela Lee Duckworth defines grit as "sticking with things over the very long term until you master them."
Her research results indicate that grit mattered more than intelligence, leadership ability or physical fitness.

People who are not as bright as their peers "compensate by working harder and with more determination." Good friends of mine such as KS and SL seem to belong to this group of people.

Napoleon Hill listed perseverance / persistence as the 8th step toward Riches.
Perseverance is the sustained effort necessary to induce faith.
Perseverance is based on the power of will.

Death is a sad event for many people.
I remember how I still felt sad when my grandmother passed away, after living a long life worth celebrating instead of mourning.
Death of those who are too young to die, is even more saddening for their parents.
I remember the severe heartache I felt when I lost my first brother,
and have since promised myself with great perseverance that I will live much longer than my parents,
so that the white hair do not have to bid farewell to the black hair (this is an Eastern saying).
Ideally, it is the black hair who bid farewell / bury their parents / grandparents (those with white hair and have lived long lives).
The story of Adrian Misic’s mother, Parto Khorsidi of indeed, reminded me on the sorrow of my mother. She wrote perseverance "means to go on when nothing makes sense, when the pain of living is much larger than the fear of death."

We need perseverance not only when things go wrong, but also when things go right, so that we can push ourselves to learn more as highlighted by Jill Gough and kate Burton.
How far could and should we push ourselves?

In our spiritual lives, we must also persevere in prayer, like the persevering widow told in Luke 18:1-8. Andrew Murray, a famous 19th Century South African write, once said "Of all the mysteries of the prayer world, the need for persevering prayer is one of the greatest."
If we are discouraged, pray.
If we have lost heart, pray.
If we don’t know the way forward, pray.

Remember that persevering prayer activates our frontal lobes and anterior cingulate gyrus, resulting in increased compassion, memory function (through neuroplasticity), and stress reduction.

Perseverance is essential to sustain our lives, our marriages, our families, our work, our spiritual quest.

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November 1, 2013 at 2:35 pm

How to overcome fear?

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Here are my answers to self-analysis questions given by Napoleon Hill to help me to overcome fear. I pray that I make progress to be less fearful and more courageous.

I love the fact that:

  1. I have many dreams.
  2. I am grateful for what I have now.
  3. I am gaining self-confidence as I grow older.

Therefore, I always see my life as hopeful.

I take full responsibility for my life.

I do not complain often.

I do not find fault with other people at the slightest provocation.

I am not sarcastic and offensive in my conversation.

People whom I am grateful to:

  1. MR for his talents and dreams.
  2. SM for her love, practicality, resourcefulness.
  3. AM for his kindness and genius.
  4. MT for her love, greater purpose. I put her photo at a place I can see daily at home.

My strategies:

  1. Every morning and every night, I make use of auto-suggestion to make my mind positive.
  2. I constantly and consciously garner spiritual forces to keep my mind free from all forms of fear.
  3. To overcome the fear of poverty, I believe that as an educated and resourceful person, I will have no problem meeting my basic needs.
  4. To overcome the fear of criticism, I am grateful for constructive criticism. I am aware of the motives of criticism (jealousy, justification attempt by others).
  5. To overcome the fear of illness, I love myself.
  6. To minimize the feeling of self-pity, I think of my greater purpose.
  7. I am trying my best to shift my thinking towards success.
  8. Have you learned how to drown my problems by being too busy to be annoyed by them? Yes, in 1999, 2001, 2005-2006.
  9. I befriend, learn from and share with positive people.
  10. I try my best to avoid / minimize contact / shield from negative people.
  11. I am not easily influenced by others against my judgments. I make my own decision.
  12. Though I am compassionate by nature, I must be aware that it is not my duty to share other people’s worries.

Things to improve:

  1. I have to be more discipline for my definite major purpose.
  2. I suffer sometimes from indigestion. Solution: never let my stomach empty. Eat more often in smaller portions.
  3. I sometimes envious of those who excel me.
  4. My 3 most damaging weaknesses: bad temper, perfectionism, unforgiving.

Thank you: Think and Grow Rich

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May 26, 2012 at 8:35 am

The Power of Enthusiasm

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The difference in actual skill, ability and intelligence between those who succeed and those who fail is usually neither wide nor striking. But if people are equally matched, the one with enthusiasm will have the scales tipped in his or her favor. The best way to get someone excited about an idea or a project is to be excited yourself and to show it.

Loudness does not constitute enthusiasm, nor does pounding the table, or jumping up and down. It is fake, it does not fool anyone. Enthusiasm is an intrinsic feeling, a feeling that has to come from inside our soul. It is not to be confused with boisterous (热闹) hype. It is true increased physical movement and stronger voice projection sometimes accompany an inner feeling of enthusiasm.

We cannot fake enthusiasm, but YES we can create, nourish enthusiasm and put it to work for us. The way to acquire enthusiasm is to BELIEVE what we are doing and BELIEVE IN OURSELVES, and to WANT TO GET SOMETHING DEFINITELY ACCOMPLISHED.

Enthusiasm is easiest to attain when we have REAL GOALS in our life, things we are genuinely looking forward to. Let that happen and enthusiasm will grow inside us. Wake up and think about something pleasing that will happen today. To achieve real success, we have to be excited by our life and our work.

If a person is feeling bored with life, the people around will be falling asleep as well.
If a person is sarcastic and antagonistic, they will be too.
If a person is lukeworm, they will never boil.

Enthusiasm is made of two parts: (1) PASSION, (2) CONFIDENCE.

Always surround ourselves with successful happy people. Those people’s attributes will become a part of us.

Enthusiasm is as important as high ability and hard work.
We all know people who are brilliant and accomplish nothing,
we all know people who work hard and get no where.
People who can work hard and be enthusiastic, they are going places!

Thanks to Global Humanitas

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August 20, 2010 at 1:00 am

What would be your advice for people who would like to take up leadership positions?

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In 2004, my answer is “Enthusiasm, dedication, self-sacrifice and continuous self corroboration are important. Leaders should have specific and realistic visions and convey them their people so that they can be achieved. Leaders also have to be honestly concerned for people and their needs.

In 2010, leadership is serving. When others are better than us, we must be willing to be led and assist our leaders. When we are the most suitable to lead, we have prepared along the way to be leaders and will give our best.

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July 17, 2010 at 12:46 am