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Gratitude exercise: Food that makes you happy

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Since food is one of our essential needs, I ask myself why not enjoy them more and let them make me happy.

On the last Thursday of August 2013, l squeeze a South African orange that tasted so sweet. A previous orange from the same batch tasted sour. In an analogy, l hope that sour relationships in our life turn sweet, when we are patient. Being patient is an art.

On the 2nd Monday of September 2013, I had a lunch with Thai friends. A guy who is returning to his home country praised my hard work, he often saw me also working in the weekends. During the lunch, I also tried stir fried fresh bamboo shoot, they taste crunchy, I like it!

In October 2013, I meet up with a mentor Keith Ferrazi, an Italian American. His surname sounds like Ferrari, the fast driving luxurious car to me. Keith’s main message of never eat alone is like a wake-up call for me. Up until 2011, I signed myself up for a challenging project with a deadline of 2011. I was struggling and stressing, I put extra efforts, energy, sweat, time, and even tears into my project. Since my time was limited, I often chose to eat during off-peak hours (I saved time on queuing and finding a seat), but that also means that I could not find someone to eat with (at weird hours). Gradually, I have learned to be comfortable with eating alone and be happy with myself. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because we have to be independent. However, I sacrificed opportunities to develop my inter-dependent skills by eating alone. Now, it is time to form new relationships, to revitalize old relationships, and to sustain harmonious ongoing relationships.

Free food served in association with conferences / talks. Actually, there is no free lunch, someone else is paying for our food, so I can only be grateful. It often makes me think how to increase the production of healthy food to sufficiently and sustainably feed the fast-growing world population.

Simple, relatively bland homemade / home-cooked food after a day of eating strongly-flavored, mass-produced food, to detox and re-balance our body. I am not totally anti-junk food. It is ok to have the indulgence of e.g. desserts, ice cream, curry, etc, but not for every meal!

Some nights, I cook soup overnight using the slow cooker. Having a (sometimes 2!) bowl(s) of hot soup in the morning really makes me more grateful than ever, especially to Mom & Dad who bought the ingredients for us. Thank you for loving us!

In December 2013, I packed snack to work. My snack includes different kinds of fruit (including Thailand longan, Korean Jeju Mandarin, nectarines from Australia), bread, and KitKat Hazelnut! Sometimes, I got free snacks. Life is awesome.

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February 17, 2014 at 9:08 am

Computer languages are likely to be the linguistic skills that make you outstanding

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This post was post-dated. I thought of this a day after the birthday of a woman I love and care. Although she is very serious, she can be very funny. Since she does not know English, and her children are all overseas pursuing better lives, so she has to start making overseas trip to see her children, especially when they need her.

There was a funny incident that made me laugh until stomachache.

Once, in a rush upon returning from hospital upon the arrival of her first grandchild, she thought that the free sample of Tollyjoy liquid wash for bottles, was meant for baby bath, simply because she does not understand English. So, she let her grandchild to bath with liquid was for bottles! Her daughter was over exhausted from delivery to early discover it until she saw why such a bottle was placed in the bathroom.

Even the father of the baby does not know this, I am the privileged one to be shared such a story. In future, as a potential mentor / consultant to the baby, I may tell her grandchild this story when the child refuses to learn something.

In Asia, if you know English, you can secure a good job (i.e. one with higher salary than average job).

Asians in English speaking cities in Asia (e.g. Hong Kong, Singapore) enjoy higher income (though it comes with higher expenditure as well), more choices in employment.

People in India also benefit from the global companies that take advantage of geo-arbitraging.
Though these outsourced employees earn less that employees in US, yet they earn more than people in India.

Not many Asians know English well, although the number is increasing. More Asian parents in China are sending their children to English speaking countries (US, UK, Australia). These generations of Asians are well versed in their mother tongues as well as the international language — English. Some of the ambitious ones even speak the third, the forth languages. A personal encounter was the high school age Korean girl who sat next to me on a flight to Canada. She speaks : Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese.

I am so thankful that by chance and choice, I have the opportunities to learn English. I am still learning everyday through reading and writing.

In my humble prediction, since more and more Asians are mastering English, a good command of English alone will no longer differentiate a talent.

The Pareto Law applies. When less people speak English, you are a rare talent. When more people speak English, you need to have additional skills to differentiate yourself.

One need additional language skills. Instead of another language, e.g. Chinese Mandarin (I think it is important too, but the Chinese are eagerly learning English) and Spanish, one can and must focus on computer languages.

Simply put, for the 21st century,
computer languages = English for people in non-English speaking countries in the 20th century.

Oh my goodness, my command of computer languages is far from acceptable.
After my project L in the 1st half of 2013,
it is time for me to improve my computer languages.

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February 24, 2013 at 10:24 pm

Inspiration from the Princess Hours

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Once upon a time, I watched Princess Hours and loved the beautiful girls and Teddy Bears so much.
That was how my lover gave me a huge white Teddy Bear for the first birthday gift that he gave me. I was so grateful and touched! The bear is huge and accompanies us.

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December 2, 2012 at 6:12 am

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Recipe: Kimchi fried rice (Bokumbap)

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My lover loves kimchi fried rice with a lot of garlic, he is simply Mad for Garlic.

In my 2nd trip to Korea, we enjoyed a BBQ meat with kimchi that is also BBQ-ed at Jonggak. Personally, I love hot kimchi than the cold kimchi.

In the 3rd weekend of September 2012, I cooked kimchi fried rice. The saying that “today’s leftover rice is tomorrow’s fried rice” is true and totally applies to many Asian restaurants, so it is better to have home cooked kimchi fried rice. To maintain freshness, I cook the rice the night before and put it in the refrigerator.

Serves 2 | Prep Time: 10 minutes | Cook Time: 10 minutes

rice (I cooked it with dried silver fish, remember to break up the lumpy overnight rice with the back of the spoon)
egg (2)
garlic (3 small pieces)
minced pork meat (can use beef, bakwa, bacon)
pepper to taste
olive oil
sesame oil
soy sauce (1tbsp)

1. cook your sunny side up egg, garnish with sesame seed OR use spatula to break the eggs into small pieces. Put aside the egg.
2. hot wash and season minced pork with soy sauce, minced garlic, powdered pepper.
3. sautee the minced pork with olive oil.
4. when the meat is cooked, add kimchi (plus its liquid), minced garlic, cook for 5 min, turn off heat.
5. add rice, small pieces egg (if not sunny side up), mix all ingredients well.
6. add 1-2 tbsp sesame oil, re-heat.

1. You can also add spring onion leaves (cut into small pieces), I forgot to buy it.
2. I also have a recipe for kimchi hotpot.
3. A previous version of my home cooked kimchi fried rice. Honestly, I could not recall how I cooked it. Lesson: it is important to make notes.
4. I am craving for the Korean pancake that we had in Suwon.

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September 23, 2012 at 10:41 am

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Confinement meal

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Confinement meal delivery usually comes with 2 dishes and 1 soup.

Here are some dishes that I think I will need to eat:
@~@ green papaya fish soup: to enrich milk glands
@~@ black chicken herbal soup
@~@ SOUPS with pork rib
@~@ FISH

Here are some dishes that I think I will like:
@~@ SOUPS. In one of my challenging years overseas, I treated myself once in a while after exhausting 7 days work by having double boiled soups, so I always love nutritious Chinese soups.
@~@ any VEGETABLES stir fried with SESAME OIL plus shredded MUSHROOM / minced meat / silver anchovies (I am not sure how I will like the additional shredded ginger).
@~@ any VEGETABLES or SOUPS with FISH MAW cut into small pieces.
@~@ dishes containing SEA CUCUMBER, e.g. stir fried asparagus with sea cucumber.

Food that I need to do further study on:
liver and kidney. Honestly, I do not like to eat organs. I avoid liver and kidney in pregnancy despite of being anemic because of the undesired effect of vitamin A from liver, for the developing fetus.

List of companies providing confinement meal delivery in Singapore as of 2012: SGD 1,588; no delivery during public holiday.
Natal Essentials SGD 1,588; service disruption 1st Two Days of Chinese New Year; I find some of the menu contains fried items and cooling items like lotus root.
Chili Padi SGD 1,568 (NA for my case); no meal for 1st Day & 2nd Day of Chinese New Year. SGD 1379; No service during Chinese Lunar New Year period (4 Days).
Florence’s Gourmet 6292-9188 or e-mail flgourmt SGD 1,588 We have recently moved to Malaysia, we are not open for Singapore market before June 2013.

1. I have not taken any of their services, so I cannot guarantee on the quality, but the list is a good start for mothers to be who need confinement food.
2. The price is for 2 meals / day for 28 days.

Some useful knowledge:
Breastfeed baby before consuming their meals. By the next meal, the ginger and wine contents in mummy’s body would have been excreted through urination.
Alternatively, you may like to extract the breast milk before eating and feed the baby at a later time.

Black vinegar purifies the blood, the old ginger drives out the wind. If take black vinegar, glutinous ligaments and collagen of the pig’s trotters can reduce its acidity.
Duzhong / Eucommia Bark strengthens the kidneys, helps to lower blood pressure.
Fish maw contains collagen to strengthen limbs & joints, can improve QI and beautify complexion.
Kai Lan is beneficial to veins and bones, improvies joints and lypmh.
Black fungus is rich in iron and drives out stale blood from the body.

Useful URLs to learn about Chinese herbs used for confinenment:

Below is an image of Chinese herbals useful for confinement, from Chili Padi.
I love LILY FLOWER, once a good friend of mine cooked for me after a completion of a big project in UK.
I also like dishes with black fungus, ginseng, and wolfberries. Just think of Korean ginseng chicken!

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August 26, 2012 at 11:49 am

Miscellaneous in April 2012

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Scotch double sided tape is useless. I cannot remove the adhesive part.
It is better to use single sided tape and fold it.

I want to buy a pair of black formal shoes that cover my toes.
I like Everest brand, soft leather $80 -15%.

April 29, 2012: I do not like my eggplant cooking. Do not buy raw eggplant anymore!

Read Escape from Camp 14.
Love is very important.
Shin betrayed her mother and brother for survival and as a result of his brainwashing (he was raised by the guard to be a snitch).
Shin father was sorry for bringing him to this world.
Though my religion teaching is supporting procreation, but in some circumstances like Shin’s earlier life conditions, living a dignified human life can be very difficult. There are so many Shin-alikes, but only 1 Shin had succeeded to escape.
Reading this book makes me feel sorry for everyone described in the book.
It seems that everyone in the book is a victim of victims.

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April 30, 2012 at 8:28 am

Romantic Winter in Korea

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Runaway Juno’s pick of 5 romantic spots in Seoul:
Chyunggye cheon
Seoul n tower
Gyungbok palace
Han river
Samchung dong

Things to do:
buy a pan for Mum (I got it from e-mart)
listen to Arirang. May peace prevails in Korea Peninsula. God bless!
listen to talented guitarist Sungha Jung (Seongha Jeong / 정성하 / 鄭成河). There is a sense of tranquility listening to him playing the guitar. Thank you and love you! Keep on playing your guitar.

Useful URLs: (for coupon)
Yahoo finance for currency converter

Watched 4D Hall and wrote our names in Hangul (Hangeul) calligraphy @ The Story of Admiral Yi Sunshin.
Hangeul, developed under King Sejong, is the Korean alphabet that opened up a new world.

We were fortunate that our application to visit the Blue House (청와대 or 靑瓦臺) was accepted.
Blue House is added to the list of palaces or VVIP sites visited:
Great Hall of the People (人民大会堂)
Forbidden City (紫禁城, where Blueroselady fell in love with love and photography), today is Palace Museum
Summer Palace (颐和园)
The Old Summer Palace (圆明园 – sadly only the ruins)
White House (outside, in future we will become among the guests)
Blue House, Seoul
Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁 or 景福宮)
Changdeokgung Palace (창덕궁 or 昌德宮)
Buckingham Palace (outside, Queen’s gallery)
Kensington Palace
Windsor Castle
Blenheim Palace (birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill), Oxfordshire
Istana Merdeka
Presidential Palace, Nicosia

At -10 degree C in Gyeongbokgung, my sweetheart remarked that the Kings had to endure cold winter without modern days heater.

Favorites from our trip:
Romantic snowing at Suwon Fortress (imagine that we were a warrior and a beauty of the old ages).
Snow sledding (1. impromptu at Children’s Grand Park because the sledding facility was closed by the time we reached there, 2. Songdo Resort – I saw piglet, rabbit, and Hachiko-alike puppies. Welcome to Rabbit Seolla)
Korean food (hot pot, grilled pork at Jonggak)
Stroll along Cheonggyecheon (청계천) stream admiring the Seoul night neon light, the side of the waterfall became ice like ice carving.

We visited 2 UNESCO sites: Suwon Fortress and Changdeokgung. Though we are not crazy about branded goods (Channel, LV, Porsche). We do love world-class branded destinations.
Our hotel was closed to the station so we did not have to spend too long in the cold at night to reach our hotel. I like our hotel room toilet bowl with seat warmer, butt (2 holes) washers.
Korean people are very kind and helpful, they go out their way to help us. Those who walked back to help us get the right bus outside Songdo Resort. The hotel staff who ran to help us catch the shuttle bus.
Korean people are respectful to the elders and loving to the young. I am so touched. I desire to have this kind of service-heart to others.
We bought winter coat each at KRW 10,000 – KRW 15,000.
Added Suwon and Incheon to my tripAdvisor map.
We were among the last people to visit the Biwon (secret garden) of Changdeokgung (昌德宮) on the day, thanks to the kindness of the friendly staff.

Places to visit for future Korea trip:
Seoraksan National Park (fall / autumn)
Samcheong-dong Bukchon, Seoul
Gyeongju (former Silla capital)
Busan to Japan

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January 11, 2012 at 5:11 pm

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