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China: Yunnan (south of the clouds)

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I love WordPress that is always improving! This is my first post sent via email.

The sandstone pinnacles of the Earth Forest in Yuanmou County reminds me on Cappadocia, where we make our own "pyramid" and entertain Spanish tourists.

I always love flowers:

lotus, azalea, camelia.


Do you know that hot pot was originally a Mongolian method of cooking several ingredients at once?

I now also like to cook hot pot in which I can throw in as many things as available in our fridge.

The minority people (of Yunnan) remind me on my trip to Northern Vietnam, where our guides to trek to the top of Fansipan are Hmong people.

The Karst limestone pillars of the Stone Forest looks like a heroic scene, where masters fight all their best out.

Guys, if you grow up with your heroes, you may like the Stone Forest.


I love the traditional costumes of Sani girls: pink, magenta, red, purple.

With yellow part of their sleeves / sash.


The traditional house in Xishuangbanna: reminds me on house pictures that I cut and paste while a primary school student.

DALI is near Erhai Lake.


The great bend of the Yangzi is so near Lijiang.

"The Disneyfication of Dayan (Lijiang Old Town) feature the daily appearance of 50 Naxi men and 50 Naxi women, in traditional costume, all from villages in the nearby plains assigned by rotation, at Sifang Square to dance for the tourists".

I do have a mix of feelings for the word "Disneyfication".

The calcinated rocks at BAISHUITAI are shaped like rice terraces, reminds me on Pamukkale of Turkey.

The monastic village of SONGZHANLIN.


1. Yunnan. China South of the Clouds. By Jim Goodman.

2. Flickr + Pbase

Travel: China: SiChuan

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Beautiful places near ChengDu for photography

@~@ 九寨沟 (JiuZhaiGou Valley): reminds me on Plitvice.
Both are possibly Heaven on Earth.
Do you know that travertine-damned lake generate millions of $ from tourism yearly?
Think of Huanglong, JiuZhaiGou in China.
Pamukkale in Turkey.
Plitvice in Croatia.
Yellowstone Park, Wyoming and Kakadu, Australia.
I pray for the conservation of the travertine (钙华) for our children and grandchildren.

A beautiful memory from my life:
We hiked at Plitvice in a beautiful autumn day.
We had our lunch gazing at the surreal lake.
The only minus point is the transport is a challenge, we almost hitch-hike because we thought we miss the last bus.
But the heaven-like scenery worth all the troubles.

@~@ 木格措 (Mugecuo):
Snow. Honestly it is very difficult to take photos while it is snowing.
Tips: the best time to take photos is right after snowing, then you can add on snow effect during post-processing.

@~@ 上里古镇 (ShangLi ancient town):
I think the ancient towns of DaYan and ShuHe are more oriental.

@~@ 国色天香 (GuoSeTianXiang theme park):
Theme park is always fun.
Merry Go Round is so Colorful.
Idea: lollipop, princess tiara.

@~@ 南湖 (NanHu Garden):
It is an artificial theme park.
You can find similar theme park elsewhere.

@~@ 新都桥 (XinDu Bridge):
especially beautiful in autumn with artist’s palette of colors.

@~@ 香颂湖 (XiangSong Lake):
The wheat-alike grass reminds me on our photo taking @ Botanical Garden in summer 2011.

@~@ 宽窄巷子 (KuanZhaiXiangZi) : old town.

@~@ 川大 (ChuanDa / SiChuan University)

@~@ 非遗公园 (FeiYi garden):
lavender in July.

@~@ 石象湖 (SheXiang Lake): sea of flowers! April. Tulips. Note: planted flowers.

@~@ 天台山 (TianTai Mt)

@~@ 朝阳湖 (ChaoYang Lake)

@~@ 浅水湾 (QianShui Bay): confusing with the Repulse Bay of Hong Kong.

@~@ 塔公草原 (TaGong grassland): sea of wild flowers! Can be cloudy like every highland, weather (read: luck) dependent.

@~@ 雅拉雪山 (YaLa snow mountain)

Below are probably too tough for women in bridal gowns to reach!

@~@康定 (Kangding)
Glorious sunset over Tibetan architecture.
Colorful autumn.
Imagine the Khampa, a Tibetan people whose heavy turquoise jewelry, forward manners, and habit of carrying knives match their reputation for toughness.

@~@峨眉山 (Emei Mt)
乐山大佛 (Dafo, Le Shan): a testament to faith and belief.

Standing beneath the Buddha’s feet will be a humbling experience for me.

@~@ SiGuNiang.
I know a friend who made it to the SiGuNiang.
He trains running everyday, it takes DETERMINATION and HARD WORK.

@~@ Giant Panda.
It costs an average person like me a bomb (RMB 1,000) to hug a baby panda.
It is ok for me not to hug, I can understand how mothers worry when their babies are carried by others, so do mother pandas!

Make sure you get there in the morning (the latest by 9am) when they are feeding pandas as most of the other time they just sleep.
Don’t forget the charming red pandas there!

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