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My simple thought on wedding

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This was a note that I wrote some time ago.

My dream wedding: in a church at an exotic destination,
with Fiance, Dad, Mum, Grandma, Sisters, Brothers.
No uncles, no aunties, no distant relatives.

It seems that I will not be able to have my perfect dream wedding,
but at least I will have the church wedding.

The fiance: "There are only 2 occasions when many people gather for us, our wedding and funeral".

Well, Dad had once organized a party where he hosted ~60 tables (600 people).

I personally think that we still can have anniversary, celebration party.

The movie "非诚勿扰2" also has a funeral party where the main host is still alive, though severely ill.

The groom-to-be: "Colleagues seem to be more responsive to invitations than friends."
"Some friends (or acquaintances) seem to ignore invitation by not replying which keeps us wandering, are they coming?". In the past, the groom-to-be had attended their weddings / baby showers.

Well, we do not have expectations on others, then we will not feel hurt.

Some people used to invite us to fill in the tables. We were naive.
How could we politely refuse such requests?
1. We will be overseas.
2. We have other weddings to attend.

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Written by blueroselady

March 15, 2013 at 4:30 am