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How to determine your personality type? 4 preferences of BMTI

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Herein, I refer to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (BMTI) of personality type that was invented by a mother-daughter team (Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers) to find an avenue to help America women to find jobs that would best match their personalities during World War II.
Today, I still find that BMTI is useful to for our relationship & career.

Knowing your personality type can help in your journey of understanding yourself.
Quite often, personal development programs often incorporate such a test.

By analysing 4 preferences (4 pairs of opposite behaviors) that make up your personality type,
you can arrive at one of the 16 possible combinations of the preferences (hence the 16 personality types).

Note that the test aims to identify your natural preferences,
not abilities.

Choose your preference based on what you tend to do,
not what you think you should do.
This is important,
because recently I helped someone to do the test,
and he spent too much of time thinking & analzying,
I think he is an ESTJ instead of an INFJ.

If you love do the test yourself (DIY),
here are the 4 simple steps.

How do you gain energy? E or I?
E = Extroversion.
I = Introversion.

Extroverts get energy by interacting with people & doing things.
Introverts get energy by reflecting on information, ideas & concepts.

Extroverts want time to talk & to have something to do.
Introverts want time alone, time to think, time to assimilate before action.

Extroverts act first before they think / reflect.
Introverts think first before they act.

For example,
during a meeting,
extroverts are the ones who tend to talk & ask many questions.
Introverts are participating as well, but doing so in their heads.

How do you gather information? S or N?
S = Sensing
N = iNtuition

Sensing individuals see the trees.
iNtuitive individuals see the forest.

Sensing individuals want, notice, believe facts, concrete data, details, clear guidelines, roles, expectations. They distrust hunches / guessed not rooted in logic / observation / facts.
iNtuitive individuals want, attend to, trust inter-relationships, connections, abstracts, theories, patterns, flashes of insights, future possibilities, big picture, general directions, opportunities to participate. They are spontaneous / more imaginative.

For example,
a Sensing boss will go through a standard set of questions with job applicants, call their former employers.
a iNtuitive boss will ‘know’ who to hire after a 5-minute conversation with an applicant, regardless of his / her qualifications.

How do you make decision? T or F?
T = Thinking
F = Feeling

Thinking individuals make decisions using logic, objective analysis.
Feeling individuals make decisions by applying person-centered values.

Thinking individuals want clarity about the decision-making process, competent leadership, fairness.
Feeling individuals want to recognize the impact of decisions on people, to meet people’s needs, to have values drive change & leaders who care, appreciate & support them.

Thinking individuals look for most logical & consistent solution, measure decision up against a set of rules / assumptions.
Feeling individuals consider perspective of everyone involved to arrive at a harmonious / balanced decision.

Thinking individuals accept and expect conflict as part and parcel of dealing with others.
Feeling individuals dislike conflict.

How do you live in the world? J or P?
J = Judging
P = Perceiving

Judging individuals are organized, orderly, make decisions quickly.
Perceiving individuals are flexible, adaptable, keep their options open as long as possible.

Judging individuals want a clear concise plan, defined outcomes & goals, a time frame with stages, clear priorities, and no surprise.
Judging individuals make plans, check things off of a to-do list, get things done ahead of deadlines.
Perceiving individuals want an open-ended approach, flexibility, options, information, room to adjust, go-with-the-flow approach.
Perceiving individuals mix work with play, wait until the last minute before making a decision / commitment.

Now you get the 4 letter description of your personality types.
For example,
if you are an ENFP or an INFJ,
you can find out more about yourself online.

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August 9, 2013 at 2:59 pm