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Baby does not want to eat. How to address this challenge?

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If your baby can talk and tell you why he refuses to eat, then you will not be reading this post 🙂

Here are possible reasons:
do not need as much food as you are feeding him.
full / not hungry.
not yet ready for solids.

Some ideas to try:
+ Start with tiny portions.
+ Make new food look similar to a familiar favorite of baby.
+ Combine with his favorite food. For example, my first baby loves banana so much, so I added a tiny chunk of banana to every spoon of his puree.
+ Believe that your baby knows how much food he needs.
+ Reverse psychology. My first baby wants to eat when I place him on my lap during family time, I just give him mashed brown rice.
+ Never force feed your baby. Foce feeding can turn feeding time into fighting time.
+ Do not give your baby junk food, instead offer him healthy food and a hungry baby will eventually eat them.
+ Accept that babies are supposed to make a mess while eating – this is their learning process. If your baby is a messy eaters, he is showing signs of independence – a milestone for his learning, growth, self-reliance, self-esteem.
+ Relax. Let your baby go at his own pace.

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October 30, 2013 at 6:47 am

Entrepreneur: Jenny Dawson of Rubies in the Rubble

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How do I know about her?
Market Life Winter 2011. She is a trader @ Borough Market.
Though relatively expensive, I love Borough Market and the atmosphere.

Why do I like her?
She follows her passion. After completing a maths degree, she worked for a hedge fund for 2 years, yet continued trying to think of ideas to start a business.
She is creative. Look @ the name: Rubies in the Rubble.
She is tall and beautiful. Yes, beauty attracts!

What does her enterprise do?
make preserves from surplus fruit and vegetables and employing staff who need help geting back on their feet and into a job.

Why do I like her enterprise?
aims to takcle the current culture of excessive waste.
social change agent.

What are her other ideas?
tinted contact lesn for skiiing and sailing in the sun.
a compactible, reusable cup for coffee shops.
3D glasses carryable in our handbags in funky and pretty design. Themed design for kids.

What travel ideas that I learn from?
to visit Covent Garden Market @ night, as it is running throughout the night.

The rejected ones are still useful.
e.g. the rejected fruit and vegetables can be made into preserves / jams / chutneys.

Blueroselady: if you are rejected by a school / a company, you are still a useful individual. Must believe that you have talents to serve.

To know more, check their website:

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February 2, 2012 at 4:08 pm

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