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Miscellaneous in April 2012

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Scotch double sided tape is useless. I cannot remove the adhesive part.
It is better to use single sided tape and fold it.

I want to buy a pair of black formal shoes that cover my toes.
I like Everest brand, soft leather $80 -15%.

April 29, 2012: I do not like my eggplant cooking. Do not buy raw eggplant anymore!

Read Escape from Camp 14.
Love is very important.
Shin betrayed her mother and brother for survival and as a result of his brainwashing (he was raised by the guard to be a snitch).
Shin father was sorry for bringing him to this world.
Though my religion teaching is supporting procreation, but in some circumstances like Shin’s earlier life conditions, living a dignified human life can be very difficult. There are so many Shin-alikes, but only 1 Shin had succeeded to escape.
Reading this book makes me feel sorry for everyone described in the book.
It seems that everyone in the book is a victim of victims.

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April 30, 2012 at 8:28 am

Pray and Back-up

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@Mar 15, 2011
I feel sad about what happen in Japan. They seem to suffer from multitude of disasters. Earthquakes, tsunami, nuclear radiation, and volcano eruption.
I admire and respect those rescue workers, risking their lives to save others. Some of my friends went to Aceh and Sichuan to aid, they are very kind-hearted and courageous. You all are heroes!

What is the most important?
My father said that we only live once, we have to cherish our lives. Be careful when we travel (cross the road, do not overdrink, rush for train / bus). While we are careful road users, others may not, so we have to be precautious againsts others too.
My father prepared a rope so that in the event of fire, we could climb down using it.
My mother experienced her home being burnt down from fire. Except from clothes that she calmly managed to wrap around using large bed cloth, she lost everything, including her childhood photos.
With today technologies, back-up our photos (memories) online or in e-mails to your closed kins / friends (if you want to keep them private).
I also suggest you to back-up your birth cert, identity card, travel documents (e.g. passport), baptism, and academic certs.
Academic certs are required for job / further studies applications.

We cannot back-up our lives, we can only pray more to God and be more careful.
Realizing how vulnerable we are, we can only live our lives with diligence, perseverance, respect, humility.
Count our blessings and be grateful.
Always have faith and hope, in God, in a better future!

@ Apr, 2011
A lesson from April 2011.
How to prevent data loss?
Back-up your files in computer:
(1) email them to your inbox.
(2) back-up at thumbdrive / to other computer using .sh file which runs multiple scp commands.
(3) perhaps in future, auto sync across computers.

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March 15, 2012 at 2:43 pm

The fundamental right of a human being: a choice for human dignity

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We do not have the choice on which parents we want to be born into.
Naturally, all parents love their children (this natural law is also obvious in most of animal kingdoms).
Sadly, some parents may be prone to negativity. Getting drunk, gambling, having affairs. Imagine if a father comes back home drunk, whispered by devil advocate to do harm on their children, hits and rapes his daughter.
Do we expect the daugther to suffer in silence? Long-term violences only have two extreme results, she suffers mental breakdown or becomes violent too. A never-ending viscious cycle.
If another man wants to adopt her as a daugther, give her food, shelter, and security, is it wrong for her to choose to leave her biological father and move into the home of the foster father?

I still believe that by nature all fathers are kind and loving towards their children. In the above example, when the biological father is not under the influence of alcohol, he is and can be loving, but he is not stable. The inability to retain stability means that he is still in ignorant state, hence he loses his daughter (irregardless of she staying or leaving). We could only pray and hope for the best.

My analogy applies not only for family institution, but also at larger scales.

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July 4, 2010 at 4:42 pm