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How to have clean fresh pure air at home?

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Always ventilate indoor air frequently.
Wash bedding materials frequently in hot water (above 60 degree C) to reduce dust mites.
Never cook with charcoal in our home.
Clean ceiling fans so they do not spread accumulated dust particles throughout the house.
Clean air-cons and ventilating systems frequently to ensure fresh air circulation in the room.
Run a dehumidifier in places with high relative humidity to prevent the striving of airborne allergens and germs.
Use a vacuum tool to dust instead of a cloth or duster which may spread dust into the air.
Remove shoes before entering our house to prevent bringing in unwanted dirt, dust and other contaminants into our living environment.

Breathe … enjoy lives!
Appreciate our air …
Fresh air is precious ….
Fesh air is blessing …
I still remember how I ended up spending 4 days to get from America to Asia because our plane has oxygen leakage.
God, I am so grateful for fresh air that You gives us every second of our lives.

Written by blueroselady

November 11, 2012 at 6:04 am