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My simple yet meaningful weekend activities

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In the 3rd weekend of the last month of 2012, I
@~@ woke up at 9 am (I was so tired from the night before, we went to Ikea to buy some stuff for our baby and kitchen).
@~@ read a couple of New York Times articles.
@~@ listened to my daily prayer for our baby.
@~@ listened to classical music.
@~@ paid bills, recorded my expenditure.
@~@ updated LinkedIn, added new contacts. Took a lot of time to personalize my message! However, with an investment of few hundred $, I want to ensure that I am connected with the inspiring people I met recently.
@~@ washed dishes. Honestly, I dislike doing this, but my mentor TNH told me to be mindful while washing dishes, as a form of meditation for enlightenment.
@~@ planned for our next dwelling by listing the essential attributes. Main criteria for me: no smokers nearby please!
@~@ hugged my lover. Men who receive kisses and hugs live longer.
@~@ sourced for photographic inspirations for our babies.
@~@ worked through remote connection to my work computer. This is to ensure that my jobs are continuously running even though I am sleeping.
@~@ had a cold shower. So refreshing! When people are deprived of shower, even a simple shower can be so pleasurable!
@~@ cooked steamed double cheese broccoli. 15 minutes to prepare.
@~@ cooked pork rib soup with red dates and wolf berries.
@~@ did yoga cum listened to a lecture from a popular Harvard course. Yes, I am a geek. Listening to the course helped me to do yoga for at least 15 minutes.
@~@ read our wedding wish cards. "Love isn’t finding a perfect person. It’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly." – Sam Keen, American author & philosopher
@~@ made personalized greeting cards for my friends.
@~@ went to church.
@~@ fell in love with the apricot & almond cookies box of Forever Friends vintage. I kept the image of the box as an inspiration.
@~@ ate Baskin-Robbins ice cream of the following flavors: pomegranate vanila, Rocky Road (chocolate with mini marshmallow), with the topping of hot fudge. We thought that the fudge was too sweet for us.
@~@ appreciated starry night (we saw Orion) while strolling at the next door park.

God, I am so grateful and happy, for my simple yet meaningful lifestyle.

The art of doing housechores

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We initially plan to go for hiking on the 1st Sunday of February 2012.
But my lover woke up with a fever from his overwork. I made warm macha  milk for him.
After I did some work that takes energy from my mind, I thought that it is time to exercise my body.
First, I removed dust from our bedroom fan, altar, TV console.
I shook our floor mat to remove dust and hang them @ window for germ-killing by sun.
Then, I swept the floor.

Remember to warm up before mopping!
I mopped our floor, 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, 1 dining room with energy and passion.
Why? so I can remove oily component.
I sweat! It is a good exercise to excrete toxic from my body.
Of course, the best way to lose sweat (and toxic) is by hiking where one can simultaneously absorb oxygen from greeenery.

TIPS: I used disposable chopstick from take-away to remove hair @ the bathroom. I further use magazine paper to remove the small things.

Gratitude: I am so grateful for our spacious home. Last night, we went to my lover’s relative’s home. So many things! It made my lover said the word “claustrophobic”. It is not that he is experiencing claustrophobic, but he is concerned for those with claustrophobia to live in such tiny dwellings.

Do not put too much things in your room.
Allow some space.
Things that you will only use 1x / quarter can go to the store room.
Things that you will not use for more than 1 year can be donated away.

Opt for white + a themed color.
White allows me to see dirts and dusts easily while cleaning.
I love our white walls, white cabinets, white altar, white bookshelves, white coffee table.
Our sofa is alternatively dressed in white or our themed color.

I hope to share more tips to come in the near future.

Written by blueroselady

February 5, 2012 at 7:42 am