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What to pack in your hospital bag for child birth?

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2 pairs of baby gloves for his hands & feet / mittens & bootees.
3 pairs of baby clothing
Alcohol prep for baby
Aloe vera gel (can be moisturizer)
ATM debit card (sometimes credit card is not accepted) / cash / cheque
baby hat
baby powder for mother (cannot bath, as simple make-up)
birth plan
Blackberry (as phone, camera, video recorder, listen to music / positive affirmations / prayers), earpieces, cable
Blackberry electric charger
Cotton wool for baby
diapers for babies
Dry shampoo for mother
Ear plug (if sharing room, to sleep without listening to the crying of other babies)
face lotion for mother
facial wash for mother
facial wipe to remove oil
fringe stabilizer (for washing face)
Hospital admission letter.
Identity card of baby’s mother and father.
Lip balm (can be moisturizer)
lotion bought from ob gyn
make-up: eyebrow pencil
Marriage cert
maternity bra (2)
mouth rinse for Mum
Night dress with front opening to facilitate breastfeeding.
panties for mother (3) / disposable undergarments.
Sandal (anti-slippery) for mother
sanitary napkins for mother
shower cap
socks for mother
Spectacle case.
sweater for baby
sweater for mother
toothbrush for mother
toothpaste for mother
Towel and hanger
Water bottle
water-resistant gloves
Wrapping blanket for baby.

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December 22, 2012 at 6:21 am