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Smoke haze in Singapore. 14 tips on how to survive haze / severe air pollution. Her dream home needs to meet 6 criteria

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In summer 2013,
air pollution from forest fires in Indonesia’s Sumatra island has choked Singapore.
To make the condition worse, El Niño which tends to produce very dry weather conditions in the region, appears to intensify the effects of the fires in Indonesia.

PSI = Pollutant Standards Index.
PM 2.5 = A reading for airborne particles with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less – small enough to deeply penetrate the lungs.

PSI Value & Air Quality Descriptor according to NEA:
0 – 50 : Good
51 – 100 : Moderate
101 – 200 : Unhealthy
201 – 300 : Very unhealthy
Above 300 : Hazardous

On 20 Jun 2013 1 PM, the 3-hour PSI Reading was 371 in Singapore.

A friend of mine mentioned that the city looks apocalyptic.

In Beijing in January 2013, the PSI reached the range of 470-490.
Lung cancers are soaring in Beijing.
A friend who works in China shared that many people, if they can afford it, want to get out of China, due to the environmental hazard : pollution.

The U.S. AQI only goes up to 500.

The 19th century London was notoriously known as the foggy city.
The hazy / bleak / fog everywhere London was too distant for me to recall of London.
In my lifetime (the 21st century), my memory of London has been positive (but I do not live there long enough).

Here are tips on how to survive living with haze:

1. Spend less time outdoors.

2. If you have to go out, wear N95 mask, wear hat / carry umbrella, carry a bottle of water.
When you feel a tingle in the throat or start coughing, a drink of water can be helpful.

3. Before you go out, close all your windows and ventilation outlets.

4. Wash your face, rinse your mouth, and clean your nasal cavity, shower when getting indoors.
Blow your nose in a piece of tissue, you will see black particles in it.

5. Children & older adults should remain indoors and keep activity levels low.

6. Close your windows when the condition is severe.

7. If you use air-conditioner, make sure your apartment has enough oxygen.

8. Keep plants with broad leaves at home to absorb dusts. Place a wet mat beneath your doors.

9. Use air purifiers with HEPA filter.

10. Smoke less. Avoid smokers.

11. Eat more fruits, vegetables. If necessary, take vitamin C.

12. Drink more water, milk (especially if you suffer from dry throat). Stay hydrated. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

13. Avoid / minimize alcohol / coffee.

14. Go somewhere unaffected for holiday. My husband’s friend D has brought his family for a holiday in Bali.

15. If the haze / air pollution is a constant problem, consider migrating.
A friend who was born in Indonesia,
S shared with me about the criteria for her dream home which I found interesting.
S wants to move to places like New Zealand, Australia, or Canada,
where the air quality (and presumably the living conditions are better).
She told me that once when she was in Toa Payoh, a Hong Kong expatriate shared that Hong Kong people who migrated to US / Canada are relatively richer than those who migrated to Australia / NZ due to higher fund required for the former.

Here are S’ criteria for her desired home:

1. 2nd floor and above, but not too high floor (she was concerned about earthquake & window safety for her children).

2. Why not ground floor?
Bungalows often consist of only ground floor (if not 2-storey high).
S shared with me her experience living in a ground floor house where she suffered annually from the flood (and the risk of electricity through water).

3. Her home must have a bomb shelter, based on her experience living in Singapore, where flats have a bomb shelter that also serves as a store room. An alternative is to have multi-storey with an underground / basement.

4. Entire flat must be well-equipped with air-conditioner, although she mentioned that she would not switch them on daily, as she is aware of the consequences of air-conditioner on our protective ozone layer. The air-conditioner fixtures are meant to survive for severe haze episodes.

5. To have fridge & freezer in her room (so that she can have access to her food).
Perhaps, a well equipped studio apartment (not too spacious) will be easier for her to manage.

6. Yes, but S also wants to rent her rooms for additional income, so she needs a spacious home, unless it is hard to get tenants.


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June 20, 2013 at 9:47 am

My simple yet meaningful weekend activities

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In the 3rd weekend of the last month of 2012, I
@~@ woke up at 9 am (I was so tired from the night before, we went to Ikea to buy some stuff for our baby and kitchen).
@~@ read a couple of New York Times articles.
@~@ listened to my daily prayer for our baby.
@~@ listened to classical music.
@~@ paid bills, recorded my expenditure.
@~@ updated LinkedIn, added new contacts. Took a lot of time to personalize my message! However, with an investment of few hundred $, I want to ensure that I am connected with the inspiring people I met recently.
@~@ washed dishes. Honestly, I dislike doing this, but my mentor TNH told me to be mindful while washing dishes, as a form of meditation for enlightenment.
@~@ planned for our next dwelling by listing the essential attributes. Main criteria for me: no smokers nearby please!
@~@ hugged my lover. Men who receive kisses and hugs live longer.
@~@ sourced for photographic inspirations for our babies.
@~@ worked through remote connection to my work computer. This is to ensure that my jobs are continuously running even though I am sleeping.
@~@ had a cold shower. So refreshing! When people are deprived of shower, even a simple shower can be so pleasurable!
@~@ cooked steamed double cheese broccoli. 15 minutes to prepare.
@~@ cooked pork rib soup with red dates and wolf berries.
@~@ did yoga cum listened to a lecture from a popular Harvard course. Yes, I am a geek. Listening to the course helped me to do yoga for at least 15 minutes.
@~@ read our wedding wish cards. "Love isn’t finding a perfect person. It’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly." – Sam Keen, American author & philosopher
@~@ made personalized greeting cards for my friends.
@~@ went to church.
@~@ fell in love with the apricot & almond cookies box of Forever Friends vintage. I kept the image of the box as an inspiration.
@~@ ate Baskin-Robbins ice cream of the following flavors: pomegranate vanila, Rocky Road (chocolate with mini marshmallow), with the topping of hot fudge. We thought that the fudge was too sweet for us.
@~@ appreciated starry night (we saw Orion) while strolling at the next door park.

God, I am so grateful and happy, for my simple yet meaningful lifestyle.

Tips to maintain refrigerators

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1. fill up our refrigerators. Empty refrigerators have more air that warms up when the doors are opened, so empty refrigerators need to spend more energy to cool down.
2. Do not open refrigerator door for too long.
3. Put frequently-used items near the front of each shelf for easy reaching. Be organized.
4. Allow hot food to cool before putting them into refrigerator.
5. Keep refrigerator level so the doors can close tightly.
6. check door seals / gaskets regularly for damage. Escape of cold air wastes energy, electrical bill.

Written by blueroselady

November 22, 2012 at 2:12 pm

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How to have clean fresh pure air at home?

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Always ventilate indoor air frequently.
Wash bedding materials frequently in hot water (above 60 degree C) to reduce dust mites.
Never cook with charcoal in our home.
Clean ceiling fans so they do not spread accumulated dust particles throughout the house.
Clean air-cons and ventilating systems frequently to ensure fresh air circulation in the room.
Run a dehumidifier in places with high relative humidity to prevent the striving of airborne allergens and germs.
Use a vacuum tool to dust instead of a cloth or duster which may spread dust into the air.
Remove shoes before entering our house to prevent bringing in unwanted dirt, dust and other contaminants into our living environment.

Breathe … enjoy lives!
Appreciate our air …
Fresh air is precious ….
Fesh air is blessing …
I still remember how I ended up spending 4 days to get from America to Asia because our plane has oxygen leakage.
God, I am so grateful for fresh air that You gives us every second of our lives.

Written by blueroselady

November 11, 2012 at 6:04 am

Miscellaneous in April 2012

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Scotch double sided tape is useless. I cannot remove the adhesive part.
It is better to use single sided tape and fold it.

I want to buy a pair of black formal shoes that cover my toes.
I like Everest brand, soft leather $80 -15%.

April 29, 2012: I do not like my eggplant cooking. Do not buy raw eggplant anymore!

Read Escape from Camp 14.
Love is very important.
Shin betrayed her mother and brother for survival and as a result of his brainwashing (he was raised by the guard to be a snitch).
Shin father was sorry for bringing him to this world.
Though my religion teaching is supporting procreation, but in some circumstances like Shin’s earlier life conditions, living a dignified human life can be very difficult. There are so many Shin-alikes, but only 1 Shin had succeeded to escape.
Reading this book makes me feel sorry for everyone described in the book.
It seems that everyone in the book is a victim of victims.

Written by blueroselady

April 30, 2012 at 8:28 am

Tips: finance for women

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Since the first day leaving away from my parents at the tender age of 14, I started budgeting. Recording my expenditure (to be in control so that they do not exceed my income). My income was money sent by my parents. As I made progress in my study, my income include money generously given by my benefactors, part-time work (though lowly paid hourly based salary, I still cherished it!), giving tuition to my juniors.

avoid DEBTS if possible.
Now I only have housing mortgage.
Please try your best to pay your credit card bills.
I only subscribe to credit cards that give annual fee waiver, therefore I do not keep many credit cards.
Be firm to reject the temptations that come with credit card applications.

Consider possibilities of emergency.
e.g. of emergency: illness (which troubles me in March 2012!), home repair, vehicle repair, parents health need.

buy a HOME.
I used to rent due to my nomadic life, but the $ I use for paying rent is better spent to pay for mortgage.
Our current home is not really our home, but at least we can sell it in the event of emergency.
Why is it not really our home?
1. It will only be under our name after we finish paying all the 30-years mortgage.
2. At the end of several decades, we have to return it (due to 99-year lease). We cannot give it to the next generation!
Thus, (1) I must not be too attached to our home. Being unattached is a way to raise our consciousness. (2) a dream is to buy a more permanent home.
Home LOCATION is important!
Is it safe (especially for women)?

INVEST in yourself, stocks, bluechips, trusted business partners.
Since the beginning of 2012, I have been actively investing in myself (my intelligence, consciousness, enterprise).
I share my tips to you all my Dear friends, as I want you also to benefit from my growth.
Go for an occasional indulgence.
I always plan for at least 1x trip to a new destination.

RETIREMENT seems so far for me.
Ladies, by all means, I encourage you to plan for your retirement.
If you have tips for me, I would be very happy to listen to 🙂

SAVE for emergency.
Blueroselady, you have to work hard for this!
With my current income, I do not have much to save, but I am trying to find ways to do so.
If you have any suggestion, I am more than happy to learn about it and will be forever grateful to you 🙂

Beware of EXPERIENCED SALESMEN/ SALESWOMEN who will show you a higher-priced item first (the anchoring / 1st thought trap).
Buy products based on their MERITS, instead of popularity.

Note: first written in March 2012.

Written by blueroselady

March 20, 2012 at 6:52 am

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Our bright room

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I love our bright room.
We painted our wall white and put white curtain and roller blind.
Our double light with separate switches serve multiple purposes.

“Reading is good for you. TV is bad for you,” said 1 of my mentors.
I plan to instill the good habit of reading in my children from early ages.
I have seen many little children wearing spectacles, so I will also teach my children to read under good light (e.g. daytime sun through window) and to take a break.

I need to see clearly if I have applied my foundation / powder evenly.

3. for my LOVER
He loves white soft tofu.
The professionals have been using light to make photographs look so beautiful, so I am merely applying the technique.

4. MOSQUITOES are easier to spot and kill.
Buddhism teaches that we should not take lives away.
But these larger-than-average mosquitoes are sucking our blood and causing inflammation and swelling. So mosquitoes, you die or we suffer, are the only 2 choices.

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February 8, 2012 at 1:20 pm

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War against mosquitoes

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Since late 2011, I have been bitten by mosquitoes @ our flat.
1. rainy season
2. our flat is of low floor
3. our flat is near to grass field, a nice view @ day time, but a breeding ground for mosquitoes, sigh!

Why am I so serious?
A single bite causes a huge swelling of the size of my ring.

Today (February 7th, 2012) is the worst.
I was bitten @ 5 spots!
My lover consoled me by saying that he will lick them.

I realized that tea tree oil (Thursday Plantation brand) reduce my swelling.

How can I prevent mosquitoes from biting me?
1. apply mosquitoes repellants (in the long term, this is bad for my skin)
2. electric killer for mosquitoes (I do not mind to pay more electric bill).

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February 7, 2012 at 1:11 pm

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The art of doing housechores

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We initially plan to go for hiking on the 1st Sunday of February 2012.
But my lover woke up with a fever from his overwork. I made warm macha  milk for him.
After I did some work that takes energy from my mind, I thought that it is time to exercise my body.
First, I removed dust from our bedroom fan, altar, TV console.
I shook our floor mat to remove dust and hang them @ window for germ-killing by sun.
Then, I swept the floor.

Remember to warm up before mopping!
I mopped our floor, 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, 1 dining room with energy and passion.
Why? so I can remove oily component.
I sweat! It is a good exercise to excrete toxic from my body.
Of course, the best way to lose sweat (and toxic) is by hiking where one can simultaneously absorb oxygen from greeenery.

TIPS: I used disposable chopstick from take-away to remove hair @ the bathroom. I further use magazine paper to remove the small things.

Gratitude: I am so grateful for our spacious home. Last night, we went to my lover’s relative’s home. So many things! It made my lover said the word “claustrophobic”. It is not that he is experiencing claustrophobic, but he is concerned for those with claustrophobia to live in such tiny dwellings.

Do not put too much things in your room.
Allow some space.
Things that you will only use 1x / quarter can go to the store room.
Things that you will not use for more than 1 year can be donated away.

Opt for white + a themed color.
White allows me to see dirts and dusts easily while cleaning.
I love our white walls, white cabinets, white altar, white bookshelves, white coffee table.
Our sofa is alternatively dressed in white or our themed color.

I hope to share more tips to come in the near future.

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February 5, 2012 at 7:42 am

Buying and paying for a flat

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Assume a flat costs z amount.
Our monthly salaries are a + b = a+b.
It will take 75x our our salaries to pay for a flat.
However, we need to spend for parents and children, food and clothes.
If we use 22.4% of our combined income to pay for a flat, and without considering interests, it will take us 333.3 mths (~28 years) to complete the payment.
Assuming I am 30 years now, I have to pay until I am 60-65 years old.
We have to be constantly bringing home at least our current salaries.
Now, I understand the sorrow of a senior scientist who told me that if he could re-do his life, he would be an investment banker.

Who says money is not important? My mentor told me that if I have money, I could use it to build a school. Of course, money can have both positive and negative effects, we are to earn and use it wisely.

So, what could I do now to improve our current situations and face upcoming challenges?
(1) increase income (do part-time jobs, do investment).
(2) be an entrepreneur or fund manager.
(3) win lotteries.

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January 7, 2011 at 3:52 pm

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