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Howard Hughes Medical Institute article on collaboration

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We will need to sharpen our MANAGERIAL and POLITICAL SKILLS to be a successful collaborator.
Collaboration will take TIME, EFFORT, and the NURTURING of relationship.

Before the collaboration:
We and our collaborators may ask: “Can someone I trust tell me whether this potential collaborator is honest and reliable?”
Do we really have the EXPERTISE or other RESOURCES that are sought by the other collaborator?

The essential ingredients of collaboration is MUTUAL INTEREST in the research outcome.

How to rule out potential conflict?
We do not want to collaborate with a competitor of our department chair or someone with whom our chair is already collaborating.

Read our potential collaborator published papers.
We need to have a CLEAR IDEA of what we want to do.
E-mail (give your potential collaborator opportunities to find out about you) -> phone call -> face-to-face meeting.

Throughout the collaboration:
COMMMUNICATE: return our collaborators’ call asap. Prioritize our promise to collaborators. Let our collaborators know “action items” for us and for them.
KEEPING UP: We should not be the “rate-limiting-step” that holds things up. If we cannot meet the deadline, let the fact be known right away, so that deadline can be reset.

How can we be a good collaborator?
I abbreviated them as “For HIM”, we are doing research to bring TRUTH that comes from Our Lord, whatever we have and achieve are by His Grace.
@~@ FAIRNESS -> give credit when it is due.
@~@ OPENNESS -> keep in touch, resolve prob with our collaborators DIRECTLY.
@~@ RELIABILITY -> deliver what we have promised, on time.
@~@ HONESTY -> be willing to “cut through the nonsense” and offer constructive criticism.
@~@ INDUSTRY -> put our full effort.
@~@ MUTUAL RESPECT -> appreciate our collaborator(s) contribution.

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