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Safety in pregnancy

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NO to caffeine.
Caffeine (found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate) readily enteres the baby’s bloodstream and accumulates in the brain.
When I knew that I was pregnant in my 1st pregnancy, I started to abstain from cofee, tea and soft drinks.

NO to alcohol. Beware of food with alcohol, e.g. tiramisu.

NO to chemicals.
Organic solvents used in dry cleaning can pass through placenta.
Pregnant women who are exposed to organic solvents at the workplace (e.g. laboratory technicians, factory workers, professionals artists / chemists) may also place their developing baby at a greater risk of developing birth defects.
Avoid chemical finishes e.g. stain repellents, flame retardants, paint / DIY products which emit fumes.
Avoid chemical air fresheners.
Avoid heavily scented cleaning products e.g. dishwashing liquids, floor cleaners, washing powders, pesticides.

NO to hair dyes / perms.
Remember that pregnant mothers are blooming beautifully, you do not need to change the color of your hair to feel beautiful.

NO to cigarette.
Avoid smokers. Exposure to as few as 2 hours a day of 2nd hnd smoke also significantly increases the risk of having a low-birth-weight baby.

NO to deep-tissue massage e.g. foot reflexology, Shiatsu.
No to sp treatments that raise pregnant mothers’ body temperature e.g. body wraps, sauna.

YES to exercise.
Walking is highly recommended for at least the 1st 2 trimesters.

When in doubt, always consult your doctor.

How to achieve pregnancy (Billings method) in the Dragon year?
Early signs of pregnancy
Challenges in pregnancy
Stay positive, be protective in pregnancy
Improve your lifestyle in pregnancy.
Checklist for week 20 scan during pregnancy.

Food for pregnancy:
soup of Beet root, Carrot, and Dates


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May 11, 2013 at 4:57 am

My confinement notes

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Jin Jinhua: a consultant acupuncturist at Raffles Chinese Medicine.
Dr Lee Le Ye: a neonatologist at NUH.
Motherhood September 2006 magazine.

Childbirth results in deficiency of QI and BLOOD in the mother’s body.
1. consume tonics and nutritious food. Note: Caesarean mother should refrain from too much nutritious food and tonics in the 1st week because the open wounds from surgery are still healing and infection could set it if body is too "heaty". Tips by Jin.
2. consume iron supplements. Tips by Lee.

Adapt to mother’s "body type".
A mother who is naturally "heatier": do not eat too much nutritious food and tonics. Do not wear too much / too warm. If body is too heated up, will increase risk of infection of open wounds.
A mother who is naturally "cool" should consume more nutritious food and tonics. Dress more warmly.

Drink fish papaya soup to boost breastmilk supply.
Avoid too salty food to prevent water retention.
Avoid "cold" food. Why? can weaken stomach / digestive system, result in coagulation of lochia.
e.g. of "cold" food : cold drinks, cucumber, cabbage, pineapple, citrus fruit
Avoid food that cause wind, e.g. sweet potatoes, jackfruit, pumpkin, cucumber, nuts, legumes. Tips by Motherhood.
Avoid food that make you sweat because sweating expands the pores and expanded pores will allow wind to enter the new mother’s body. Tips by Motherhood.
If sweating, must change clothes. Tips by Mum S.

A breastfeeding mother needs only ~600-800 calories more / day mothers who bottle-feed their babies. Tips by Motherhood.

drink lots of nutritious fluids, e.g. red date tea.
can also drink chicken essence, other healthy soups.
water is allowed (Jin).
lochia = the normal uterine discharge of blood, tissue, mucus from vagina after childbirth.

WEAR SLIPPERS. Do not let soles of feet to touch the floor.

Must maintain a normal temperature to prevent heatstroke.
Can use air-con or fan.
Room must have fresh air and allow mother to cool down.

In tropical climate, Keep your body clean by wiping with warm / herbal water.

In tropical climate, If you need to wash hair, dry it immediately to avoid catching a cold.

Note: the rule of not to wash hair and bathe during the entire confinement period probably originated in China during olden times when water facilities were scarce and contain bacteria.

Causes of rheumatism (Motherhood): wear & tear resulting in the inflammation / degeneration of muscles / bones.
Causes of headaches (Motherhood): high blood pressure, stress, insufficient rest.

How to prevent backache (Motherhood)?
1. sleep on a firm mattress.
2. exercise regularly.
3. do not slouch when waking / sitting on the couch.
4. do not allow ourselves to become overweight.

If reading helps us to RELAX, try reading aloud to our baby.
Nothing soothes a baby more than feeling the closeness of his mother & hearing her voice. Tips by Motherhood.

because new mother’s joints are weak and loose.
You need not lie in bed all the time.
Do not be sedentary to prevent blood clots in the legs.
Steer clear of water.
Do not mop the floor.
Do not do laundry.
Get more rest.
Stay at home.

Binding your belly only prevents the muscles from sagging.
To trim your tummy, exercise and eat sensibly.

Confinement meal

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January 12, 2013 at 5:41 am

A Snow White of China: Xinyuan Zhang 张辛苑

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Her name is … Xinyuan Zhang 张辛苑
dubbed as the number one beauty in China
loved for her good girl image, a combination of classic and cute features
a model since 18 years old
born in Hubei in 1990
becomes famous by posting her photos through social media
has oval shaped face
has snow-white skin complexion
has black long straight silky hair
Do these attributes remind you on Snow White? I love Snow White!

We think she looks like Yifei Liu 刘亦菲, and her eyebrows remind me of the singer A Mei (Chang Hui-mei).
In a close-up photo of her, with a braid across her head, she looks like the Frida Kahlo of East Asia; Zhang’s features are more delicate and Kahlo’s features are showing more strength, yet both are beautiful!

More photos are here:
The collection of her Maldive photos

1. I hope and believe that my daughter or my daughter-in-law will be as beautiful as her!
2. Both Liu Yifei and Zhang Xinyuan were born in Hubei, perhaps we should go to Hubei to admire beautiful ladies!

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November 10, 2012 at 3:46 am

Cheap things are not necessarily less beautiful, expensive things are not necessarily more beautiful

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I am searching for a make-up artist who can do bridal make-up and hair-do that suits me.

Based on my mother’s experience in 80s, cheap things are not necessarily less beautiful, expensive things are not necessarily more beautiful.

Her engagement make-up and hair do was cheap and done by a nearby lady (Amplas), but she looks so elegant. I love her pictures here. Her make-up was not so thick and her hair was nicely done.

Her wedding make-up and hair do was by a big bridal, but the make-up was overly done.

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January 28, 2012 at 3:54 am

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My humble opinions on beauty

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In spring 2011, I think bloody red is sexy.
Though long nails are sexy, because I love to interact with children, I do not want to scratch them. I also do not want to scratch people when we shake hands or my lover when we make love. So I play safe, have short neat nails.

In my humble opinion, wearing perfumes is like a double-edge sword.
A family doctor, of volatile mood, does not like it, and I remembered he was unhappy because MIL applied perfume.

Products review:
Jericho (Made in Israel) dead sea salt, feel burning sensation, facial scrub, the same burning sensation. May 2011. I do not like it (feel likes my parts are shedded away).

Hair extension
Original hair should be at least shoulder length.

French look: porcelain skin, red vibrant lips.
Japanese look: manga-big eyes, kissable pout.

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June 18, 2011 at 4:37 am

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Tips (photogenic): How to take the most beautiful portrait of you?

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Have you ever wonder why some people whom you think as attractive appear less in their photos? These people may include you.
Photos are 2D.
No depth perception.
2D allows one to scrutinize your features, and you cannot hide your emotions.
2D cannot show all your good attributes.

Do you want to appear attractive in photos?
You have the right to put your best self forward.

Everyone has his or her best angle. I know this because I am a photographer. I am constantly seeking beautiful shots to be imprinted through my camera or brain.
People who are photographed for a living are highly aware of which angles and poses work best for them.
Imagine that you rotate your head from the axis of center of mass, 120 degree to the right, and 120 degree to the left.
Rotate slowly, each with an increment of less than 10 degree.
If necessary, do a series of portrait of these constant increments, and analyze which ones are the most optimal for you.
You tilt your chin downward in an increment of several degree, to obtain the best look of you.
Jacqueline Kennedy technique: Try looking slightly above the camera when the picture is taken. This also reduce the red eye effect.
For me, I look more attractive when I rotate my face to the left than to the right.

My face is asymmetrical. Not to worry if you are like me. I know some good looking guys, who despite their asymmetrical eyes (one is bigger than the other), are still handsome. Perhaps, it is their imperfection that makes them dearly.
Every thing that we have in pairs are susceptible to asymmetry. Our eyes, eyebrows (I still have difficulties in drawing a symmetrical pair of eyebrow, keep on the hard work!), shoulders, as well as our internal organs and hidden body parts.
You have to decide, whether you are to improve these with make-up or bravely reveal them. Be confident!

If you look good from almost every angle in x, y and z directions, and your face is symmetry, congratulations! You are natural model.

We know these but we do not necessarily practise it especially when faced with a black box – those large camera of professional photographers.
Honestly, I look pretty mediocre without smiles, but I can look very beautiful with my smiles.
Smile with your EYES.
Imagine that this black box has a smiling face, and you SMILE back with all your kindness and happiness. Your beauty will radiate and be captured in your photos.

What is classic model pose? arrange your body 3/4 toward the camera with 1 foot in front of the other and one shoulder closer to the camera than the other.
Relax your shoulders.
Relax, but not over relax (do not care attitude). Distraction or annoyance always shows in photos.
Not easy for me to stand up straight and not look stiff, practise in front of mirrors.
Exercise, dance.

Imagination is one of God’s greatest gift to human beings.
Imagine that you are smiling to the person you love most, even if he or she is not present during the photo session. Your cheeks will be rosy and radiantly healthy.
Imagine that you are a carefree bird, your spirit is high, your muscles are relaxed.
Imagine that you are seeing the most beautiful sceneries and people of your life, your positive energies will be captured in your photos.

Practise, practise, practise how to pose and smile so that they become second nature and you stop to be conscious of using them and just DO IT, like the Nike slogan.
Some people may not like being photographed, but you have to be photographed, at least for the legal photos. Pretend that you like to be photographed, like you pretend to be your movie heroes.

Below are not good:
Patterns can overwhelm you.
Horizontal stripes can make you appear too wide.

Hide your oiliness (T-zone, cheek), blemishes, pimples, and wrinkles.
Gentlemen, please do not be embarrassed to put on powder.
Concealer to cover skin redness (e.g. around nose).
Use eye drops to clear redness in your eyes.

Large pupils are generally more attractive, minimize flash photography, use natural light if possible.
Good light include early morning and evening; a golden glow on your face can work wonders. Think of Golden hours in Beijing 2006.
Side-lighting: try to stand where the lighting falls on your good side.
Side lighting makes your features pop out better than front lighting.
Direct flash from front is UGLY!

Brush your hair into place.
Hair can cover your features, pro and con.
Place your hair appropriately.

Use a telephoto lens or zoom out, and move back. use f 1.4, 1.8. Bokeh.
Wrinkles / pores are BIG NO NO for ladies. OK for mature men, they look tough / experienced.
If light is too poor, ask for FILL FLASH or REBOUNCE FLASH. No UGLY direct flash please.

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June 1, 2011 at 4:04 pm