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Monk fruit to prevent heat stroke

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In the 2nd week of January 2013, I felt so hot.
I drank home-cooked luo han guo on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
They were cheap $2 for 6 large pieces (very cheap indeed!) and a piece of it can make a big pot of luo han guo drinks (I think I can make profits selling it).

However, things taken excessively are not good to us.
It is time to put a break.

to balance heat built-up caused by internal conditions, life-forces, or external heat / to prevent heat stroke.
expectorant and antitussive to treat lung congestion, cough, other respiratory ailments, and sore throat.
for constipation and chronic enteritis.
natural sweeeteners, perhaps better than sugar.
contains vitamin C.
for longevity (perhaps due to its anti-oxidant / anti-cancer properties).


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January 11, 2013 at 5:13 am

From Tiger Leaping Gorge to Guilin

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After personally experiencing the Tiger Leaping Gorge, I want to visit Guilin.
In the past, I was satisfied with my experience in Halong Bay, but now I really want to visit Guilin. Not in the year of 2012, but I believe some time in the future.

Born to travel.
Born to be inspired and to inspire.

作詞: 譚健常 作曲:小軒

一部春秋史 千年孤臣淚
成敗難長久 興亡在轉瞬間
總在茶餘後 供於後人說
多少辛酸  話因果

百戰舊河山 古來功難全
江山幾局殘 荒城重拾何年
文章寫不盡 幽幽滄桑史
悲歡歲月  盡無情

長江長千里 黃河水不停
莫負古聖賢 效歷朝英雄


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June 8, 2012 at 5:12 am

Dream of love in the spring 2012

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What I want for spring 2012
@~@ minority tribe costumes with natural scenery + horse + kungfu.
@~@ Qipao with wooden umbrella + Shanghai collar black suit in ancient town.
@~@ Bridal gown with super long veil in wetland / greenery + water (flying water) + snow mountain.
@~@ colorful gowns (that cover my large lower legs).
@~@ spring flowers (never ending fascination!)

Tree immersed in water is SEXY!
REFLECTIONs are always so reflecting.

Why am I in love with TURQUISE CYAN? Jiuzhaigou! see Vision_063
RED is always making you the center of attraction (good with greenery or snow backdrop).
For future project, I can wear something on my wedding gown to create a new fashion! see Chengdu_NanHu_11, for more inspiration.

@~@ FLY
I love everything that can fly.
FLYing WATER: e.g. Chengdu_ChaoYangLake_02.
FLYing GOWN or flying VEIL e.g. Chengdu_Jiuzhaigou_007, Jiuzhaigou_1, Chengdu_Xindu_04.
Do you know that flying gown can make you look like a butterfly?

Classic e.g. Chengdu_MuGeCuo_68, Chengdu_Jiuzhaigou_002
Probably the secret of being classic lies in the fact that you cannot really see the face, so they are more like representatives of universal lovers.

Presenting parts as a part of story.
Macro on flowers / memorables.
half-body of 1 lover + full body of another lover.
e.g. Chengdu_Jiuzhaigou_051

Bride in gown sitting on top of tree, especially tree immersed in water.
Climb to the roofs of ancient town.
GG carries MM (like what we did in Bohinj).

Tell your photographer:
1. shoot up
2. shoot 1/3
3. shoot classic (cannot clearly see face).

smoke / fog effects always add to the romantic feeling.
strong SUN effect e.g. Chengdu_Xindu_13.
add noise + unsharp mask: gives a sense of harsh environment and strong characters e.g. Chengdu_Xindu_43.

2 chopsticks on your head are SEXY!

Above points are based on analysis on love photos:
GuoSeTianXiang: 61 photos
JiuZhaiGou: 88 photos
MuGeCuo: 68 photos
NanHu: 22 photos
RuoErGai: 25 photos
ShangLi ancient town: 20 photos
Xindu Bridge: 68 photos
XiangSong Lake: 17 photos
ShiXiang Lake: 31 photos
and so many others …


DK Eyewitness Travel China
my reference folder

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April 1, 2012 at 2:15 pm

Plan for our love photos @ China

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In few days of Feb 2012, I study Lijiang and Guilin


My sharing here is based on studying countless images.

I kept 600 images (101 of Guilin, the rest are majority of Lijiang) on Feb 9th, excluding those that I did not keep, so you can imagine how many efforts I have put to make our most cherished memories, for ourselves, our children, and grandchildren.




Shangrila (Zhongdian) in Yunnan reminds me on Switzerland.
LaShiHai (拉市海): I love the not-too-crowded single line of tree immersed in water so romantic!

I think they are willow tree!


A lonely island with a tree.

Field of flowers (seasonal!): you can pick some as a little bouquet.

Tall wild grass.

Cherry blossom (seasonal!) : good for close-up shots only. Can be too cluttered.

Blue sky. Tips: ask your photographer to shoot up so that you look taller + slimmer and the blue sky is more grandeur.


The more I experience LaShiHai through my imagination, there are more serene feeling about this place.

It reminds me on Lake Bohinj under sunny weather when I paraglide once upon a time ago.


XueFeng Lake:

I love the shots sitting on curvy branches of a big tree immersed in water.


Note: XueFeng Lake / LaShiHai are similar in water, greenery, mountainous backdrops.


LuGu lake:

Field of purple flowers (I think it is lavender, but seasonal!)

I remember chasing flowers in spring 2009, it is challenging!

They are blossoming today, the next days they are gone.


Dayan Town aka Lijiang Old Town:

It incorporates the folkways of so many people and the architectural styles of both north and south China.

Many lanterns (like Japanese long lanterns instead of Chinese round ones).

I like the shot from outside to the 2nd floor of a perhaps a restaurant, reminds me on the QingMingShangHeTu, especially with the hunchback bridge.

One can put candle boats down the river.


Yulong Snow Mountain (玉龙雪山):

I always love snowflakes! So pure!

Wear your sunglasses (you will look cool).
Shoot up to look majestic and make you tall.

It is also nice to be at the bottom of the mountain, not too cold, but still can capture the snow-capped Yu Long as backdrop.

Note: somewhere near Yu Long there is water + small low waterfall, with emerald water that can see through beneath like in JiuZhaiGou or Plitvice, where is it in Yulong?


1. my lip cannot stand too low temp. It will get swollen, sadly.

2. if we have to lay down on snow, our dress may get well and it will even be colder!

3. my ears are my Achilles’ heel against cold weather, and it will not be pretty to have all my shots wearing ear muff.

4. If I wear casual clothes, I can shoot myself, I do not need to hire bridal photographer! I believe in my SKILLS + CREATIVITY.


Blue Moon Valley (蓝月谷):


Bamboo path on top of waterfall, nice framing with the waterfall.

Field of yellow flowers (seasonal!)

Sometimes the water turns emerald.

It reminds me on Canadian national parks (@ west side) in the summer time.



Many horses: suitable for cowboy theme.

A field of magenta flower.


Jiudinglongtan (九鼎龙潭):

You can choose cold or warm color post-processing.





A motivation: my lover loves that kind of Halong Bay-alike scenery of Guilin and both of us have never been there.

My concern is that the air quality in Guilin is not as good as in Lijiang, you can feel the less-sunshine less-intense-blue  or less-clear-blue of sky.

Tips: oriental wooden umbrella goes well with the backdrop of limestone mountains.

I love girls with braids in traditional simple costume.

Willow leaves + water reflection will make romantic.

A scene of old house + a girl in 2 braids + a man in Shanghai black collar.

Boats are always romantic!

Leaves of bamboo add pieces of gentleness.



To me, it appears similar to Guilin.



Bamboo boat.

Tips: Kick the water to make the sparks.


For a happy project in China, we want

@~@ gown that can fly (have long materials)

@~@ gown that covers lower legs (because I have muscular leg!)

@~@ Color options:

turquoise cyan

white (I grow up dreaming my man to be like prince on the white horse,  I want to see my man in all white). He looks cool in white short-sleeve shirt that I bought for him from California.

Black (Shanghai collar)


@~@ Scenery choices:

A. greenery + water.

B. Chinese old city (e.g. SuHe).



Must tell photographer that you want (1) close-up (2) semi-close up (3) people occupy only 1/3 of the frame, (4) people occupy only 1/9 or smaller of the frame.


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February 9, 2012 at 5:10 pm