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Switzerland Liechtenstein

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Found my note below prior to a visit to Liechtenstein.

capital: Vaduz.
Later comment: happy to see a white golden retriever on bus, with very beautiful eyes.

more registered companies than citizens.

4th smallest country of Europe, after Vatican City, Monaco, San Marino.
San Marino is in Italy.

grand cathedral.

Traditional Catholic country.

In summer 2010, I fulfilled my wish list:
1. Strasbourg in France (Unesco).
2. Stuttgart.
3. Liechstenstein.
4. Bernina Pass.

My bonus was to see Lake Como.

The largest lakes in Italy: Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, Lake Como.
Last scene of Casino Royale when Bond meets Mr White at Villa La Gaeta, Lake Como, San Siro.

Do you know that Como produces ~80% of European silk?

Leonardo uses to wander around Milan in search of faces to use for the Apostles.

Darling went to Lyon in summer 2010.

Thank you God for being so generous to us.

In May 2009, I obtained this brochure on ‘Switzerland and its diversity’.

Below are my humble learning notes, copied and paraphrased from the brochure.

Switzerland has just become the 190th member of UN in 2002.
A Swiss citizen, Henry Dunant founded the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) in Geneva in 1863
2/3 of Switzerland population speak Swiss-German.
7.4 million people (including 20% foreigners) live in Switzerland.
35% of households comprises 1 person.
42% of Switzerland population are Roman Catholic (that’s explain how Pope gets his Swiss army guards), 35% Protestant, 15% atheists.
72.4% of workforce in service (think the banking, insurances services and the Alps for tourism).
99% of registered companies in Switzerland are SMEs (small medium-size enterprises).
Switzerland most important ‘natural resource’ is education.
Only 10.72% of Switzerland has university education, but 14.52% has higher vocational training. This surprises me, because most Switzerland people I met at they symposium have PhD etc, as M.S. said, no PhD – can’t be an ambassador or a CEO.
17 Swiss scientists are Nobel Lau.
Helvetica = Swiss.
26 cantons. Cantons are like provinces in China or states in US.

Places we want to see and learn from in the future:
# snow covered rail viaduct in canton Graubunden.
# Red Cross HQ in Geneva.
# Vevey, Montreux.

I love Switzerland. I will bring my future children to visit Switzerland, to contribute to the tourism economy.

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July 30, 2011 at 2:33 pm