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On defining, dreamlining, doing, being, and having

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I am a BIG dreamer.
I have many dreams.

I am very grateful that I have achieved many of my dreams, from receiving free education in top universities, flying an airplane, to sponsoring my parents for their trip to UK.

Recently, I learned about dreamlining from Tim.
Dreamlining = DREAMs + timeLINEs
It means applying timeLINEs (e.g. 6 months, 1 year) to what most people would consider DREAMs.

In autumn 2012,

Things I dream of HAVING :
happy, healthy and independent children (by 2016)
profitable property (by 2015)
freehold property in the city area (by 2019)

Things I dream of BEING :
entrepreneur (by 2014)
millionaire (by 2019)
author of a New York Times bestselling book (by 2014)

Things I dream of DOING :
increase my income (by 2014), see the target in my pink board
achieve financial freedom and abundance (by 2019)
donate 80% of what I have for charity and live comfortably with the remaining 20% (by 2019)
visit Iceland / Antarctica (by 2014) and see aurora borealis

1. If you do not know what you want,
brainstorm on what you do not want / what you hate / fear,
and write down the opposite.
2. convert BEING into DOING (actionable).

See also my bucket list, focusing on a happy and fruitful life beyond a century.

A thought on definition / meaning
Tim Ferriss wrote on p58 of his book The 4-hour workweek that being fluent in Chinese means having a 5-minute conversation with a Chinese co-worker.
In my opinion, one does not qualify to state (e.g. in one’s CV) a fluency in a particular language by merely being able to talk for 5 minutes.
This comes to my awareness that definition / meaning varies among people. I do not blame people, but I am aware that it is natural for human beings to put their PERCEIVED truth in the best light.
Recent complaints by friends (WT, SH) about students and fresh graduates who have good paper qualifications, but end up not as productive / talented as expected, are indeed related to the concept of varying meaning.
Next time when I hire someone, instead of believing what he states as his ability, I will ask for demonstration.
e.g. if someone claims a fluency in a particular programming language, ask the person to write 10,000 lines of code.

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October 19, 2012 at 11:11 am

Miscellaneous in May 2012

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A joke: But part of you (before you were fertilized) swam really hard, so there is no free lunch in this world.

An admirer HY graduated this month a year ago and brought his parents around. I am proud of you!
Love Story(1970) – Theme From Love Story (Finale)

I am sorry that I did not say NO well, hope that I would not hurt you too much. His Dad has artistic interest, he has musical interest, all of you seem so talented to me.
Honestly, I can be a hard core geek, so I was looking for a non-geek.

Sometimes life can overwhelm you with work.
Just prioritize and knock things out 1 at a time.

May 15th
I suffered a sudden sharp facial pain or headache during descent, which increases as the aircraft approaches ground level.
This is termed as aerosinusitis.
Particularly for my case was sinus frontalis.
Perhaps, I had suffered from nose blocking for the past few days. How to treat? The air stewardess gave me a sweet.

This indicates that I have a vulnerable sinus. Thus, I must be more careful than others.
How to prevent in the future?
Chronic sinusitis is a condition that is present for more than three months. My pain subsided after the plan landed, so I am OK.

Note: Inflammations of the frontal sinus can give rise to serious complications, as it is in close proximity to the orbit and cranial cavity (orbital cellulitis, epidural and subdural abscess,

Install VLC Media Player so that I can listen to my voice notes taken using BB (in im laptop).

I win Revlon gift set.
Though the collection site is remote (hence it took a morning in the 1st week of May), yet I met a heroine of mine today (a female driver who earns $1,200 monthly). Without her, I would have to walk in heavy rain. Thank you!

New eyeshadow (Revlon CustomEyes 020 Naturally Glamorous): Keep. It is time to throw / give away my old, very seldom use eyeshadow. New lipstick: macaroon. will give away as a gift. My lips are naturally red. I love my lips. I am loyal to my only lipstick that can change color according to the layers of application.
New mascara (001 blackest black): it is time to throw away old clotted dried mascara. Before I throw them away, I can declot and create an art piece.
New foundation (Revlon PhotoReady 006 Medium Beige): to give away, does not match my skin tone (I wish it is 001 Ivory). I love my Kose foundation.
Revlon 020 Tawny Peach powder blush: Ultra-soft powder blush adds a natural burst of color to cheeks. Blends smoothly and easily for a streak-free finish.
Revlon beyond natural smoothing primer: to apply before foundation.

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May 29, 2012 at 8:26 am

Travel: China: SiChuan

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Beautiful places near ChengDu for photography

@~@ 九寨沟 (JiuZhaiGou Valley): reminds me on Plitvice.
Both are possibly Heaven on Earth.
Do you know that travertine-damned lake generate millions of $ from tourism yearly?
Think of Huanglong, JiuZhaiGou in China.
Pamukkale in Turkey.
Plitvice in Croatia.
Yellowstone Park, Wyoming and Kakadu, Australia.
I pray for the conservation of the travertine (钙华) for our children and grandchildren.

A beautiful memory from my life:
We hiked at Plitvice in a beautiful autumn day.
We had our lunch gazing at the surreal lake.
The only minus point is the transport is a challenge, we almost hitch-hike because we thought we miss the last bus.
But the heaven-like scenery worth all the troubles.

@~@ 木格措 (Mugecuo):
Snow. Honestly it is very difficult to take photos while it is snowing.
Tips: the best time to take photos is right after snowing, then you can add on snow effect during post-processing.

@~@ 上里古镇 (ShangLi ancient town):
I think the ancient towns of DaYan and ShuHe are more oriental.

@~@ 国色天香 (GuoSeTianXiang theme park):
Theme park is always fun.
Merry Go Round is so Colorful.
Idea: lollipop, princess tiara.

@~@ 南湖 (NanHu Garden):
It is an artificial theme park.
You can find similar theme park elsewhere.

@~@ 新都桥 (XinDu Bridge):
especially beautiful in autumn with artist’s palette of colors.

@~@ 香颂湖 (XiangSong Lake):
The wheat-alike grass reminds me on our photo taking @ Botanical Garden in summer 2011.

@~@ 宽窄巷子 (KuanZhaiXiangZi) : old town.

@~@ 川大 (ChuanDa / SiChuan University)

@~@ 非遗公园 (FeiYi garden):
lavender in July.

@~@ 石象湖 (SheXiang Lake): sea of flowers! April. Tulips. Note: planted flowers.

@~@ 天台山 (TianTai Mt)

@~@ 朝阳湖 (ChaoYang Lake)

@~@ 浅水湾 (QianShui Bay): confusing with the Repulse Bay of Hong Kong.

@~@ 塔公草原 (TaGong grassland): sea of wild flowers! Can be cloudy like every highland, weather (read: luck) dependent.

@~@ 雅拉雪山 (YaLa snow mountain)

Below are probably too tough for women in bridal gowns to reach!

@~@康定 (Kangding)
Glorious sunset over Tibetan architecture.
Colorful autumn.
Imagine the Khampa, a Tibetan people whose heavy turquoise jewelry, forward manners, and habit of carrying knives match their reputation for toughness.

@~@峨眉山 (Emei Mt)
乐山大佛 (Dafo, Le Shan): a testament to faith and belief.

Standing beneath the Buddha’s feet will be a humbling experience for me.

@~@ SiGuNiang.
I know a friend who made it to the SiGuNiang.
He trains running everyday, it takes DETERMINATION and HARD WORK.

@~@ Giant Panda.
It costs an average person like me a bomb (RMB 1,000) to hug a baby panda.
It is ok for me not to hug, I can understand how mothers worry when their babies are carried by others, so do mother pandas!

Make sure you get there in the morning (the latest by 9am) when they are feeding pandas as most of the other time they just sleep.
Don’t forget the charming red pandas there!

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February 12, 2012 at 8:05 am

How to skydive and paraglide?

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I am keen to share what I have done with my instructors.

Can I wear glasses? If you wear glasses, it is better to wear contacts. Then you will wear goggles. If you wear glasses, the pressure given by the googles may be unbearable. My goggle was tight and it prevents wind and air from brushing my eyes harshly.

jumping altitude (between 9,500 feet and 17,500 feet) between 2.9 km and 5.3 km

How does free fall feel? accelerate to 120 mph = 193 km per hour = 54 m/s
The earth’s gravity is 9.81 m/(s^2)

ignoring air resistance, an object falling freely near the Earth’s surface increases its velocity by 9.81 m/s for each second of its descent.
An object starting from rest will attain a velocity of 9.81 m/s after one second, 19.6 m/s after two seconds, and so on, adding 9.81 m/s to each resulting velocity.
But why we can free fall up to 60 sec? Is this due to air resistance?
Due to the earth’s gravity, it explains why as you free fall longer, you will feel that you are free falling faster and faster.

Newton’s law of universal gravitation simplifies to F = mg
F= ma

Experts out there, please kindly correct me if what I wrote have errors.

paragliding is very weather dependent, so your training might take 4 days, 4 months or even longer.

When starting your training, it is a good idea to write a detailed account of every flight in a log book.

You should record the details of the flight; location, duration, height gained, weather conditions, wind strength etc, but more importantly you should record anything unusual/unexpected or new.

Review your flights with your instructor and discuss technique.

Practice on the ground.

Wear a helmet whenever you are clipped in to your harness.

Always wear strong sturdy boots with good ankle support – the lighter the boots, the better.

Don’t be tempted to buy that great paraglider on e-bay. Your life will depend on your paraglider, so ask your instructor what they recommend before you invest in your first purchase.

When you’ve got your license, don’t just buy the first rig you see. Rent, borrow and try as many different types as you can, before you spend your hard-earned money.

Never stop learning. Getting your A-license only means you can jump out, freefall, open a parachute, and land it safely. This is where the real learning starts!

Skydiving is NOT about taking risks; it’s about enjoying a different environment. If you’re just looking for kicks, then you’ll find skydiving not all that fulfilling after only a couple of jumps.

Winglish: “You’ve got to use more than just your eyes, that’s the key. Communication of Winglish only happens through the brakes and risers. You’ll never hear it until you relax completely, all over, and feel the tension in your brake lines and risers. It’s a physical thing, so listen to Winglish through your body.”

“One of the greatest hazards paraglider pilots face is getting blown behind a ridge or mountain.Once you get into a blow-back situation, the penalties include power lines, extreme rotor turbulence, tree landings, and possible death or injuries from any of these.”

Avoiding launching on windier days is a good practice, but blow-backs occur from other situations and factors.

Are there any venturis to be aware of?
Are there locations near the site where the wind tends to be stronger?
What is the day’s forecast and what are the locals saying about the day?

If you are new to a site, get a full introduction from the locals.

Check the Wind Speeds with an anemometer before you fly.

Have a speed system ready on your glider. This means connected, adjusted, and ready for use.

Know that the winds can be dramatically stronger and dangerous as you ascend at any flying site.

Continuously monitor the wind speeds as you fly. Do this via your crab angle and lateral ground speed along the ridge.

Avoid flying higher on windy days.

If you do fly higher in strong winds, fly well upwind of the cliffs as you ascend and traverse the cliff or ridge.

Know how and when to penetrate out in front and how to descend to lower winds.

Penetrate and get down as soon as you notice that the wind is getting strong. When you get on your speed bar, your purpose should be getting down, not staying up in the strong winds.

Avoid the area above and behind the top of the cliff at all times.

What is the minimum height for a parachute to be deployed?
For skydiving, the requirement set by the United States Parachute Association says the main parachute for a D-License holder is 610 m (2000 feet) above the ground. this give time to fix any malfunctions. If you are less experience 760 m (2500 feet). The reserve parachute can open in less than 400 feet. The reserve absolute minimum would be around 214 m (700 feet) to land without injury.

wikihow = the regulating body for U.S. skydivers.
Canada : The Canadian Sport Parachuting Association
UK : The British Parachute Association
Australia : The Australian Parachute Federation

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July 28, 2011 at 3:58 pm


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Tonight, before buying milk at Sainsbury, I went to a squash of my uni Gliding Club (it has been around since 1930’s – cool!), they basically want to recruit members. Membership is GBP80/annum, if non-university membership is > GBP400. What is gliding? In simple words, flying without machine. Every time fly / glide got to pay 8 to 10 pounds, I thought it’s free after becoming a member. 1500-feet cable -> use wind -> to glide at 1000-2000 feet above ground. The trial flight is GBP20, but only 6-7 minutes on air. Once one completes 40-50 glides, one will be allowed to fly solo. Each training will normally allows 4-5 glides. To conclude, since it is engine-less, it is much safer to fly over cross country than over the cities. Perhaps, I won’t go even for the trial flight, so expensive! I went for a flight lesson (my 1st & only 1 so far in this life) and we are on air for some time!

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October 16, 2008 at 10:05 pm

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