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The origin of Blueroselady

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Written on March 1st, 2009

Once upon a time, there is this little woman who was impressed by the biotechnology in Japan, in which blue roses – something absent in nature – was successfully produced through color pigment gene transfer. No more “roses are red, violets are blue”.

Érase una vez, hay esta chica que fue impresionada por la biotecnología en Japón, en el cual las rosas azules – algo ausente en naturaleza – fueron producidas con éxito con transferencia del gene del pigmento del color. No más de ” las rosas son rojas, las violetas son blue”.

She loves everything beautiful. She loves most pretty flowers, except sunflowers (but she gradually accept sunflowers after watching Shrek happily wandering in sunflower fields).

Ella ama todo hermoso. Ella ama la mayoría de las flores bonitas, a menos que los girasoles (solamente ella acepte gradualmente los girasoles después de mirar Shrek feliz el vagar en campos del girasol).

She hopes to be as beautiful and loving as roses. Ella espera ser tan hermosa y de amor como rosas.

The first rose garden she had been to is in Vancouver, a very beautiful garden facing the Pacific Ocean. La primera rosaleda que ella había estado a está en Vancouver, un jardín muy hermoso que hace frente al Océano Pacífico.

In the early summer of 2008, she had a happy time with roses in CU Botanical Garden.

She is a fortunate lady, given roses of different colors: peach (a ball in 2003), Blue Roses with Teddy, White Roses with other flowers (Birthday 2008), Red maroon (Valentine 2008). Ella es una señora afortunada, dada las rosas de diversos colores: melocotón (2003), rosas azules con el peluche, rosas blancas con otras flores (cumpleaños 2008), marrón rojo (San Valentín 2008). Thank you so much Darling!

She hopes to be able to cook rose-petal food for her beloved one !
DONE in 2011.

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March 1, 2011 at 12:00 am

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Questions for thought across Europe and Asia

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Why are there very few female pilots?

Why many people love branded stuff?
1. feel good.
2. can afford them.
anything else … ?

Lancome Genifique. Youth is in your genes. Reactivate it. Discover the skin you were born to have. Is it just a bold advertisement or does it really work?

Why am I a Catholic?
1. Mother Teresa
2. Love and lover
3. Universal mass

Why is Black Sea called Black Sea?
The Black Sea got its name from the Ottoman Turks. ‘Kara (Black)’ denotes ‘North’ in Medieval Turkish.
Black Sea is rough, with dangerous high waves and currents for swimmers.

When can we see tulip?
Late March to early May. Best bet is early to mid April.

Where does tulip come from?
The 1st tulip bulbs were introduced to Netherlands from Istanbul.

Why are Turkish ice creams elastic?
The ice cream usually incorporates ORCHID ROOT EXTRACT that gives it an incredible chewy and stringy texture.

Where can trains from Istanbul go to? Belgrade, Sofia, Bucharest, Budapest, Thessaloniki, Aleppo, Teheran.

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August 31, 2010 at 1:01 pm