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Thiel Fellowship allows you to bypass top schools to pursue big dreams

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Dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it unless you can imag(in)e it. — George Lucas

If you are so smart, why are you not rich?
If you are so smart, why are you not changing / saving the world?

About Thiel Fellowship
$50,000 / year for 2 years ($4,167 / month)
gives you easy and quick access to the most successful business people in America
aim: to skip college and focus on work, research, and self-education (LEARN BY DOING)
mentors: network of visionary thinkers, investors, scientists, and entrepreneurs, who provide guidance and business connections that can’t be replicated in any classroom.
founded by a VC Peter Thiel (PayPal, Facebook)

Examples of descriptions of the Thiel Fellows:
On experience
"leave Harvard after a single semester and extend his horizons, first by traveling around the world and climbing Kilimanjaro, and now through his start-up"
"has lived and been educated in England, Singapore, France, and the USA."
"began taking college courses at Worcester State in Massachusetts in 3rd grade, and received a certificate in computer science by the time he was 12."
"taught himself programming at the age of 9"
"a home-schooled prodigy who learned calculus at 11, started working in a biogerontology lab when she was 12, matriculated at MIT when she was 14, and now at 17 plans on disrupting the current research paradigm by changing the incentives embedded in today’s traditional funding structures."
"started doing research in a pathology lab when he was 10. By the time he was 12, he had matriculated at the University of Washington. Soon after, he graduated with honors degrees in neurobiology, biochemistry, and chemistry. He was a 19-year-old 4th-year neuroscience Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University when he left early this year to pursue his start-up"
"has worked for Microsoft, Stanford, and Mozilla"
"Has previously worked at iRobot’s Research Group and as a Program Manager at Microsoft."
"In his teens, he built products for companies such as Coca-Cola and Universal Music"
"has designed web interfaces used by millions of people around the world"
"has previously worked for D.E. Shaw & Co., several social enterprises, and a few start-ups"
"founded a vacation rental portal as a high school freshman"
"starting his first business when nine years old"
"co-founded the Electric Vehicle Club at Purdue and was president of Purdue Innovations, the university’s entrepreneurship club."
"began developing her social enterprise when she was 15"
"first worked in a lab when he was 11, interned at Dupont as a teenager, and won the grand prize at the 2009 International Sustainable World Energy Olympiad in Houston."
"run non-profit dedicated to helping the vision-impaired around the world"

On goals / aims
"aims to radically improve our approach to the one thing we all do – shop." / "e-commerce start-up that will revolutionize price comparison on the web" Keyword: radical
"passionate about equipping people with the information to make better decisions." Keyword: information, decision
"interested in helping people protect the wealth they create from the harmful effects of inflation" Keyword: protect
"to help emancipate information around the world" Keyword: information
"to decentralize banking in the developing world with a mobile payment system"
"to create and share online lessons designed to be viewed at home by their own students, leaving class time free for more engaging activities"
"to revolutionize how we develop and demonstrate talent in the twenty-first century."
"to leverage web-based videos and mobile apps to bring the classroom into the twenty-first century"
"to build efficient motor for electric vehicles." Keyword: energy
"to commercialize an invention that enables low cost dual-axis photovoltaic module tracking" Keyword: energy
"to invent a walker-wheelchair hybrid that can provide power to assist its user according to how strong she feels at any moment" Keyword: aging, physically-disabled
"to extract valuable minerals from asteroids, comets, and other planetary bodies" Keyword: resource

Blueroselady thinks that they are very impressive and inspiring. How many people, before reaching 20 years old, have done so much and dreamed do big like them?
The people whom you have worked for also matter.

Reflections by Blueroselady:
Those on Thiel Fellowship seem to have a head start in their childhood (e.g. well educated parents, attendance of high schools that teach akin to college / attendance of college – so why would they still want to attend college again), but many children from less privileged backgrounds will find a college education still essential and enlightening.
Personally, I have met people of the possibly equal calibre to the Thiel Fellows, they started businesses / attended university / led beyond school organizations at early teen, while most teens are worried about growing up, peers, relationships, and juggling schools. The formers are ambitious, lucky, talented, hardworking ((they have built their CVs while other kids probably do not know what CVs are for), and most importantly have the right nurturing environment.
To illustrate this point, I shared my own example. When I was 12 years old, I found that the school was boring. My teacher suffered from diabetes and she was often absent. I could read the textbooks on my own. I told my mother that I did not want to go to school. I was happier reading newspapers and books.
When I was 13 years old, I found that some my school (male) teachers are irresponsible. They taught students bad words, touched female students’ hands / arms (and please do not ask me what else). If my parents had to pay for the school fee, I would probably quit schooling. To make matters worse, some of my school mates went astray. Girls were so cruel with words, I was helpless seeing them bullying a not-pretty girl sitting in front of me. My school mates were more interested in gossips (about seniors, juniors, peers, celebrities), hanging out wasting their lives, than in learning. Few years later after I left the school, I heard about a school mate who died from drug overdose, a school mate who got pregnant in early teen and turned into less beautiful (premature aging) than she was, a school mate who died in motorbike accident.
Then, a macro event happened that changed my life forever. I went overseas for the first time and attended much better schools (in term of quality). I learned about things that were forbidden / not taught before and revolutionized my thinking. I changed for the better, I unleashed my inner characters of hardworking, perseverance, and humility. Like entrepreneurs who focus on generating profits, I had clear focus: I was determined to earn the money required for college education through excellent results because my parents would not be able to support me after high school. My hard work and perseverance paid off, I received my college education (in 3 continents, East and West) with full scholarships. Every stage is like climbing to a higher ladder, I meet people who are more talented, creative, diverse than ever (many of them have better a head start childhood than me), and college education allowed me to learn from them. It is true that the higher you move to, the more you can see, understand, and do. As a result, I evolve into what I am today. At the end of my formal college education, I read analytically, write convincingly, think from multiple perspectives, converse fluently in multiple languages (I can mimic American, British, French, Indian, mainland Chinese accents), had traveled to more countries than the years of my lives, understand myself better, and most importantly have germinated the strongest urge (that I have ever had) to better our world.

From another point of view, colleges worldwide are getting very expensive. Students take loans, enjoy their college experience (sadly some focus on hanging out with friends, buying the latest gadgets), and postpone their sufferings of having to pay their loans while working and struggling to meet an end meet after the honeymoon period of college days. This sounds to me like an upcoming education bubble, which is akin to the housing bubble. To make it worse, colleges seem to mass produce workers (who are happy with the good enough), and to produce (in much less proportion) thinkers, innovators, agents of change. The latter are those that refuse to be entirely submissive and driven to the system. Colleagues and acquaintances are complaining to me about the drop in the standard of recent college graduates.

Nothing remains the same because lives are dynamics. My future generations will do things differently from what I did. If they are academically inclined, they can start learning the college materials (through online courses or immersion in labs) at early teen. If they are artistically inclined / entrepreneurial in nature, they can start interning at early teen. I still view traveling as essential, I learned a lot about independence, responsibilities, management, self-control, and survival while traveling and living in foreign countries far from my family. I made strangers my friends and family. I appreciate the values of every place and person. Get more exposure, discover more, and you will discover what your destiny is.

What’s next?
I will be reviewing my plan on progeny.
To research on things kids need (to learn) to be successful in their lives.
To research on homeschooling curriculum (what are not taught in school).

More about the Thiel Fellowship:

Tips: awards, scholarship, fellowship

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Merry Christmas 2011! Christmas is the best time to give because God has given us His only Son.
It is my desire to share useful information and knowledge to help others to succeed. This post is intended to students and learners.

In a similar analogy to the rich get richer, once you have one or few awards or scholarships, it is likely to be easier to get more. An award or a scholarship gives you the credibility to the next one.

What if you do not have any at this moment? I had encountered this situation before, you and I can only keep on trying to secure our first award / scholarship, and to do well in our studies.

Depending on your circumstances, which you can (your academic and extracurricular achievements) or cannot (your nationality, gender, ethnic, etc) control, some awards or scholarships may be more suitable to you than others.

Here is a list to start searching and discovering:
A.I. duPont Institute Fellowship
AAL All-College Scholarship
AAUW Scholarship
Agassiz Scholarship
Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung
Algar H. Meadows Fellowship
Allstate Foundation Scholarship
Alvin H. Baum Scholarship
Amelia Earhart Fellowship
Angier B. Duke Memorial Scholarship
Anglo-American Scholarship
Arkansas State Scholarship
AT&T Engineering Scholarship
Ayres Scholarship
B.L. Montgomery Scholarship
Bailey Scholarship
Balliol Research Felowship
Bank of America Scholar
Bayerische Begabtenförderung
Bayerische Elite Akademie
Boeing Scholarship
Böhringer Ingelheim Fond
Bolonga Centre Fellowship
Brumbaugh – Ellis Scholarship
Bundeswettbewerb Mathematik
C. Stuart & M. McLeod Scholarship
Caldwell Scholarship
Cambridge Commonwealth Trust
Cambridge Overseas Trust Scholarship
Cantwell Scholarship
Career Expo Scholarship Award
Carnation Scholarship
Carolina Marcial-Dorado Scholarship
Catharine D. Sharpe Scholarship
CEIP Fund, Inc. Fellowship
Center for European Studies Fellowship
Chicago Honors Scholarship
Claims Association Scholarship
Colportage Academic Scholarship
Commander-Whitehead Fellowship
Commonwealth Trust
Consumers Power Fellowship
Co-op Scholarship
Daid Scholarship
Danner Foundation Fellowship
Deans Scholarship
Department of Defense Fellowship
Department of Education Scholarship
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Dorab Tata Scholarship
Dorot Fellowship
Dow Fellowship
Dwight F. Benton Scholarship
E.I. duPont Nemours Fellowship
Eastman Kodak Scholarship
Elks Scholarship
Eugene Summers Scholarship
European Trust
Evangelisches Studienwerk
Fellow of German National Scholarship
First Place Speech Scholarship Comp.
Fonds der chemischen Industrie
Ford Manufacturing Fellowship
Ford Scholar
Foundation Scholar
Founders Memorial Scholarship
Francis Lee Friedman Scholarship
Fulbright Scholar
Full Athletic Scholarship
Full Scholarship
Galvin Scholarship
Gates Cambridge Scholarship
GE Foundation Fellowship
General Motors Scholarship
Georgetown University Scholarship 91-93
Government Scholarship
Graduate Fellowship
Graduate National Scholarship
Graduiertenstipendium (Bund/Land)
Hardy Scholarship
Harry S. Truman Scholarship
Harvard College Graduate Scholarship
Harvard College Scholarship
HBS Public Management Fellowship
Helen C. Crosby Fellowship
Hertz Fellowship
Hintz Fellowship
Honors Fellowship
Honors Program Scholarship
Honors Scholarship
Horace Goldsmith Fellowship
Howard Hill Fellowship
Howard Hughes Fellowship
Hughes Aircraft Company Fellowship
Hughes Work-Study Fellowship
IBM Scholars Program
Intramural Fellowship
ITT Merit Scholarship
IUJ Scholarship
J.N. Tata Scholarship
J.T. Hooker Memorial Scholarship
James L. Gavin Scholarship
James S. Kemper Fellowship
John Harvard Scholarship
John Madore Scholarship
Jugend forscht
Jugend musiziert
Julia Dangler Memorial Scholarship
Keasbey (Oxford)
Kent D. Schaefer Scholarship
Kraft Fellowship
Lambda Chi Alpha Scholarship
Lancaster Scholarship
Lawrie Scholarship
Leadership Scholarship
Macquarie Hill Samuel Scholarship
Marcus Wallenberg Scholarship
Marie Curie Fellowship
Marshall Scholarship
Marvin Anthony Scholarship
Max Planck Gesellschaft
McCain Commemorative Scholarship
McCloy Academic Scholarship
McCormick Fellowship
MCI Fellow
Mead Corporation Scholarship
Merit Scholarship
Morehead Scholarship
Murphy Fellowship
N.Y. State Regents Scholarship Winner
NASA Scholarship
National Achievement Scholar
National Merit Scholarship
National Science Foundation Fellow
National Undergraduate Scholarship
Natl Black MBA Assoc Scholarship
NCAA Graduate Fellowship
NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship
Nierman Fund Scholarship
NIH Fellowship
Nomura Arts & Science Foundation Schol.
NSERC Postgraduate scholarship
NSERC Scholarship
NSF Fellowship
Ontario Scholarship
Oskar Karl Forster Stiftung
Packer Cambridge Scholarship
Pendleton Scholarship
PepsiCo Scholar
Peter Lougheed Scholarship
Phi Chi Theta Scholarship
Postdoc Stipendium
Presidents Endowed Scholarship
Procter & Gamble Scholarship
Prof. Dr. Koepchen Stiftung
Pulitzer Scholarship
Pullman Scholarship
Rector Honor Scholarship
Rheinhardt Memorial Scholarship
Rhodes Scholarship
Rick Elkon Mermorial Scholarship
Rimsky Fellowship
Robert Wood Johnson Fellowship
Rollins Scholarship
Rotary Scholarship
ROTC Scholarship
Schlumberger Foundation Fellowship
Sciences & Engineering Scholarship
Selmer Berelow Honors Scholarship
Sigoloff Fellowship
Sloan Foundation Fellowship
Smith Rippon Sr. Scholarship
Soros Foundation
Special Achievement Scholarship
Spencer Foundation scholarship
State Scholarship
State School Commissn Scholarship
Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft
Summerfield Scholarship
Swedish National Scholarship
Swiss-American Exchange Scholarship
TAPPI Scholarship for Leadership
Teaching Scholarship
Teagle Scholarship
Tennenbaum Fellowship
Thomas J. Watson Fellowship
Thouron Fellowship
Thyssen Stipendium
Tucker Foundation Fellowship
U.S. Naval Academy Scholarship
UGC Scholarship
Union Pacific Foundation Scholar
Universidad Metropolitana Scholarship
University Research Fellowship
University Scholarship
W.W. Cooper Scholarship for Academic Ex
Walter Martin Scholarship
Westinghouse Scholar
William C. Henderson Scholarship
William Fox Academic Scholarship
Zweig Fellowship

I wish you ALL THE BEST.

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Tips: scholarships / fellowships

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Honestly, students in developed countries are more fortunate that they have access to information and $ to pursue studies.

Below is a list of scholarships / fellowships / competitions, some of which you may not be eligible for, but there is nothing wrong with checking and taking the 1st step to apply. All the best!

International Essay Contest by Goi Peace Foundation and UNESCO
The World Bank International Essay Competition (max 25 years old)
St. Gallen Symposium, Switzerland (max 30 years old)
Global Initiative Symposium, Taiwan
IMUSE (Initiating Mutual Understanding through Student Exchange) Fellowship
DISCONTINUED: China Synergy Programme
Dragon 100 Young Chinese Leaders Forum
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Program
Beinecke Brothers Memorial Scholarship Program
Boren Scholarships (NSEP)
Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows Program
Davis Projects for Peace
Fulbright Grants
George J. Mitchell Scholarships
DISCONTINUED: Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program
Harry S. Truman Scholarship Program
Henry Fellowship
Luce Scholars Program
Marshall Scholarships
Morris K. Udall Scholarship Program
Mortimer Hays-Brandeis Traveling Fellowship Program
Rhodes Scholarships
Saint Andrew’s Society Graduate Scholarship Program
Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarships
Woodrow Wilson-Rockefeller Brothers Fund Fellowship

My multiple online search since many years ago.
My talented fellow learners / students / colleagues.
My personal global mailing lists

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IMUSE (Initiating Mutual Understanding through Student Exchange) Fellowship 2010

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Why you should take part?
1. IMUSE will facilitate tours to sites of cultural interest as well as major businesses and government offices within the city.
2. All necessary living expenses paid for, including accommodations, food, ground transportation, and $500 toward transportation to and from Beijing. Blueroselady: If you are flying from the States, you got to fork out some $, but this fellowships is very GENEROUS.
3. Probably a lifelong friendship from a two-week fellowship.

What should you contribute?
1. Write a blog to share your IMUSE experience.

IMUSE 2009 Beijing Summer Fellowship
“30 outstanding students from Chinese and American colleges and graduate schools attended IMUSE 2009 from August 9 to August 21, 2009 to share their opinions, experience Chinese culture, and learn from one another. During the fellowship, Chinese and American delegates will participate alongside one another in a variety of activities designed to be both academically and personally enriching. Delegates will participate in panel discussion events with a student audience, where they will discuss the pertinent issues facing Chinese-American relations today. They will interact with and learn from distinguished guest speakers, which in past IMUSE events have included distinguished academics and celebrities from both America and China. As IMUSE is strongly committed to improving the quality of life for individuals in both countries, the fellowship will include a short period of public service within an underprivileged community. Other activities and workshops will cover a variety of topics from politics to pop culture to food. All events will be carried out in English, and no knowledge of Chinese is necessary.”

For more information:

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