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minimize watching sad / horror / violent movies

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It is OK to watch movies as a form of entertainment or education.
It is not OK to be too involved while watching movies.
I love to watch movies. Life is like movie, movie is like life.

Before you watched a sad movie, you were happy or in an equilibrium state (neither happy nor sad). After you watched a sad movie, you might absorb negativity (worries and sorrows) of the story, the characters, and all these are not good for you.

Absorbing too much from horror movies are not good for your heart. They incept in your minds things for you to be fear of. Fear creates fear, quoting Elizabeth I. Even a priest told us that he decided not to watch horror movies because he stayed in haunted places, instead he focused on praying.

Violent movies can be classified according to the violence. Physical and mental violence. Physically violent movies contain a lot of scenes where some characters are bullied / tortured physically. People are potential to be more violent after watching fighting movies. Some even go to find problems with others who share similarities (in backgrounds) with the villains portrayed in the movies. Similarly, movies full of quarrels / arguments may inflict mental violence. Words can be swords.

Well, a sword itself is merely an object.

A sword that is used to cut tree is a good sword.
A sword that is used to injure others is a bad sword.

For your own goodness, please minimize watching sad / horror / violent / conflict movies

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January 4, 2012 at 2:20 pm

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