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Smoke haze in Singapore. 14 tips on how to survive haze / severe air pollution. Her dream home needs to meet 6 criteria

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In summer 2013,
air pollution from forest fires in Indonesia’s Sumatra island has choked Singapore.
To make the condition worse, El Niño which tends to produce very dry weather conditions in the region, appears to intensify the effects of the fires in Indonesia.

PSI = Pollutant Standards Index.
PM 2.5 = A reading for airborne particles with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less – small enough to deeply penetrate the lungs.

PSI Value & Air Quality Descriptor according to NEA:
0 – 50 : Good
51 – 100 : Moderate
101 – 200 : Unhealthy
201 – 300 : Very unhealthy
Above 300 : Hazardous

On 20 Jun 2013 1 PM, the 3-hour PSI Reading was 371 in Singapore.

A friend of mine mentioned that the city looks apocalyptic.

In Beijing in January 2013, the PSI reached the range of 470-490.
Lung cancers are soaring in Beijing.
A friend who works in China shared that many people, if they can afford it, want to get out of China, due to the environmental hazard : pollution.

The U.S. AQI only goes up to 500.

The 19th century London was notoriously known as the foggy city.
The hazy / bleak / fog everywhere London was too distant for me to recall of London.
In my lifetime (the 21st century), my memory of London has been positive (but I do not live there long enough).

Here are tips on how to survive living with haze:

1. Spend less time outdoors.

2. If you have to go out, wear N95 mask, wear hat / carry umbrella, carry a bottle of water.
When you feel a tingle in the throat or start coughing, a drink of water can be helpful.

3. Before you go out, close all your windows and ventilation outlets.

4. Wash your face, rinse your mouth, and clean your nasal cavity, shower when getting indoors.
Blow your nose in a piece of tissue, you will see black particles in it.

5. Children & older adults should remain indoors and keep activity levels low.

6. Close your windows when the condition is severe.

7. If you use air-conditioner, make sure your apartment has enough oxygen.

8. Keep plants with broad leaves at home to absorb dusts. Place a wet mat beneath your doors.

9. Use air purifiers with HEPA filter.

10. Smoke less. Avoid smokers.

11. Eat more fruits, vegetables. If necessary, take vitamin C.

12. Drink more water, milk (especially if you suffer from dry throat). Stay hydrated. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

13. Avoid / minimize alcohol / coffee.

14. Go somewhere unaffected for holiday. My husband’s friend D has brought his family for a holiday in Bali.

15. If the haze / air pollution is a constant problem, consider migrating.
A friend who was born in Indonesia,
S shared with me about the criteria for her dream home which I found interesting.
S wants to move to places like New Zealand, Australia, or Canada,
where the air quality (and presumably the living conditions are better).
She told me that once when she was in Toa Payoh, a Hong Kong expatriate shared that Hong Kong people who migrated to US / Canada are relatively richer than those who migrated to Australia / NZ due to higher fund required for the former.

Here are S’ criteria for her desired home:

1. 2nd floor and above, but not too high floor (she was concerned about earthquake & window safety for her children).

2. Why not ground floor?
Bungalows often consist of only ground floor (if not 2-storey high).
S shared with me her experience living in a ground floor house where she suffered annually from the flood (and the risk of electricity through water).

3. Her home must have a bomb shelter, based on her experience living in Singapore, where flats have a bomb shelter that also serves as a store room. An alternative is to have multi-storey with an underground / basement.

4. Entire flat must be well-equipped with air-conditioner, although she mentioned that she would not switch them on daily, as she is aware of the consequences of air-conditioner on our protective ozone layer. The air-conditioner fixtures are meant to survive for severe haze episodes.

5. To have fridge & freezer in her room (so that she can have access to her food).
Perhaps, a well equipped studio apartment (not too spacious) will be easier for her to manage.

6. Yes, but S also wants to rent her rooms for additional income, so she needs a spacious home, unless it is hard to get tenants.


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June 20, 2013 at 9:47 am

Monk fruit to prevent heat stroke

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In the 2nd week of January 2013, I felt so hot.
I drank home-cooked luo han guo on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
They were cheap $2 for 6 large pieces (very cheap indeed!) and a piece of it can make a big pot of luo han guo drinks (I think I can make profits selling it).

However, things taken excessively are not good to us.
It is time to put a break.

to balance heat built-up caused by internal conditions, life-forces, or external heat / to prevent heat stroke.
expectorant and antitussive to treat lung congestion, cough, other respiratory ailments, and sore throat.
for constipation and chronic enteritis.
natural sweeeteners, perhaps better than sugar.
contains vitamin C.
for longevity (perhaps due to its anti-oxidant / anti-cancer properties).


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January 11, 2013 at 5:13 am

Food adventure

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Our food adventure in Singapore, a red dot in South East Asia.

# Dec 2009: Ghim moh Hakka yong tau fu. I like the crunchy lotus root.

# Tried Uni-President Papaya Milk which costs $1.33. It tastes too sweet for me. (8-12-2009)

# Dinner at Ken Noodles House with Polar Bear (22-12-2009). Paid $12 +10% for a ramen with boiled egg. Thirsty after meal and the water served has weird taste. I found Santouka at Clarke Q tastier.

# Bee Cheng Hiang laksa fish floss. I tried it at Changi airport in Dec 2009 and loved it, but when I tried it again at Orchard outlet, it was too spicy to me, so I canceled my wish to buy it.

# Dinner at Vittles (369 Sembawang Road #01-05 Sembawang Cottage). I had grilled dory with olio spaghetti. Dear had sirloin steak burger, the meat was overcooked. The waffle dessert is not bad (27-12-2009).

# Tried Koka noodles, manufactured by Tat Hui Foods (29-12-2009), which has a label MSG-free. I still think it has to contain some MSG and prefer IndoMie Mi Goreng.

# Dinner at Shin Nichi, Fusionopolis. Very thirsty after meal. The char siew (pork) ramen is better than the gyuniku (beef) ramen (30-12-2009).

# New Year Eve dinner at 7th Storey Hainan Kitchen. Reasonable price for buffet! Grateful for the free flow of prawn. The Pork Chop, seasoned with sweet-tangy tomato sauce and accompanied with french fries, is a must-try. Bye 2009, Happy New Year 2010!

# Dinner of prawn noodle at Yishun81 Food Court (3-01-2010). Like the wetness of the prawn noodle. *

# Ampang Yong Tau Foo at Foo Chan food court, Ang Mo Kio (10-Jan-2010). I think the yong tau fu is normal, so is the Ampang gravy.

# Sawadee (Opposite Sembawang Shopping Complex). I found that the pandan chicken is too oily, Polar Bear likes the green curry. The pineapple rice is not bad. It is relatively expensive. 10-Jan-2010.

# Kim’s place fried Hokkian prawn mee at Holland Village hawker center. I was attracted by displays of awards. The price is expensive, $4 for the smallest plate. Generally, the food at the hawker center there is more expensive than elsewhere. They gave 3 prawns for my prawn noodle. The taste is ok, I still prefer the Yishun 81 Food Court one. (12-Jan-2010)

# Ngee Fou Restaurant Ampang Yueng Tow Fu (16-Jan-2010). This is a famous stall, and I like the gravy. The choice is limited, only rice, no kway teow or beehoon, is available.

# Auntie Kim’s Korean, 265 Upper Thomson Rd (23-Jan-10). We ordered Soon Dubu and La KalBi. Soon Dubu is a kimchi tofu soup of $14.5, Polar Bear said not worth it. The meat had many fat parts and big bones $23. Yet, I like the tofu side dishes. Though the food is average, we will not go back there again. I still preferred the Korean at Esplanade and we will adventure on other Korean restaurants elsewhere. Indeed, we are going to Korea in Jan 2011. God thank you for your blessing.

# Manhattan Fish (30-Oct-10). We used voucher from credit card for a part of the bill. Darling likes my grilled fish and found his chips too salty.

# Watami (4-Nov-10). Darling loves the salmon stone pot rice and sukiyaki beef.

# One day in 2010. The wood-fired Beijing duck of Min Jiang at One-North. It is the only Chinese fine-dining restaurant housed in a stylis, 2-storey black and white colonial bungalow. I am not paying for the food from my pocket. Thanks a lot!

# New Year Eve dinner at Ichiban Boshi. We like the beef sukiyaki dipped in raw egg.

# : durian cakes. Too bad that my roommate does not like durian, but likes the Goodwood Park hotel durian stuff!

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December 31, 2011 at 10:18 am

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