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8 Life lessons from dog

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Dear my beloved readers,

Are you a dog lover?
Do you have a lovely, cute, or naughty puppy or dog as your pet?
Personally, I have lived with a lovely yet naughty dog (she was only 1~2 years old when we began our relationship).
I walked her sometimes,
we played and jumped at a trampoline,
and she would always rushed down stairs when I returned from work at almost midnight.
She would look at me and pant with happiness (just for my returning home).
Her action was very heartwarming,
especially at the chilling night after a long day of work.

Or have you had a bad experience with dog?
I heard a story that in a developing country,
where the social gap is relatively wide,
a beautiful girl was bitten by a dog of a rich family.
Consequently, she suffered serious fever and died few days later.
Such a precious life had gone just like that.
Although I could not ascertain if this story was true,
it serves a reminder to us that not all dogs are good to us.

A good friend was once complaining about his neighbor’s dog.
It barked suddenly and shocked his father who has heart medical condition.
It barked fiercely at delivery men, babies and children, including those of neighbors.

In my current conclusion, dogs can be our friends (to some people dogs are their best friend) or foes.

According to BBC reports by Jonathan Amos, dog has actually evolved from wolf ‘on the waste dump’.
After knowing about this finding,
would you want to keep a wolf as a pet?
What come to your mind when you think of the word ‘word’?
The Red Riding Hood.
Wolves have not been positively portrayed.
On the other hand,
when we think of our pet dogs,
they are so docile and appear to be permanently stuck in a kind of innocent puppyhood.

What make (some) dogs so lovely as compared to wolves?

1. LOVE is powerful.
Dogs love unconditionally.
Once the dog wins over the love of the master, the master is willing to sacrifice / spend for / to serve the dog.
For example,
Roy Chong was helping an expatriate to look for a bungalow to rent in Singapore.
The comfortable monthly price range of the tenancy that the tenant looked for was SGD25,000 (paid by his company), and the tenant had only a request.
He wanted a pool to be available for his Golden Retriever dog to swim around.
Most landlords rejected his request, except a landlord who asked for SGD27,000.
The tenant happily spent the extra SGD2,000 so that his dog can swim / play at his home.

Some wolves had evolved into our best friend: our dogs that protect our home from the most dangerous animal in the whole world and that is human.
For my experience, S always faithfully welcomed me when I just returned home.

3. NATURE heals. Go outdoor, walk / stroll at the park / garden, breathe in fresh air, let the tree and birds cheer us up!
To quote Threesia Goff, a little fresh air goes a long way to brighten your day.
Note : exception exists. If you live in a heavily polluted city or when haze affects your city, perhaps staying indoor combined with a weekend getaway is an option.

4. TIME is the best gift we can give to others, because even money cannot buy back the lost time.
Always make time for the people in your life.
There is a saying that you choose your friends but not your family.
So where do colleagues fit in?
Many of us who are employed spend more time with our colleagues than we do with our family or friends yet we cannot choose who our colleagues are.
In my humble opinion,
there are situations where we cannot choose who our associates are.
If our colleagues are good, we try our best to maintain harmonious fellowship, learn from them, and emulate their strengths.
If our colleagues are bad, we also try our best to maintain harmonious fellowship (not to turn anyone into a foe).

Some people said that we do not choose our parents.
I also heard that before we were conceived,
God asked us which (biological) parents we want to choose, just that when we arrived as a newborn, we forgot everything.
However, we can choose who our Godparents are.

5. be PRESENT.
Dogs live in the moment and don’t hold grudges.
Christina Villa suggests us to slow down and notice the sights, sounds, and smells of our everyday life,
as inspired by our dogs which stop to smell the roses and little children.
Although planning is important, sometimes over planning may lead to unnecessary worry. I once read from the National Geographic "Don’t worry so much. Worry is praying for what you don’t want.".
Here is some suggestions / reflections on how not to worry.

6. PERSEVERANCE : never give up!
Ever see a dog try to chase a squirrel up a tree? They jump, claw at the tree, and bark their heads off.
Personally, I have had some challenges sometimes while walking S (a golden retriever),
when we just left the gate,
she would half running half jumping instead of walking.
Once a guy remarked,
"It seems like your dog walk you instead of you walk your dog!"
S also loves to chase ducks and pursue them until S fell into a dirty drain,
and we had to spend an evening completely bathing her.

Don’t go out without your tag. Always remember who you are, where you come from, and the name and number of someone to call if you get lost.
At minimum requirement, know how to return home after running out from your home.

8. Be genuinely INTERESTED in other people.
Being interested in other people here refers to being caring, not interrogating.
Story 1:
Z was sharing with me once she met a President’s Scholar, who interrogated her (at their first encounter) on a train.
Story 2:
When my friends visited me, S would stand on her 2 legs against my friends to welcome them.

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June 15, 2013 at 1:29 pm

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My dream dog 傻喜

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I told myself that I am going to end the work last night at 1am, and to go bed as I was tired. Yet, I only managed to sleep at almost 3.30am. Not because I am insomniac, but I was hooked by lovely dog pictures and the stories of taking care it.

It’s quite unbeliavable, for a dog-fearing person like me. When I was in high school, I went to Dad’s friend home in the weekend, and I was chased by dogs. But I guess like persons, there are really lovely and nice dogs out there, I am sharing a house with one now. She is so thirsty of love, wants people to caress her so much.

I want a labrador, white and creamy, with long eyelashes, like Sassy. I called her in this intonation: 傻喜, reflecting her personality. The 傻 here means innocence. Sometimes I would add the surname of Darling (in Mandarin), to imagine she is part of the family.

I want to name my future labrador Sassy too! Darling will have the opportunities to groom a ‘President’s Dog’, who can speak five different languages, and perform excellent acts. It is Darling’s way to irritate me, as I have a lot of plans for our future progenies. For me, I just want Sassy to be given my love ❤

This images portrays the 傻 quality of my 傻喜.

This is just reminding me on the scene Sassy chasing away the black cat who wants to eat my fish.

Waking up from my day-dreaming, I realize that there are so many issues to deal with:
# I am so nomad that I haved lived in over 20 rooms/houses scattered over 5 countries, in the over past 10 years. In fact, I am going to live in California this summer, then I am moving to little red dot after summer. Who will be taking care of Sassy if I am required to be away for job?
# Spaces are very expensive in the little red dot. It’s not wise to let Sassy to live in a tiny compartment. The neighbours are likely to complain too, unless I live in a private accommodation.
# I am not rich. I remember my former landlady bought a Jack Russell for S$900 two years ago, but that Jack Russel is so untrained, shitted in my room. Then, we have to bring Sassy to vet, which are most likely affordable by the rich. There are also pet-care, must teach Sassy how to swim, how to socialize (she is by nature a social one), how to be a pretty dog.

I remember a China official, if I’m not wrong he’s Premier Zhu, was interviewed if he likes pets. His answer strikes everyday-people-like-me, it’s already very challenging to raise a child. Not everyone has sufficient resources to groom a child, people are struggling to provide food, clothing, shelter, education for their child/ren.

Yet, I still want a Sassy ❤
Perhaps I should learn to be contented, to be happy without having it.
Yet, if you have a white creamy labrador puppy to give away, I will be willing to accept (most likely after I am having a permanent house). Read permanent as staying for more than three years, without the need to move away due to renting contract expiration. Best if the land and the house is under my name.

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April 16, 2009 at 9:39 am

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