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Mom is the Best

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A friend of mine shared with me how her husband and her confinement nanny walked out their home,
to see firework next door.

My friend thought that
both her husband and her confinement nanny
are selfish and irresponsible.

For the sake of their pleasure of seeing 15-minute of firework,
they abandoned my friend and the baby.

At that time,
my friend suffered from illness,
and doctor adviced my friend not to get close to her baby.

after the firework had been shot,
she heard the baby’s cry,
getting louder and louder.

She thought that the confinement nanny was trying to console the baby,
to prevent the baby from being scared,
but when she went to the baby’s room,
nobody was there.

She was upset,
and took the risk to carry her baby in her chest,
so that the baby would not be over-scared,
in spite of what the doctor said.

I could understand my friend’s unahppiness.
Her experience reminds me on
which means Mom is the Best.

If I were her,
I would be disappointed with her husband and confinement nanny too.
But I tried to console my friend,
her husband was still unused to having a baby,
he has not fully developed his protective and nurturing instinct,
please give him some time.
Well, about the confinement nanny,
I do not know what to say.
Any suggestion?

Talking about Mom is the Best,
here is a song,

The lyrics:

世 上 只有 妈妈 好
Shì shàng zhǐyǒu māma hǎo
Earth above only mom great (Only mom is great in the world)

有 妈 的 孩子 像 *块 宝
Yǒu mā de háizi xiàng *kuài bǎo
Has mom kid like a gem (A kid who has a mom is like a gem)
*块 kuài, classifier for objects like cake, soap…

投 进 妈妈的 怀抱
Tóu jìn māma de huáibào
Casts into mom’s arms

幸福 享 不 了
Xìngfú xiǎng bù liǎo
Happiness enjoy without end (Enjoys the happiness without end)

世 上 只有 妈妈 好
Shì shàng zhǐyǒu māma hǎo
Earth above only mom great (Only mom is great in the world)

没 妈 的 孩子 像 *根 草
Méi mā de háizi xiàng *gēn cǎo
Without mom kid like a grass (A kid who has no mom is like grass)
*根 gēn, classifier for long slender objects.

离开 妈妈的 怀抱
Líkāi māma de huáibào
Leave mom’s arms

幸福 那里 找
Xìngfú nǎlǐ zhǎo
Happiness where find (Where to find the happiness)

世 上 只有 妈妈 好
Shì shàng zhǐyǒu māma hǎo
Earth above only mom great (Only mom is great in the world)

有 妈 的 孩子 像 块 宝
Yǒu mā de háizi xiàng kuài bǎo
Has mom kid like a gem (A kid who has a mom is like a gem)

投 进 妈妈的 怀抱
Tóu jìn māma de huáibào
Cast into mom’s arms

梦 里 也 会 笑
Mèng lǐ yě huì xiào
Dream inside also will smile (Will also smile in the dreams)

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March 22, 2013 at 8:25 am

How to increase breast milk production? 10 recipe of Asian soup that also benefits lactating mothers

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Category A

1. LiuWei 六味汤 + pork rib (排骨).

2. BaZhen 八珍汤 + pork rib / chicken bones*

3. SiShen 四神汤 + pork rib.

4. double-boiled chicken bones* / pork rib soup with wolfberries, red dates, xigui.

Category B

5. pork rib + overnight soaked peanut (add the soaked water to the soup) + carrots.

6. pork rib + beet root + carrots / corn.

7. pork rib / pre-boiled chicken bone (for 1 hour) + 2 potatoes + 1 carrot + 1 tomato.

8. meat ball + caixin (must finish per meal). To make meat ball, you can mix minced meat, tapioca flour, sesame oil, pepper, soy sauce.

9. pork rib / chicken bones* / pork tenderloin (腰部嫩肉) + red yeast rice (红曲米 / ang-kak)

10. fish bone + fish maw (must soak, squeeze out oil for 3x).

* use the bones of village chicken, not meaty chicken.

If you have no access to chicken bones, you can use pork rib / pork tenderloin.

Do not drink soups in Category A on consecutive days, because they may be too heaty, especially BaZhen soup.

The soups in the Category A are often consumed during confinement.
The soups in the Category B are also good for pregnancy.

The soups are easy to cook.
When mothers take good care of their health, they can give their best to their babies / children.

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March 16, 2013 at 8:47 pm

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Do-not-eat food list (up to 100 days after giving birth)

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No prawn.
No shrimps / no dishes cooked with shrimps-based chili.
No shrimps-based chili (aka belacan).
No sashimi.
No cockles.
No cuttlefish / squid / sotong.
No crab.
No mackerel.

No unknown mixed meat^ including dim sum siu mai, har gow, mixed meat, bakwa.
No outside noodle-based food (concern about the type of oil being used for cooking).

No cabbage (because it will wash away the Chinese medicine).
No napa cabbage 大白菜.
No kimchi*.
No radish 白萝卜.
No kangkong (Ipomoea aquatica) / water spinach / water morning glory.

No watermelon.

* After 100 days, the chili in kimchi can balance the cold white cabbage, tentatively add ginger reduce the cold of white cabbage.

^ mixed meat may have neck part of pork. The old says 有毒.

Note: The list is a subset of do-not-eat food for confinement, which has more food that one should not eat according to the Eastern tradition and knowledge.

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March 9, 2013 at 4:29 pm

My confinement notes

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Jin Jinhua: a consultant acupuncturist at Raffles Chinese Medicine.
Dr Lee Le Ye: a neonatologist at NUH.
Motherhood September 2006 magazine.

Childbirth results in deficiency of QI and BLOOD in the mother’s body.
1. consume tonics and nutritious food. Note: Caesarean mother should refrain from too much nutritious food and tonics in the 1st week because the open wounds from surgery are still healing and infection could set it if body is too "heaty". Tips by Jin.
2. consume iron supplements. Tips by Lee.

Adapt to mother’s "body type".
A mother who is naturally "heatier": do not eat too much nutritious food and tonics. Do not wear too much / too warm. If body is too heated up, will increase risk of infection of open wounds.
A mother who is naturally "cool" should consume more nutritious food and tonics. Dress more warmly.

Drink fish papaya soup to boost breastmilk supply.
Avoid too salty food to prevent water retention.
Avoid "cold" food. Why? can weaken stomach / digestive system, result in coagulation of lochia.
e.g. of "cold" food : cold drinks, cucumber, cabbage, pineapple, citrus fruit
Avoid food that cause wind, e.g. sweet potatoes, jackfruit, pumpkin, cucumber, nuts, legumes. Tips by Motherhood.
Avoid food that make you sweat because sweating expands the pores and expanded pores will allow wind to enter the new mother’s body. Tips by Motherhood.
If sweating, must change clothes. Tips by Mum S.

A breastfeeding mother needs only ~600-800 calories more / day mothers who bottle-feed their babies. Tips by Motherhood.

drink lots of nutritious fluids, e.g. red date tea.
can also drink chicken essence, other healthy soups.
water is allowed (Jin).
lochia = the normal uterine discharge of blood, tissue, mucus from vagina after childbirth.

WEAR SLIPPERS. Do not let soles of feet to touch the floor.

Must maintain a normal temperature to prevent heatstroke.
Can use air-con or fan.
Room must have fresh air and allow mother to cool down.

In tropical climate, Keep your body clean by wiping with warm / herbal water.

In tropical climate, If you need to wash hair, dry it immediately to avoid catching a cold.

Note: the rule of not to wash hair and bathe during the entire confinement period probably originated in China during olden times when water facilities were scarce and contain bacteria.

Causes of rheumatism (Motherhood): wear & tear resulting in the inflammation / degeneration of muscles / bones.
Causes of headaches (Motherhood): high blood pressure, stress, insufficient rest.

How to prevent backache (Motherhood)?
1. sleep on a firm mattress.
2. exercise regularly.
3. do not slouch when waking / sitting on the couch.
4. do not allow ourselves to become overweight.

If reading helps us to RELAX, try reading aloud to our baby.
Nothing soothes a baby more than feeling the closeness of his mother & hearing her voice. Tips by Motherhood.

because new mother’s joints are weak and loose.
You need not lie in bed all the time.
Do not be sedentary to prevent blood clots in the legs.
Steer clear of water.
Do not mop the floor.
Do not do laundry.
Get more rest.
Stay at home.

Binding your belly only prevents the muscles from sagging.
To trim your tummy, exercise and eat sensibly.

Confinement meal

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January 12, 2013 at 5:41 am

Confinement meal

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Confinement meal delivery usually comes with 2 dishes and 1 soup.

Here are some dishes that I think I will need to eat:
@~@ green papaya fish soup: to enrich milk glands
@~@ black chicken herbal soup
@~@ SOUPS with pork rib
@~@ FISH

Here are some dishes that I think I will like:
@~@ SOUPS. In one of my challenging years overseas, I treated myself once in a while after exhausting 7 days work by having double boiled soups, so I always love nutritious Chinese soups.
@~@ any VEGETABLES stir fried with SESAME OIL plus shredded MUSHROOM / minced meat / silver anchovies (I am not sure how I will like the additional shredded ginger).
@~@ any VEGETABLES or SOUPS with FISH MAW cut into small pieces.
@~@ dishes containing SEA CUCUMBER, e.g. stir fried asparagus with sea cucumber.

Food that I need to do further study on:
liver and kidney. Honestly, I do not like to eat organs. I avoid liver and kidney in pregnancy despite of being anemic because of the undesired effect of vitamin A from liver, for the developing fetus.

List of companies providing confinement meal delivery in Singapore as of 2012: SGD 1,588; no delivery during public holiday.
Natal Essentials SGD 1,588; service disruption 1st Two Days of Chinese New Year; I find some of the menu contains fried items and cooling items like lotus root.
Chili Padi SGD 1,568 (NA for my case); no meal for 1st Day & 2nd Day of Chinese New Year. SGD 1379; No service during Chinese Lunar New Year period (4 Days).
Florence’s Gourmet 6292-9188 or e-mail flgourmt SGD 1,588 We have recently moved to Malaysia, we are not open for Singapore market before June 2013.

1. I have not taken any of their services, so I cannot guarantee on the quality, but the list is a good start for mothers to be who need confinement food.
2. The price is for 2 meals / day for 28 days.

Some useful knowledge:
Breastfeed baby before consuming their meals. By the next meal, the ginger and wine contents in mummy’s body would have been excreted through urination.
Alternatively, you may like to extract the breast milk before eating and feed the baby at a later time.

Black vinegar purifies the blood, the old ginger drives out the wind. If take black vinegar, glutinous ligaments and collagen of the pig’s trotters can reduce its acidity.
Duzhong / Eucommia Bark strengthens the kidneys, helps to lower blood pressure.
Fish maw contains collagen to strengthen limbs & joints, can improve QI and beautify complexion.
Kai Lan is beneficial to veins and bones, improvies joints and lypmh.
Black fungus is rich in iron and drives out stale blood from the body.

Useful URLs to learn about Chinese herbs used for confinenment:

Below is an image of Chinese herbals useful for confinement, from Chili Padi.
I love LILY FLOWER, once a good friend of mine cooked for me after a completion of a big project in UK.
I also like dishes with black fungus, ginseng, and wolfberries. Just think of Korean ginseng chicken!

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August 26, 2012 at 11:49 am