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Giving gives you happiness

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People whom I think deserve listening to and learning from, advocate giving. When we give, we will feel happy.

I have given many things in my life:
Things for donation.
Energy / sweat.
I hope to give wisdom in the near future.

Most time I am happy to give, but there are times I am forced to give by circumstances.
For example, once a woman asked my man to help her take photo, then she asked me to lend her my (beautiful) hat. I was unwilling because it was drizzling and I did not feel well, yet I still gave in to her request.
This is a very small example, in work / school we are often / sometimes / rarely forced to give as well.

Why are we sometimes unhappy to give?
1. The receiver has more than us. They already have more / better things yet they insist / trick us to give to them.
E.g. An acquaintance WT who spent $ to study in US, then she got a scholarship to study in UK, mentioned that a beggar earns 50% more than her per month (the beggar’s income is in news in summer 2012).

2. There are imbalance of forces / power. People of authority (parents, teachers, bosses) make you to do things in which you have to give more than what you are willing to give.

3. There are inequality of contribution from collaborators / co-workers / team members in giving and receiving. A solution is to enter the joint efforts with the attitude of "giving without expecting to receive", but this does not serve the purpose of group synergy. When you collaborate, you want 1 + 1 = 3 or more. Perhaps not all collaboration makes everyone happy, if this is the case and you find yourself giving more than what you should, you can try to move on to another project then.

4. Naturally, it makes sense not to give to your competitors (e.g. in business), unless you want to turn them into your collaborators. I think the latter strategy is excellent. When you cannot beat your competitors, you join them, which I did well in summer 2009.

5. Emotion / personal likes and dislikes / chemistry. We just like some people more than others, e.g. our good / kind friends. A girlfriend of mine is rich from working in bank and claiming insurance, yet I still love to give her gifts because I love her. We have been friends for ages and I found her like my elder sister (whom I never have), wise and kind. On contrary, we may find it hard to like (hopefully very few) people. E.g. Can you like your housemate if he always leaves post-excretion signs on your toilet bowl? Can you like your neighbor who blast loud music when you want to sleep? No matter what, even if our likes and dislikes for different people vary, we will still try our best to see everyone equally. After all, we are all children of God.

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January 5, 2013 at 8:24 am

Dream while sleeping, dream while being awake

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Sometimes I got nightmare that I wish to forget.
Sometimes I have beautiful dreams.

February 18th, 2011: scuba diving!

February 19th, 2011: Panda and I are studying together (perhaps we are collaborating on a project recently), we are looking for a site to study. There are so many students and our undergraduate university are expanding. I need to ask people while looking for a restroom. Indeed, I have never been back to my undergraduate university and she has grown so much, she dreams (or perhaps whoever manages her) to be a world-class one. All best!

February 23rd, 2011: Saw the colorful close-up photos of my friend Y, and her wheelchair is smartly invisible. She looks so happy, when she is happy, I am also happy.

What are my dreams while I am not sleeping?
Big-hearted, Beautiful, Brainy blueroselady.
Happy family with a doting husband + kids + dog (like the one who greeted me warmly when I returned from library at 10 or 11 pm), where God and Mother Mary always love and protect us.
Successful entrepreneur (innovation, commitment, inspiration).
Grand plan with Panda.
education fund for needy and hardworking children.
Travel the world with my soul mate (appreciate diverse arts, culture, and people from many corners of the world).

Below are bonuses, I appreciate if I achieve them:
Intern / work at a Fortune 500 company.
My own guest house like Nice Home Sweet Home.
A property in a foreign land (perhaps China near Shanghai).

Please pray for me!
Wish me lucks and blessings.
I love to share my blessings too.

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December 30, 2011 at 12:13 am

Howard Hughes Medical Institute article on collaboration

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We will need to sharpen our MANAGERIAL and POLITICAL SKILLS to be a successful collaborator.
Collaboration will take TIME, EFFORT, and the NURTURING of relationship.

Before the collaboration:
We and our collaborators may ask: “Can someone I trust tell me whether this potential collaborator is honest and reliable?”
Do we really have the EXPERTISE or other RESOURCES that are sought by the other collaborator?

The essential ingredients of collaboration is MUTUAL INTEREST in the research outcome.

How to rule out potential conflict?
We do not want to collaborate with a competitor of our department chair or someone with whom our chair is already collaborating.

Read our potential collaborator published papers.
We need to have a CLEAR IDEA of what we want to do.
E-mail (give your potential collaborator opportunities to find out about you) -> phone call -> face-to-face meeting.

Throughout the collaboration:
COMMMUNICATE: return our collaborators’ call asap. Prioritize our promise to collaborators. Let our collaborators know “action items” for us and for them.
KEEPING UP: We should not be the “rate-limiting-step” that holds things up. If we cannot meet the deadline, let the fact be known right away, so that deadline can be reset.

How can we be a good collaborator?
I abbreviated them as “For HIM”, we are doing research to bring TRUTH that comes from Our Lord, whatever we have and achieve are by His Grace.
@~@ FAIRNESS -> give credit when it is due.
@~@ OPENNESS -> keep in touch, resolve prob with our collaborators DIRECTLY.
@~@ RELIABILITY -> deliver what we have promised, on time.
@~@ HONESTY -> be willing to “cut through the nonsense” and offer constructive criticism.
@~@ INDUSTRY -> put our full effort.
@~@ MUTUAL RESPECT -> appreciate our collaborator(s) contribution.

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June 30, 2010 at 12:25 am

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