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How to do God's plan in the right dose?

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In a beautiful Sunday noon in the late summer 2012, the homely was about the pharisees focusing more on upholding the laws of ensuring cleanliness before eating rather than following God’s plan.
But what really matters is inside a man instead of outside of him.
Evil comes from inside of men, instead of outside.
That’s why we have to be careful when we talk, not to talk evil (e.g. things that hurt others).

How do we know what God’s plans are?
To illustrate, a father loves his son so much and allowed him to play computer games. Consequently, the son has poor eating habit and poor social skills.
A fresh graduate wants to go to a foreign land to serve as a volunteer yet neglecting a retired mother (without income) alone at home.
A priest helped a family with a 4-year old son by buying them groceries, but the father is so arrogant that he was unable to keep his new job for more than 2 weeks (after a long period of unemployment). The father also threatened the priest to give the family money. This is an example of over helping.

Over helping can ruin the life of people we care and love.
Yet, too little helping is also going against God’s plan.
So, how do we know what the right dose is?
The act of balancing is challenging, but not impossible.

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October 7, 2012 at 12:55 am

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How to achieve financial stability, security, freedom, abundance?

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Criteria of financial stability:
1. liquid assets to cover a min of 6 months of current expenses.
2. have insurance (life, hospitalization).

To calculate expenses, see a previous post on how to make personal income statement.

Let say in 2012 (based on an estimate for the 1st 8 months), my monthly expense is $2,700.
Therefore, I need to keep a liquid asset of ~ $16,000 in my bank account.
Stocks are also considered as liquid asset, but to be conservative and safe, I only consider cash in my calculation.

1. Get a term insurance with a much cheaper premium than a whole life insurance. Understand that term insurances are often up to only certain age, e.g. 65 and its purpose is to protect your family (not your retirement).
2. If you want to also get a whole life insurance, try to buy it at younger age and to finish paying the entire premium early. Unlike long-term housing mortgage, which can be protected with mortgage insurance, I hear many cases of people failing to pay for the expensive premium of the whole life insurance hence their policy lapses.

Financial SECURITY means your passive income can cover your BASIC expenses.
Financial FREEDOM means your passive income can cover your CURRENT expenses.
Financial ABUNDANCE means your passive income can cover your DESIRED expenses.

Criteria for basic expenses:
1. housing mortgage, utilities.
2. public transport.
3. food (inclusive for my children) / groceries.
4. all interest payments for debts.
5. all insurance premiums (life, hospitalization, fire).

Let say in 2012, my basic expense is $1,500.
To achieve FINANCIAL SECURITY, I must have passive income of $1,500 per month.

I realize that these components (a) gifts / donations, (b) insurance premiums, (c) dining out, contribute to my non-basic expense in descending order, but I want to keep on giving and enjoying the fruit of my labor, so let us set our target higher.
To achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM, I must have passive income of $2,700 per month.

To calculate my desired lifestyle, for now I only add 2 items (but the list may grow over time).
I want to be able to give meaningfully and travel the world.
To achieve FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE, I must have passive income of at least $5,000 per month.

I am working smart and hard to have more passive income. Keep on the spirit!

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September 18, 2012 at 9:10 am

Charity: Mothers’ Bridge

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Happy Women’s Day.

Here is a sharing about mothers and daughters.

In China many Chinese girls become orphans. This arises because of 3 main reasons:

1. According to the Chinese traditional way of thinking, only boys can be part of the family tree to succeed the family business and inherit the family fortune;

2. The SINGLE-CHILD policy started in 1981 and has been enforced mainly in the eastern part of China, especially in the big cities.

3. Since 1992, many young people have adopted a “western life” style, including pre-marital sex or co-habitation without being married. This behaviour is still FORBIDDEN to many Chinese today for historical and cultural reasons. So it is still deemed to be ‘immoral’ for people to have children before marriage.

Therefore, Xue Xinran, who witnessed murder of newborn baby girl but could not do anything, wants so much to do something for Chinese daughters and their biological mothers and kind mothers who adopt them in the West.

As an aspiring mother, I heart this project of Mothers’ Bridge led by Xue Xinran.

I look forward to an opportunity to make donation by credit card.

To find out more, please visit

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March 8, 2012 at 1:39 pm

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Miscellaneous 2011

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avoid rain water, can spread rat urine infected with leptospirosis, especially in crowded and developing cities.

Most back and shoulder aches stem from poor posture as most people spend most of their lives in front of a desk.
We need to get up and stretch ONCE EVERY HOUR to loosen the muscles and decompress our lower back.
Walk, not jog, at least 2x a week.
To keep stress, anger, and unforgiveness is worse than having a physical teacher.
Ref: a pilate teacher Alvin Giam

What to do when your hand is scalded?
Instead of putting ice or toothpaste (which will contract the skin and worsen the blister), dip into a cup of room temperature water.

How to treat acid reflux ?
make lifestyle changes
over-the-counter medication

Common symptoms of acid reflux:
burping, belching
sour / bitter taste in mouth
feel a burning sensation in throat / chest (heartburn)
cough at night
dry / sore throat
hoarseness in morning
worsening of asthma

Consequences of Long-Term acid reflux : oesophagitis, sricture, barrett’s oesophagus.

Certain food may worsen reflux, please avoid:
chocolates, sweet deserts, high fat / spicy foods, curry, citrus fruits, garlic, onion, tomatoes, tomato-based products.
beverages e.g. citrus juices (orange, lemon), alcohol, coffee, tea.

eat regular meals, small portions each time.
avoid eating 2-3 hours before sleep
lose weight if you are overweight
stop smoking
elevate head of your bed by 6-8 inches.
avoid stres
Ref: Andrea Rajnakova

Finance trends

Michael Hasenstab
fund manager. Templeton Global Bond Fund.
PhD in economics at Australian National University, Canberra.
honeymoon climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with wife Mary Ann
focus on sovereigns and forex, many other global funds buy gov, corporate, and supranational debt.

To Hasenstab, most developed markets are overly indebted and overleveraged, and they offer far more risk than return potential from their paltry interest rates.

In 2007, before the credit crisis, 70% of his portfolio was in mature markets. But then he realised the US financial crisis would spread globally. Solution? he shorted the euro, while buying currencies with current-account surpluses, including CHF and JPY. He boosted holdings in countries where he expected sizable rate cuts, among them Australia, NZ, Chile, South Korea, Mexico. Anticipating the flight to USD, he hedged most of his emerging-market currency exposure.

In finance, short selling (also known as shorting or going short) is the practice of selling assets, usually securities, that have been borrowed from a third party (usually a broker) with the intention of buying identical assets back at a later date to return to the lender. It is a form of reverse trading. The short seller hopes to profit from a decline in the price of the assets between the sale and the repurchase, as the seller will pay less to buy the assets than the seller received on selling them. Conversely, the short seller will incur a loss if the price of the assets rises.
Those who short, expect price to decrease.

Hasenstab believes that over the next few years, US rates will rise and JPY will fall.

Women beware!
If a couple takes taxi in Arab countries, guys go up 1st. Ladies come out 1st. Why? My mentor told me got cases where the ladies were kidnapped.

I love to read and learn from others.

From: 5 Life Lessons I Learned From Prawning (Prawning Tips Included)
1) Fat opportunities don’t come to you. You have to go to them.
2) People help those they like; therefore, be likeable.
3) Be willing to make changes, however unpleasant.
4) Observe what others are doing and MODEL them as best you can.

the risk of being run over by garbage trcuks / buried under the trash
health risks like tetanus
Let us remember the parable of the Good Samaritan

Summer 2011: I have never heard of U Mannheim (the Harvard of Germany), until I learned about CF, probably as young as my sister. See you soon.

Summer 2011: to be competititive, one needs to prepare visume (video resume).

Summer 2011: I had a writing course in a very cold room. Tips: you can use the heat of laptop to warm your hands.

Employer: Our company place cleanliness as the highest value. Do you clean your shoes against the mat when you came in?
Job applicant: Yes, Sir.
Employer: Actually, there is no mat.
Moral of the story: honesty is the best policy

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August 1, 2011 at 4:13 pm

Being able to read, being able to select what to read

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I am grateful for being able to read.
I am grateful to being able to select what to read.

I just shopped for a world gifts from CAFOD.

Teach someone to read

Reading opens so many doors – education, work, pleasure and self-improvement – and it’s never too late to learn. This fabulous gift can pay to train adult literacy teachers and provide books.

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December 12, 2010 at 2:53 am

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Why do we have to keep on supporting UN?

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While I was in Cyprus, I met an NGO worker who told me that he had no faith in the UN (United Nations) as it is full of many corrupted officials.

However, though there are many NGOs around the world, it seems to me, a layman, that UN and International Red Cross, have the capacity to reach out widely and deeply. We will not be able to help little, yes very little to what those in needs are suffering, if there is no UN, Red Cross, etc. With them, we can help little, little is better than none at all. Thus, I wish that I could continue support UN, International Red Cross, and many others.

This photo reminds me that I should always support the humanitarian causes that UN, Red Cross, and many others are working for.

The photo depicts a famine-stricken child crawling towards an UN food camp, located a km away. The vulture is waiting for the child to die so that it can eat it. This picture shocked the whole world. No one knows what happened to the child, including the photographer Kevin Carter who left the place as soon as the photo was taken. Three months later, he committed sucide due to depression. The photo is the Pulitzer prize winning photo taken in 1994 during the Sudan famine.

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April 6, 2010 at 2:54 pm

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Blessings in January 2010

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# Jan 2nd: Saw the largest bright round moon I have ever seen on the bus home after donating to Salvation Army. Dear imagined it as a rabbit, I thought of a semi-laying mother lifting up her baby.

Oops … I forgot to note them down. Will do more diligently in Feb 2010.

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January 31, 2010 at 11:26 pm

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Where I can donate for children education

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# CAFOD: the official overseas development and relief agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. UK reg. charity no. 285776
# Link Community Development: works to improve access to quality education and promote the health and wellbeing of young people in rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa
# World Vision: [URL:

They are all well-established. Are there smaller charities that need more helps but unable to leverage on marketing via e.g. sponsors, internets, etc?
Please let me know, thanks in advance!
# Yayasan PEKA, Panti Asuhan Karena Kasih

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January 1, 2010 at 1:36 am

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