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How to choose sunscreen (at least for myself and children)?

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In mid November 2013, I read a scientific finding (by J.L. of my undergraduate almamater) that nano particles such as zinc oxide can possibly cause cancer.

Then, I feel the need to check the ingredients of my sunscreen.

SPF 15 or higher only protects against UVB, but not UVA. According to Dr. David J. Leffell (professor of dermatology and surgery at the Yale School of Medicine), the followings (ecamsule, avobenzone, oxybenzone, titanium dioxide, sulisobenzone, or zinc oxide) protect against UVA.

According to the, children’s sunscreens use ingredients less likely to irritate the skin, like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

It seems that the more complicated a product is, the more hidden or unknown risks it carries.

Is zinc oxide (in sunscreen) good or bad for us?

Dr. Lawrence Gibson (a dermatologist at Mayo Clinic) views that sunscreen is safe (has not been proven to increase the risk of skin cancer, has been proven to reduce the risk of melanoma). Instead of looking at a sunscreen’s SPF, choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that will protect you from UVA and UVB rays

If you are pregnant, avoid sunscreens that contain antioxidant retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A or retinol.

Sand, water, snow and concrete reflect sunlight.

Instead of being confused by the choices of sunscreen,
consider the following tips:
# Avoid the sun during peak hours (between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.), regardless of season (Since UV light can pass through clouds, use sunscreen even when it’s cloudy).
# Choose indoor activities (e.g. indoor swim) during the sun peak hours.
# Wear protective clothing e.g. pants, long sleeve shirts, sunglasses.
# Wear a wide-brimmed hat.
# Use an umbrella.
# Vitamins. Vitamin E can protect against UV-induced DNA damage. Vitamin C helps protect skin from sunburn.
# Do not let any product lull you into a false sense of security about sun exposure.
# Finally, pursue a combinatorial approach (shade, clothing, umbrella / hat, sunscreen, common sense).

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November 14, 2013 at 7:30 am

Tips from a doctor who treats cancer patients

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It took me a lot of courage to read the articles on cancer, totaling up to ~14000 words.

I shed my tears, but I will be strong.

  1. Look fwd to everyday as a precious gift of God’s grace.
  2. Dear patients, please resist the temptation to give in to fear and panic.
  3. Never give up!
  4. We do not know MANY THINGS about cancer – a disease more ancient than human beings. But I believe that everyday we gain new knowledge, discover new gems in science – gems that allow patients to live longer.
  5. cancer cells that multiply faster also tend to die faster. Beware of cell death by products e.g. uric acid – can affect kidney.
  6. $ can bring happiness and health. If you have $, you can provide better treatment to your loved ones. According to APT private hospitals e.g. ME seem to provide better measurements of treatment than public hospitals.
  7. Akin to constantly glancing at our rear-view mirror in order to travel safely ahead, doctors must review and reflect on what they could have done better. Do you and I review in our profession so that we can give our best through our talents?
  8. The cost of specialization and subspecialization is specialist doctors are good at their specific fields but can be at the expense of general medicine. Both BREADTH and DEPTH are essential.
  9. Some policies (e.g. hospice policy) can be interpreted subjectively (to your favor).
  10. In increasingly litigious society, doctors are afraid of being sued. Blueroselady still has faith in our doctors. Their desire to help their patients will enable them to overcome the fear.
  11. Cancer cannot transmit through bodily fluids, e.g. sex.
  12. Sex will not cause recurrence of cancer.
  13. Aches may be a sign of cancer, so please pay attention to our bodies. Be disciplined in going for check-ups.
  14. Common causes of anemia in men: blood loss from GI tract (e.g. piles, peptic ulcers, stomach cancer, colon cancer).
  15. Beware that PET scans often (up to 50%) give false negatives (mis-detect the presence) of liver-originated cancers.
  16. Stopping chemotherapy may increase the risk of drug resistance. Perseverance?
  17. Chemotherapy is not recommended for cancer patients of Zubrod 3 or 4 status; yet beating the odds is still possible. Zubrod 3 means need to spend more than 50% of time in bed. Zubrod 4 means bed ridden.
  18. For bone cancer, chemo 1st then surgery / amputation. Why? (a) to prevent early spreading to lungs (b) more time to find a suitable bone.
  19. Pregnancy and advanced breast cancer are not rare. The good news is cancer cells generally do not cross placenta, except in some blood cancers cases e.g. leukemia, lymphoma.
  20. Testosterone (male hormone) is beneficial to inhibit breast cancer growth.
  21. The monoclonal antibody bevacizumab reduces blood supply to (ovarian) cancer.
  22. * to allow family members the time to rest and revitalize, family members can take turn to care for the patients.

Thank you: Dr Ang

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May 27, 2012 at 8:37 am

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