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How to read? 10 tips for children that are also applicable for adults

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Reading & comprehension are essential skills for learning of all subjects.

To be an independent learners, our chidren / we
# must read CAREFULly.
# must have a good command of VOCABulary.
# must be able to make INFERENCEs.
# must minimize errors in GRAMMAR, SPELLING, & PUNCTUATION when writing review / reading journal / 读书心得.

Good readers are able to
# UNDERSTAND the text.
# THINK CRITICALLY about what the author has said, as the saying by Mencius goes "尽信书不如无书." We need an analytical mind.
# make CONNECTIONS / relate between the text and our own background knowledge / real life events.
# REFLECT upon the ideas given in the text.

Since reading is so essential,
how to read effectively, efficiently, and happily?

1. Reading must be meaningful.
Read with a purpose,
a question in mind,
then our children / we will be motivated.

2. Make reading a daily habit / routine / practice at home.

3. Visit libraries / book shops to get food for our minds like visiting market to get daily food for our bodies.

4. For young readers who have little background knowledge, unlike we adult, choose diverse, enjoyable, readable books.
Readable books refer to books that our children are able to read, not difficult books.
If the books are too difficult, children may get discouraged to enjoy reading.
When I was a little children, I made the mistake of trying to read tough classical books, and ended up not reading them because the rich vocabularies were too much for my little command of language at that time.

5. For your readers, parents can read aloud to them.

6. Consider also audio books / pre-recorded text in voicenotes.

7. STORY TELLING helps to develop listening & oral skills. Encourage our children to re-tell parts of story read, without making it sounds / feels like a hard test.
Soothing / angelic voice(e.g. J’s voice) helps.
Characters come to life when they have a voice, and sound effects are more compelling if they are convincing and audible.
Slow down at the key part.
The storyteller Neil Griffiths advices "Read aloud to them stories they love again and again!" I agree that repetition works.
Neil thinks that children can start listening to stories since they are in the womb!
In other words, unborn babies are never too young to enjoy listening to stories.
I also think that children never become too old for story time;
there is a child inside everyone of us.
If we can be child-like again,
even if our body has matured and aged, our soul will be happy!

8. Visualize the story.
Use photographic memory
to remember & recall the story / lesson.
A story can empower us with the ability
to dream, to dream imaginatively, to DREAM BIG.

9. Diarize our reflections / opinions / favorite parts from reading because developing both writing & reading skills does support each others.

10. Quiet room and peace / tranquility. If this is not possible, we can use ear pieces to listen to music that is suitable for reading. Supportive environment: neither too hot nor too cold.

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March 31, 2013 at 12:29 am

Benefits of being pregnant

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Growing life. Loving someone without being able to see him yet.
People are nicer to me. Parents give me nutritious food, Mom bought me new maternity wear. Boss is less demanding. Kind strangers give me a seat on public train.
I am allowed to eat more by my man. Normally, if we share food, he will eat 2/3 and I eat 1/3.
No longer afraid of cold. I used to be afraid of low temperature, when people wear 2 layers, I have to wear 3 layers.
Enlarged breasts. My bra size increases by n_now – n_before = 4, cup size increases by 2 alphabets.

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November 4, 2012 at 10:56 am

I decide not to go for any massage or facial anymore

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I received a promotion for massage fro my credit card company. I have been carrying the promotional card around everyday in case I will need it. Whenever I call the massage site, they say no slot. I called on 3 separate days spanning weeks. All these activities wasted my time. In the end, I throw the card and release the little burden.

I will not recommend signing up for package, even it may turn up cheaper per session. Disappointingly, some service providers give deteriorating values of $ once they receive a lump sum from customers.

A friend of mine PY, who kindly suggested volunteering to pain our door, appears slim to me and most people. However, she was enticed to sign up for a weight management program costing $3,000. In the end, she lost $1,000.

Therefore, in April 2012, I decide NO to spa / massage / facial. Why?

  1. I want to focus my efforts (time, energy) for my grand dream. For this, I am committed to clock 10,000 fruitful and fun hours.
  2. Some things in life are better to be experience for once than for multiple times. I had enjoyed the experience of (body, foot, Thai, Javanese) massage and facial. Honestly, I found them relaxing, except that I feel a bit dizzy after a foot massage and I dislike facial extraction. I brought my own extraction kit.
  3. I want to find relaxation from within, e.g. meditation, exercise, walking in the nature, self-massage (improvise using my soft-edged cross). I do not want to depend on external sources. I believe that I can rely less on external pleasures.
  4. I do not like to face hard selling to sign up for any package. This package is more like burden (in term of being tied to a particular service provider) than a relaxant (in term of reduced cost per session).

See also why I decide NO for manicure and pedicure.

Dear business owners, I am sorry for saying all these.
Fortunately, not all people think as what I think.
I believe that good service providers do have their loyal customers.

Written by blueroselady

May 24, 2012 at 8:34 am