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Tips: how to maximize your Blackberry camera

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Keep the lens clean.
Remove oil (from our skin), dust, debris.
Use a cotton bud to clean the lens.
The first time I cleaned my Blackberry camera lens (after using for more than a year) using a tissue paper, the tissue paper was stained in black. OMG!

Rename photos upon taking them.
Useful for file management.
I love the date as part of the auto-name for every photo taken using Blackberry.

Camera = scanner / copy machine.
submitted documents, e.g. medical claims / medical leave certs.
photographing valuables (for insurance purposes).
price tags across different supermarkets (to ensure you obtain the cheapest bargain).
some pages of books.
slides in talks.
useful newspaper articles.

Camera setting.
White balance: fluorescent. Personally, I found that this is the most realistic. The automatic is too dark.
Pictures size & quality: I use the highest quality.

For fun:
For filter effect, try shooting through sunglasses / color-tinted glass / plastic.
For macro / close-ups, try shooting through a magnifying glass (if not too troublesome to carry around).

Do not zoom. It is a digital not an optical zoom, which means it only magnifies the pixels in the camera.

Hold your phone firmly
to prevent blur picture.
There is a lag in the shutter, expect about a half-second delay from when you depress the shutter to when it takes the picture

Hold your hand over the phone to shield the sun.

The BlackBerry Pearl has a voice recorder that allows you to attach up to a minute of digital audio to a photo.

Some of tips here are inspired by John Tlumacki, a Boston Globe travel writer. Thank you!

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December 14, 2012 at 8:46 am

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A typical weekend

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VIP: To find accommodation!!! deadlines are coming. God please help us.

Edit my work, collaborator’s work.
Read up papers.
Read up news of successful young fund managers.

Tidy up bedroom (sweep 3x, throw away unused stuff, backup in photos / text things to be thrown away).
I hate dust. Allergy!
More about room cleaning are below.
Neat environment enhances my productivity and reduces stress.

Blackberry: compass USD 4.99. Consider later.
Wish: can email to mobile phone of others. Small keypad of mobile phones are challenging.

Cut fingernails.
Cut fringe.
Tidy eyebrow.
Kose Seikisho mask white.
Scrub my skin (from face to feet).
Shave armpit hair.

Breakfast of Shin Ramen kimchi flavour + egg + mushroom. Gosh, I must stop eating instant noodle, this is my 4th package this month.
Kinder bueno.
Turkish apple tea. I still prefer ocha and Dragon Well Tea. Occasionally, English breakfast tea with (English) milk.
M&S Cammomile tea.
Durian puff.
Cook French onion soup for Darling (dinner). Cry cutting 3 bulbs of red onion. Add red wine.
Japanese lunch after church.
Sichuan dinner. 水煮牛肉, 干锅包菜.
I am so blessed!

Watch 吝啬罗曼史 Jjejjehan Romance.
Make Darling happy.
Pamper Darling. Men’s Bior pore pack. Aloe mask.

I wish I could do these (no time, sigh):
Read blogs of beautiful ladies.

Thumbs up:
Succeed to resist facebook temptation.

Must learn from Mum, to plastic wrap everything you want to put as decoration or else they become so dirty that you cannot even wash them, the only solution is to throw them away.
Find some $ presumably belong to my roommate. Roomie, why don’t we donate them?
Find things that are too good to be thrown, let’s donate them, perhaps to developing countries.
I am so touched that the clothes that I sorted before Lunar New Year are desirable by an old man. Not everyone in developed countries enjoy the prosperity, so I can only hope that I will be more generous with the more things I have in the future.

A piece of paper from a pre-Christmas in England:
Q. What has a bed but does not sleep, and a mouth but does not speak?
A. A river.

Useful stuff from weekly parish bulletins.
Be humble.
Jesus, following the PRINCIPLES OF GOOD CONVERSATION, moved from the GENERAL to the SPECIFIC.
The greater you are, the more you should behave humbly especially to those who are weaker and lower than you.
The host should practise inviting the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind … because he CANNOT REPAY you.
We have no rights except as humble children of our Father.
Humility is grounded in a deep core of psychological awareness that everything I am and everything I have is totally a gift from God.
We should not seek recognition from other people.
Everyday has a potential of goodness.

Discipleship is our gift to Him as we take up our cross, die to self and follow the Lord in everything.
Let go all our fears and insecurities and our false sense of self-sufficiency.
Do not run away from suffering – embrace it.

Useful stuff from the Alpha Course.

How do we pray?
A – adoration
C – confession
T – thanksgiving
S – supplication (ask humbly)
Everything necessary for the preservation of life, like food, a healthy body, good weather, huose, home, wife, children, good government and peace‘ Martin Luther.

How does God guide us?
1. God promises to guide (Psalm 32:8, John 10:3, 4, 27)
2. God has a good plan for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 12:2, John 10:10, 15)
3. We need to consult God before making major decisions (Isaiah 30:1,2)

Does God heal today?
A person may not got a physical healing in this lifetime. But s(he) will be able to get a spiritual healing.

finish reading books that I want to give to my brother instead of borrowing from libraries.
finish reading and learning from finance books at home.

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