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Alternative use of eyeshadow and blush on

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If you have expired eye shadow or blush on, do not discard them immediately.
You can use them to color your drawings, wishing cards, or notes.
Unlike food and cosmetics, stationery rarely has expiration date.

Your loved ones and friends will be extremely happy to receive wishing cards like birthday cards, Valentine cards, Xmas cards, that you have colored creatively using your eyeshadow and blush on.

The effects are like Monet paintings!
Of course, Monet painted so many times better,
but at least we take inspiration from Monet.

Shimmering eyeshadow makes your coloring glittering!
For white background paper, use stronger color eyeshadow.
Bright color eyeshadow is suitable for dark color paper, e.g. black cards.

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March 9, 2013 at 4:38 pm

Inspiration from the Princess Hours

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Once upon a time, I watched Princess Hours and loved the beautiful girls and Teddy Bears so much.
That was how my lover gave me a huge white Teddy Bear for the first birthday gift that he gave me. I was so grateful and touched! The bear is huge and accompanies us.

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December 2, 2012 at 6:12 am

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When I celebrate

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It seems that we are celebrating more and more events in life, from the traditional Christmas to the latest Father’s Day, and marketers will entice customers to buy more things to pamper our loved ones.
The list below is not exhaustive:
New Year
Lunar New Year
Valentine’s Day
Mother’s Day
Women’s Day
Father’s Day
Children’s Day
Teacher’s Day

It is time for me to prioritize.

I used to celebrate monthly by dressing up as beautiful as a movie star, taking photos, and sometimes going out to have fun. Once in a while, I got my nails painted, my hair done by professionals.
Now, I want to concentrate on my venture and focus less on this monthly celebration.

However, I still want to celebrate for:
1. my birthday : I am a firm believer of self-love. Only when I love myself, I can love other people. My birthday is also a reminder how my mother loves me and all the things she has done for me. I want so much to celebrate a birthday of mine by pampering her to the best food and spa I can find.
2. Christmas : I had spent many meaningful Christmas. I learned the value of being responsible in Christmas 2004, when people were enjoying themselves, I was working. Christmas also has a role to play for my first date with my beloved man (with firework), the proposal, the once-in-a-lifetime celebration in Vatican City.
3. our anniversary : growing together to be more mature, wise, and loving than ever. We will remember that on this day n years ago that we both stood across from one another, in front of God, friends, and family and outwardly admitted our love for one another.

Apart from these, it is OK for me to celebrate or not for other events.
Sometimes, resting at home to re-charge is a better options!

In the past, I managed to celebrate the four seasons (finding the winter being the most challenging).
Whenever I have the opportunities, I would love to celebrate the four seasons with my children: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Celebration motivates me to dress beautifully.
I have worn gowns of the following colors:
black : always classic
white : Yes, it is my wedding gown!
cyan / turquoise (2012)
blue sapphire (2003) : which happened to be the same color as the table cloth of the hotel ballroom!
green apple (2002)
red maroon (2011) : beautiful autumn memory of dream and determination, think of red autumn leaves.
magenta (2012)
purple (the knee length) : I love the way it sexily reveals my shoulder

Some colors of gown that I want to wear:
shiny silver grey
red scarlet : when I am the main host
green emerald
Though, I also like colors like soft pink, peach, milk chocolate, but I think gowns of these colors do not make me stand out. I do not mind wearing gowns of these colors for an occasion like being a bridesmaid.
Well, there are other colors that I used to like in the past e.g. green sage, but now I do not find them attractive anymore. I change.
I also do not mind colorful gowns, though they may make me the center of attention.

What kind of make-up that I like?
Snow White : she has a baby face cheek without appearing fat. Snow White is in the right balance of between too fat and too bony. Thank you foundation and blush on.
large innocent doe eyes / like the eyes of Disney princesses / Kumicky eyes. Thank you eyelashes, color lens, eyeliner, concealer, eyeshadow.
sexy red lips that makes man wants to kiss. Thank you lipstick and concealer.

A comment on my preference for eye make-up:
I like that kind of attractive, innocent, yet to some people it appears vulnerable.
Perhaps it has to do with my gentle nature.
However, one can be gentle outward, and strong inward.
To be successful, a lot of inner strength is required.
Only those with inner strength will be taken seriously by customers / business partners.

I am flexible to explore with different kind of hairstyle.
Thank you wig!

How to celebrate?
write a prayer / poem / heartfelt letter
dance with your loved one
eat cake
view photos and videos that bring back treasured memory
have fine-dining / special home-cooked meal
travel / nth-honeymoon
make love
appreciate the nature / go picnic / visit botanical garden / zoo / natural reserve / national parks
throw a party : this appeals less to me because I am not a party animal. To save costs, you can throw a pot luck.
volunteer for a cause

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October 14, 2012 at 8:01 am

The origin of Blueroselady

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Written on March 1st, 2009

Once upon a time, there is this little woman who was impressed by the biotechnology in Japan, in which blue roses – something absent in nature – was successfully produced through color pigment gene transfer. No more “roses are red, violets are blue”.

Érase una vez, hay esta chica que fue impresionada por la biotecnología en Japón, en el cual las rosas azules – algo ausente en naturaleza – fueron producidas con éxito con transferencia del gene del pigmento del color. No más de ” las rosas son rojas, las violetas son blue”.

She loves everything beautiful. She loves most pretty flowers, except sunflowers (but she gradually accept sunflowers after watching Shrek happily wandering in sunflower fields).

Ella ama todo hermoso. Ella ama la mayoría de las flores bonitas, a menos que los girasoles (solamente ella acepte gradualmente los girasoles después de mirar Shrek feliz el vagar en campos del girasol).

She hopes to be as beautiful and loving as roses. Ella espera ser tan hermosa y de amor como rosas.

The first rose garden she had been to is in Vancouver, a very beautiful garden facing the Pacific Ocean. La primera rosaleda que ella había estado a está en Vancouver, un jardín muy hermoso que hace frente al Océano Pacífico.

In the early summer of 2008, she had a happy time with roses in CU Botanical Garden.

She is a fortunate lady, given roses of different colors: peach (a ball in 2003), Blue Roses with Teddy, White Roses with other flowers (Birthday 2008), Red maroon (Valentine 2008). Ella es una señora afortunada, dada las rosas de diversos colores: melocotón (2003), rosas azules con el peluche, rosas blancas con otras flores (cumpleaños 2008), marrón rojo (San Valentín 2008). Thank you so much Darling!

She hopes to be able to cook rose-petal food for her beloved one !
DONE in 2011.

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March 1, 2011 at 12:00 am

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Calculation on our birth date

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A very interesting calculation from ball:
Take the date you are born,
x 4,
+ 13,
x 25,
– 200,
+ month you are born ,
x 2,
– 40,
x 50,
+ last 2 digits of the year you are born,

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December 19, 2009 at 4:46 am

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