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Instagram, Instant Retro, vintageJS, Pixlr-o-matic

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Time flies since I graduated from high school at the age of 17. Yes, I was the youngest in the class! I think this is a blessing. ok, enough talking about myself. I want to be humble, and we can be humble by being aware that whatever we have are gifts from God (for my non-believer friends, I would say gifts from the universe).

I love vintage photos, they are so timeless and nostalgic, they can bring back countless happy memories. Not having the latest technology should not deter ones from having beautiful memories. Here, I am reviewing a number of tools / software to create everlasting pieces of memorable photos.

Review period: January 2012

Pro: like a shop, it has many things that we need.
Con: steep learning curve.
Will I use it again? I have been using it. I have to keep on learning!

Pro: easy to use, I saw my sister use it on the spot.
Con: must have iPhone, Mac, which I do not have.
Will I use it again? Yes!

Con: need internet access to upload, slow to upload / edit.
Techniques: Vignette (darken edges), Vignette (lighten center), Adjust curves, Screenlayer, Through the viewfinder, Desaturate, Blur on edges
Will I use it again? No.

Instant Retro:
Con: slow to upload, to add effects (edit).
Techniques: darken edges, lighten center, screenlayer, desaturate, roll, sun, Ttv, burned, lens, rounded, Fuji, bricks
Will I use it again? No.

Con: must upload photos
e.g. : The Hagrid filter darkens the photo and makes it grainier, while the Focal texture washes out the center and adds scratches across the face of the photo.

Con: must sign in using Facebook / Twitter.

While I am doing review, I am listening to some beautiful songs, including Wang Jie. I love her so much. Her eyes are smiling!

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March 2, 2012 at 3:49 pm

Travel: China: SiChuan

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Beautiful places near ChengDu for photography

@~@ 九寨沟 (JiuZhaiGou Valley): reminds me on Plitvice.
Both are possibly Heaven on Earth.
Do you know that travertine-damned lake generate millions of $ from tourism yearly?
Think of Huanglong, JiuZhaiGou in China.
Pamukkale in Turkey.
Plitvice in Croatia.
Yellowstone Park, Wyoming and Kakadu, Australia.
I pray for the conservation of the travertine (钙华) for our children and grandchildren.

A beautiful memory from my life:
We hiked at Plitvice in a beautiful autumn day.
We had our lunch gazing at the surreal lake.
The only minus point is the transport is a challenge, we almost hitch-hike because we thought we miss the last bus.
But the heaven-like scenery worth all the troubles.

@~@ 木格措 (Mugecuo):
Snow. Honestly it is very difficult to take photos while it is snowing.
Tips: the best time to take photos is right after snowing, then you can add on snow effect during post-processing.

@~@ 上里古镇 (ShangLi ancient town):
I think the ancient towns of DaYan and ShuHe are more oriental.

@~@ 国色天香 (GuoSeTianXiang theme park):
Theme park is always fun.
Merry Go Round is so Colorful.
Idea: lollipop, princess tiara.

@~@ 南湖 (NanHu Garden):
It is an artificial theme park.
You can find similar theme park elsewhere.

@~@ 新都桥 (XinDu Bridge):
especially beautiful in autumn with artist’s palette of colors.

@~@ 香颂湖 (XiangSong Lake):
The wheat-alike grass reminds me on our photo taking @ Botanical Garden in summer 2011.

@~@ 宽窄巷子 (KuanZhaiXiangZi) : old town.

@~@ 川大 (ChuanDa / SiChuan University)

@~@ 非遗公园 (FeiYi garden):
lavender in July.

@~@ 石象湖 (SheXiang Lake): sea of flowers! April. Tulips. Note: planted flowers.

@~@ 天台山 (TianTai Mt)

@~@ 朝阳湖 (ChaoYang Lake)

@~@ 浅水湾 (QianShui Bay): confusing with the Repulse Bay of Hong Kong.

@~@ 塔公草原 (TaGong grassland): sea of wild flowers! Can be cloudy like every highland, weather (read: luck) dependent.

@~@ 雅拉雪山 (YaLa snow mountain)

Below are probably too tough for women in bridal gowns to reach!

@~@康定 (Kangding)
Glorious sunset over Tibetan architecture.
Colorful autumn.
Imagine the Khampa, a Tibetan people whose heavy turquoise jewelry, forward manners, and habit of carrying knives match their reputation for toughness.

@~@峨眉山 (Emei Mt)
乐山大佛 (Dafo, Le Shan): a testament to faith and belief.

Standing beneath the Buddha’s feet will be a humbling experience for me.

@~@ SiGuNiang.
I know a friend who made it to the SiGuNiang.
He trains running everyday, it takes DETERMINATION and HARD WORK.

@~@ Giant Panda.
It costs an average person like me a bomb (RMB 1,000) to hug a baby panda.
It is ok for me not to hug, I can understand how mothers worry when their babies are carried by others, so do mother pandas!

Make sure you get there in the morning (the latest by 9am) when they are feeding pandas as most of the other time they just sleep.
Don’t forget the charming red pandas there!

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February 12, 2012 at 8:05 am

Plan for our love photos @ China

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In few days of Feb 2012, I study Lijiang and Guilin


My sharing here is based on studying countless images.

I kept 600 images (101 of Guilin, the rest are majority of Lijiang) on Feb 9th, excluding those that I did not keep, so you can imagine how many efforts I have put to make our most cherished memories, for ourselves, our children, and grandchildren.




Shangrila (Zhongdian) in Yunnan reminds me on Switzerland.
LaShiHai (拉市海): I love the not-too-crowded single line of tree immersed in water so romantic!

I think they are willow tree!


A lonely island with a tree.

Field of flowers (seasonal!): you can pick some as a little bouquet.

Tall wild grass.

Cherry blossom (seasonal!) : good for close-up shots only. Can be too cluttered.

Blue sky. Tips: ask your photographer to shoot up so that you look taller + slimmer and the blue sky is more grandeur.


The more I experience LaShiHai through my imagination, there are more serene feeling about this place.

It reminds me on Lake Bohinj under sunny weather when I paraglide once upon a time ago.


XueFeng Lake:

I love the shots sitting on curvy branches of a big tree immersed in water.


Note: XueFeng Lake / LaShiHai are similar in water, greenery, mountainous backdrops.


LuGu lake:

Field of purple flowers (I think it is lavender, but seasonal!)

I remember chasing flowers in spring 2009, it is challenging!

They are blossoming today, the next days they are gone.


Dayan Town aka Lijiang Old Town:

It incorporates the folkways of so many people and the architectural styles of both north and south China.

Many lanterns (like Japanese long lanterns instead of Chinese round ones).

I like the shot from outside to the 2nd floor of a perhaps a restaurant, reminds me on the QingMingShangHeTu, especially with the hunchback bridge.

One can put candle boats down the river.


Yulong Snow Mountain (玉龙雪山):

I always love snowflakes! So pure!

Wear your sunglasses (you will look cool).
Shoot up to look majestic and make you tall.

It is also nice to be at the bottom of the mountain, not too cold, but still can capture the snow-capped Yu Long as backdrop.

Note: somewhere near Yu Long there is water + small low waterfall, with emerald water that can see through beneath like in JiuZhaiGou or Plitvice, where is it in Yulong?


1. my lip cannot stand too low temp. It will get swollen, sadly.

2. if we have to lay down on snow, our dress may get well and it will even be colder!

3. my ears are my Achilles’ heel against cold weather, and it will not be pretty to have all my shots wearing ear muff.

4. If I wear casual clothes, I can shoot myself, I do not need to hire bridal photographer! I believe in my SKILLS + CREATIVITY.


Blue Moon Valley (蓝月谷):


Bamboo path on top of waterfall, nice framing with the waterfall.

Field of yellow flowers (seasonal!)

Sometimes the water turns emerald.

It reminds me on Canadian national parks (@ west side) in the summer time.



Many horses: suitable for cowboy theme.

A field of magenta flower.


Jiudinglongtan (九鼎龙潭):

You can choose cold or warm color post-processing.





A motivation: my lover loves that kind of Halong Bay-alike scenery of Guilin and both of us have never been there.

My concern is that the air quality in Guilin is not as good as in Lijiang, you can feel the less-sunshine less-intense-blue  or less-clear-blue of sky.

Tips: oriental wooden umbrella goes well with the backdrop of limestone mountains.

I love girls with braids in traditional simple costume.

Willow leaves + water reflection will make romantic.

A scene of old house + a girl in 2 braids + a man in Shanghai black collar.

Boats are always romantic!

Leaves of bamboo add pieces of gentleness.



To me, it appears similar to Guilin.



Bamboo boat.

Tips: Kick the water to make the sparks.


For a happy project in China, we want

@~@ gown that can fly (have long materials)

@~@ gown that covers lower legs (because I have muscular leg!)

@~@ Color options:

turquoise cyan

white (I grow up dreaming my man to be like prince on the white horse,  I want to see my man in all white). He looks cool in white short-sleeve shirt that I bought for him from California.

Black (Shanghai collar)


@~@ Scenery choices:

A. greenery + water.

B. Chinese old city (e.g. SuHe).



Must tell photographer that you want (1) close-up (2) semi-close up (3) people occupy only 1/3 of the frame, (4) people occupy only 1/9 or smaller of the frame.


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February 9, 2012 at 5:10 pm

Photogenic locations for lovers: Asia

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Hong Kong
Aberdeen • Cheung Chau • Discovery Bay • Fanling-Sheung Shui • Jardine’s Lookout • Kennedy Town • Kowloon • Kwun Tong • Lei Yue Mun • Ma Wan • Mui Wo (Silvermine Bay) • New Kowloon • North Lantau • Peng Chau • Sai Kung • Sha Tau Kok • Sha Tin • Shek O • Sok Kwu Wan • Stanley • Tai O • Tai Po • Tin Shui Wai • Tseung Kwan O • Tsuen Wan • Tuen Mun • Victoria City • Yuen Long • Yuen Long Town • Yung Shue Wan

Kuala Lumpur
Thean Ho Temple



Free Location :
Legenda Wisata Cibubur, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kota Tua, Gedung Arsip, Kebun Raya Bogor, Raja Kuring, Cilember, Banten
Must pay :
Pulau Bidadari, Putri Duyung, Sapu Lidi, Kota Bunga, Kawah Putih, Anyer

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January 24, 2012 at 9:56 am

How to catwalk and model?

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1. Posture: try to make your body as tall as possible.
2. Legs: walk cross legs, or at least towards inside.
3. Pose: at the end of runway, 1 hip at 1 side


Paint your legs to make them appear shinier.
Be confident, be sexy, do not worry about other people.
Bend your back backward a little


Reach the end of runway: POSE
Walk back, now turn your head back: POSE

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September 16, 2011 at 9:11 am

How to pose for photos?

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Blueroselady tips (learned from many other people):
Smile with Your EYES too.
Imagine somebody whom you love.
Present more of your nice angles.

Tips from Liz Fuller
If your problem is you don’t know how to pose, then start ripping pictures out of magazines. Get yourself Cosmopolitan, Company, Marie Claire; maybe go for the up market ones like Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, Harpers and Queen.

Get these magazines, start ripping them out. Keep your tear sheet folder with you, and if you go on a job and you’re quite new to this, you can say what kind of angle do you like and start showing the photographer, because often it’s about teamwork between you, the photographer, and the client. So, try and get the best out of that.

Try and be the best possible model that you can be. And it’s something that you will learn over years. What suits you? What angles are good? I certainly know my angles, and there is a lot of angles I would not pose in.


What kind of person makes a good subject?
Someone with a lot of PATIENCE, someone who is able to RESPOND to the camera, someone who isn’t too stiff and someone that CAN TAKE DIRECTION.


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September 15, 2011 at 11:23 pm

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I want to be an entrepreneur!

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Kicked start today by taking some shoots of a model applying cosmetic and pretending eating non-fat food. I like my model, she is wearing a spider-web stocking and short flowery black skirt. She took off her sweater, I told her she can wear (if she is feeling cold) or do not wear, and she decided to take it off.

Next, attended an entrepreneur talk. It’s interesting that more than 400 years ago, the spirit of entrepreneurship has emerged, as exemplied by renovation of churches. I am grateful to God, for having seen some of the most beautiful churches.
The most beautiful altar: Basilica Montreal.
The most beautiful floors: St John Co-Cathedral,Malta.
The most beautiful experience with Darling: St Peter Basilica for our Christmas Eve mass.

For some people, not being an entrepreneur is a risk, their risk is ending up in a boring job.

Well, we can live entrepreneurly without having to set up a company.

Above was written in autumn 2008.

Now in summer 2011, I want so much to have a company of my own, be an entrepreneur!

Here are useful notes:

able to ADAPT to new economic circumstances and living conditions.

able to multitask: “you have to be travelling and yet be present in your hometown, be able to envision the future still developing the present” Beatrice Trussardi.

a drive to innovate.

a permanent search for new opportunities.

no clear-cut def for “entrepreneur”.

accounting skills, sales skills, people skills, science skills, presentation skills.

Morten Lund: “You always have to acknowledge LUCK as part of your entrepreneurial success”

Entrepreneurship is much more about TEAM WORK and GROUP EFFORT.

You have to be HUNGRY to be a successful entrepreneur.

Morten Lund” “Successful entrepreneurs are role models, but 7 out of 10 entrepreneurs are not role models because they fail.”

Christian von Koenigsegg: “I have a really ROCK SOLID BELIEF that if you really want something and believe in it and work hard for it, you will get it”.

“If I or my company suffer any setback, I always have to look at it as an opportunity” Suhas Gopinath (SG)

“I do not think we should underestimate anyone because of their economic status or age. I used to offer my service FREE of charge, and this enabled me to showcase my skills” SG.

“If you believe in your own ideas and visions you will be able to acquire these skills on your own” SG.

“To secure our future success we are constantly intensifying COMPETITIVENESS in this organisation” Paul Bulcke of Nestle.
“not having people motivated only by rewards.”
“want to maintain our basic philosophy – that people are here for the long run, that they are here because they identify with the values, mission, and vision of this company”.

Tips: Do not stop learning.
e.g. Although being successful, Therese Albrechtson (1985, Swedish) never stopped her studies and is currently taking several courses in leadership and economical theory at IHM Business School.

Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?
1. To offer employment to others.
2. Passion. Utilize my talents to serve others.

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August 1, 2011 at 7:30 pm