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How to travel while breastfeeding?

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How to travel while breastfeeding, either with or without your baby?
How to fly breast milk?
Can I pump or breastfeed on a flight?
Note : The water on some airplanes may have coliform bacteria so please do not use it to clean your pumping equipment or bottles.
Tips :
1. Pre-sterilized your pumping equipment if you need to pump on a flight.
2. request bottled water (but may not be 100% safe as well).

For a 6-day (inclusive of the days of flying in and out) travel.

To bring:
# pre-sterilized breast milk plastic bags. I use Nanny & Medela brands. While traveling, I intend to pump 3x daily, though I pump 4x now, so I prepare 4 x 6 = 24 bags.
# a cloth to cover.
# a copy of birth cert (in the event that the security staff needs further verification).
# baby dishwashing liquid & a foam to wash the equipment.
# universal adaptor (mine also includes a USB port for charging mobile phone).
# power point & fully charged battery (tentatively buy at destination).
# Medela pump.

# a tube & a 1-to-2 homemade connector.
# breast shields, placed in stainless steel container for easy sterilization.
# Royce ice cooler & cooler bag.

# Plan A : If there is a baby who wants my breast milk, I would be very happy to donate to him / her.
Remember the melanin tainted powdered milk for baby? My breast milk is safe.

# Plan B : bring back the frozen breast milk for my baby.

Where are the nursing rooms?
Changi Airport
Terminal 1
# Near gate holdroom C24 at Departure Transit Lounge West, Level 2
# Near gate holdroom D36 at Departure Transit Lounge East, Level 2
# Near Kaboom retail outlet at Departure Transit Lounge West, Level 2
# Arrival Hall West, Public Area, Level 1

Terminal 2
# Near gate holdroom E1 at Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 2
# Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 2
# Near Check-in Row 7, Departure Check-in Hall Central, Public Area, Level 2

Terminal 3
# Arrival Hall Central, Level 1
# Near Check-in Row 6, Departure Check-in Hall Central, Level 2
# At both sides of Departure Immigration Central, Level 2
# Departure Check-in Hall North, Level 2
# Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 2
# Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 2
# Next to gate holdroom B1 – B4 at Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 2
# Inside gate holdroom B1 – B4 at Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 2
# Next to gate holdroom B9 at Transit North Pier, Level 2
# Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 2
# Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 2
# Next to gate holdroom A1 – A8 at Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 2
# Inside gate holdroom A1 – A8 at Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 2
# Inside bus gate A6 – A8 at Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 1
# Next to gate holdroom A21 at Departure Transit Lounge South Pier, Level 2
# Outside gate holdroom A16 – A20 at Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 2
# Inside gate holdroom A16 – A20 at Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 2

According to,
power point is Available inside nursing room.

China Nanjing Lukou International Airport
According to
apart from the baby-nursing necessities, the nursing room also provides books and toys for the needs of children of different ages. It is located at the Departures Domestic Concourse.

If you find my post useful to you, please donate to me. Thank you very much!


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June 23, 2013 at 9:36 am

Travel: Angkor Wat of Cambodia & how it inspires me

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When I have no time, $, energy to physically travel,
I love to virtually travel
through high quality documentaries
such as this one produced by National Geographic.

The benefits of documentaries (which sometimes we do not experience while traveling physically)
# bird view taken from e.g. airplane.
# music.
# expert knowledge.
# 3D models.

Moreover, high quality documentaries e.g. by National Geographic,
incorporate artistic cinematography,
e.g. the use of bokeh, framing techniques,
which are pleasurable to the eyes.

1. water is critical. Civilizations such as Egypt and Khmer Empire relies on Nile and Mekong River respectively.

2. Western restoration methods do not always work for Eastern architecture like Angkor Wat. Similarly, Western ways of doing business may not always work in the East.

3. Angkor Wat is like a gigantic ship floating on the ocean, thanks to the gigantic moat surrounding the temple. However, this ship is made of stones including the magic stone laterite, that can be shaped yet highly durable (for almost 1 millennium) after it hardens.

4. Over-engineering is not good, as it partly contributes to the decline of the Khmer civilization. How do we know if we are over-engineering?
This is a subset / an example of question for a big question from the serenity prayer:
"God grant me
the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

5. The priests of the ancient time are not only spiritually knowledgeable, they also serve as engineers.
It reminds me on the Renaissance men.
Are we living in over-specialized age?
We need human talent who have broad knowledge as well as deep knowledge for a field of specialization.

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March 26, 2013 at 4:46 am

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The Silk Road: my virtual travel in 2012

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When time, money, and energy are not available, but one desires so much to see the world, one can still do VIRTUAL TRAVEL.

Silk Road documentaries:
Comment: old so relatively low resolution.
Comment: A team of photographer and film maker. Artistic combination. Expect the perspectives, narration, and attitudes of Westerners in this documentary.

Since 300 BC.
A majority of Muslims.
A men forehead must touch the ground when he prays, so only particular hats are desirable (by buyers).
Deserts with snow mountains backdrop. Majestic scenery.
Simultaneously beautiful and harsh.
Xinjiang is the wild west version of China: men carry (and know how to use) knives and swords.

A lot of $ change hands in market and bazaar. Suddenly, I think of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.
The successful people in the Silk Road are those who are multilingual. e.g. Ali (who helped the hat seller).
Ali learned his English watching film.
Blueroselady, please be multilingual.
Celebrating Ramadan: prayer, dance.
Mao statue standing tall in Kashgar seems to remind visitors that you are still in China. We also saw his statue in Lijiang.

Some of the places on The Silk Road are over 6km above sea level.
Horse-riding there.

Then, outside Kashgar.
“This place is just bare, sand, sand, sand”
Falcon to hunt rabbit.
See jade near river. In ancient China, jade is more valuable than gold. To me, diamond is more valuable than gold, yet lives are even more valuable than diamond.

They bought a silk scarf for RMB 200. My man’s aunt-in-law once bought me a silk scarf from West Lake, my man bought me a black silk handkerchief from Lyon. I am a lucky woman!

I have been to Chang An (now Xi An), with a group of wonderful people in summer 2010.
We took pictures in front of the Bell Tower, where the former Imperial Palace of Tang Dynasty was.
We had a dinner in a Muslim eatery place. A lot of BBQ meat. Thankfully a friend from Canada carried hand sanitizer with her, which she kindly shared with us. The guests were loud and few were fighting for a table. It was a new, barbaric experience for me, but I believe that there are always civilized sides to every culture.

To me, Simatai is the most beautiful Great Wall that I have been to, with many beautiful memories with friends.
A wish / prayer / secret for the next 3 centuries.
What is next?
I want to climb Great Wall Jiayuguan.

TERRACOTTA ARMY / Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses
Impressive! Every soldier is unique.
It seems that men with broad faces were desirable and strong in the past.

Thank you so much to
CCTV (China)
NHK (Japan)
National Geographic

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China that I have been to:
Forbidden City
Terracotta Army
The Great Wall
Old Town of Lijiang
Summer Palace
Temple of Heaven
South China Karst : Shi Lin

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China that I want to visit:
Jiuzhaigou Valley
Wulingyuan in Zhangjiajie
Mount Emei (including Leshan Giant Buddha)
Ping Yao
Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries
West Lake

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June 8, 2012 at 5:02 am

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How to travel healthily?

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Do you love or have to travel often?

I always love traveling to new destinations where I have never been to, to learn about the local people, places and culture, to savor delicious delicacies, to appreciate the beauty of our mother nature.

However, since our body is not used to the new destinations and hygiene varies from places to places, we can be prone to infections and diseases, such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, seasonal influenza, typhoid fever, meningococcal disease.

What activities increase the risk of hepatitis B?

  1. travel to countries with high rates of hepatitis B
  2. unprotected sex
  3. tattooing
  4. ear piercing
  5. acupuncture
  6. manicure/pedicure
  7. sharing earrings, toothbrush, razor
  8. invasive medical attention (e.g. injection, IV drip, transfusion, stitching)

How to minimize the risk of hepatitis A?

  1. Minimize cold cuts, fruits, fruit juices, vegetables, salads, undercooked shellfish, iced drinks.
  2. Drink boiled water.
  3. Request for common spoons for shared dishes.

Places with higher risk for typhoid fever:

South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Central and South America.

The best thing is to strengthen your immune system. You can also consider getting vaccine.

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March 25, 2012 at 4:22 pm

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Travel: China: SiChuan

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Beautiful places near ChengDu for photography

@~@ 九寨沟 (JiuZhaiGou Valley): reminds me on Plitvice.
Both are possibly Heaven on Earth.
Do you know that travertine-damned lake generate millions of $ from tourism yearly?
Think of Huanglong, JiuZhaiGou in China.
Pamukkale in Turkey.
Plitvice in Croatia.
Yellowstone Park, Wyoming and Kakadu, Australia.
I pray for the conservation of the travertine (钙华) for our children and grandchildren.

A beautiful memory from my life:
We hiked at Plitvice in a beautiful autumn day.
We had our lunch gazing at the surreal lake.
The only minus point is the transport is a challenge, we almost hitch-hike because we thought we miss the last bus.
But the heaven-like scenery worth all the troubles.

@~@ 木格措 (Mugecuo):
Snow. Honestly it is very difficult to take photos while it is snowing.
Tips: the best time to take photos is right after snowing, then you can add on snow effect during post-processing.

@~@ 上里古镇 (ShangLi ancient town):
I think the ancient towns of DaYan and ShuHe are more oriental.

@~@ 国色天香 (GuoSeTianXiang theme park):
Theme park is always fun.
Merry Go Round is so Colorful.
Idea: lollipop, princess tiara.

@~@ 南湖 (NanHu Garden):
It is an artificial theme park.
You can find similar theme park elsewhere.

@~@ 新都桥 (XinDu Bridge):
especially beautiful in autumn with artist’s palette of colors.

@~@ 香颂湖 (XiangSong Lake):
The wheat-alike grass reminds me on our photo taking @ Botanical Garden in summer 2011.

@~@ 宽窄巷子 (KuanZhaiXiangZi) : old town.

@~@ 川大 (ChuanDa / SiChuan University)

@~@ 非遗公园 (FeiYi garden):
lavender in July.

@~@ 石象湖 (SheXiang Lake): sea of flowers! April. Tulips. Note: planted flowers.

@~@ 天台山 (TianTai Mt)

@~@ 朝阳湖 (ChaoYang Lake)

@~@ 浅水湾 (QianShui Bay): confusing with the Repulse Bay of Hong Kong.

@~@ 塔公草原 (TaGong grassland): sea of wild flowers! Can be cloudy like every highland, weather (read: luck) dependent.

@~@ 雅拉雪山 (YaLa snow mountain)

Below are probably too tough for women in bridal gowns to reach!

@~@康定 (Kangding)
Glorious sunset over Tibetan architecture.
Colorful autumn.
Imagine the Khampa, a Tibetan people whose heavy turquoise jewelry, forward manners, and habit of carrying knives match their reputation for toughness.

@~@峨眉山 (Emei Mt)
乐山大佛 (Dafo, Le Shan): a testament to faith and belief.

Standing beneath the Buddha’s feet will be a humbling experience for me.

@~@ SiGuNiang.
I know a friend who made it to the SiGuNiang.
He trains running everyday, it takes DETERMINATION and HARD WORK.

@~@ Giant Panda.
It costs an average person like me a bomb (RMB 1,000) to hug a baby panda.
It is ok for me not to hug, I can understand how mothers worry when their babies are carried by others, so do mother pandas!

Make sure you get there in the morning (the latest by 9am) when they are feeding pandas as most of the other time they just sleep.
Don’t forget the charming red pandas there!

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February 12, 2012 at 8:05 am

Travel: Asia (2012-2014)

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If you are living in Asia at this moment, let us travel around regionally.
To travel the world is one of the best education. We are happy to be eternal students.

Check budget airlines, discount coupon websites.
Watch documentaries for pre-trip virtual travel experience.
Check the right timing / season to visit.

Some destinations to consider:

@ Jiuzhaigou, China 九寨沟. Reminds me on the beautiful memory of Plitvice.

This documentary allows you to see underwater of the Five Flower Lake of Jiuzhaigou Valley, which you may not be able to do so even if you are physically there.
I watched this documentary twice in the beginning of 2013.

@ Chengdu: an ideas is to volunteer to take care of panda. Safety?

@ ZhangJiaJie 张家界 / WuLingYuan
Inspiration for the movie Avatar.
It seems to be a much more spectacular and dramatic than ShiLin in Yunnan, ZhangJiaJie has forest, rivers, valleys.
In order to greatly appreciate ZhangJiaJie, one must use not only eyes but also minds (imagination).
The foggy nature of the ZhangJieJie reminds me on the 淡 nature of Chinese paintings, which use less color and saturations than most Western paintings.
Must appreciate ZhangJiaJie from different view points and at different hours and weather condition (sunny, rain, after rain).

@ Pingyao, Shanxi. Why do I want to visit Pingyao?
1. the movie “Raise the Red Lantern”, set in the 1920s, directed by Zhang Yimou. Warning: though this movie is visually artistic, I find the message is negative, i.e. hopelessness for women.
2. a former financial hub.

As a financial investor, I plan to pay a tribute to PingYao. This ancient town reminds me on the Venice of Italy, in the context of economic prosperity and the subsequent downturn. We need to constantly innovate.

@ Nanjing. Plum blossom festival (mid Mar – early Apr). adjacent Plum Blossom Garden (inclusive of Zhongshan Plum Bonsai Garden), Red Chamber Garden. Purple mountain. Plum = symbol of birth and perseverance in the face of adversity.

@ Guilin, Guangxi. Beguiling Guilin. Elephant Trunk Hill (Universal Benevolence Pagoda from Ming Dynasty). Folded Brocade Hill. Reed Flute Cave. Lijiang (Li River). Must watch: Zhang Yimou co-directed Liu San Jie.
Must eat: Li Pu yu kou rou (braised pork). Guilin rice vermicelli.
Must buy: San Hua Liquor, thick pepper sauce from Chaotian and Niujiao peppers.
If visit Guilin, please also visit Yangshuo / Longsheng, which are less commercialized and have cleaner water, according to Trip Advisor.
If possible, also visit Bama, Guangxi.

@ Shanghai. An international assessment of students showed that as China’s economic power has risen, so has its educational prowess. The survey, which rated the aptitude of 15-year-olds in 65 countries, shows teens in Shanghai far outscoring international peers in reading, math, and science. Yet, Shanghai is a magnet for China’s best students and does not represent the entire nation. For its part, the US lags behind countries like Finland and South Korea. Time. Dec 20, 2010. Would you consider sending your offspring to learn in Shanghai?
Metersbonwe Costume Museum @ Shanghai.

@ Beijing. I have been to Beijing twice, yet I still want to come back, to visit, study, or work if I have any good opportunity. It hardly snows in Beijing, can we still see the Forbidden Palace covered with snow? Huaibei Ski Resort ( – surrounded by mountains that are topped with the iconic Great Wall of China. Mutianyu Greatwall. Don’t expect to buy real antique things unless you are with an art expert. Shopping at Zoo Market – must bargain (9am-4.30pm). Eat Beijing copper hot-pot e.g.

@ Moganshan, China where Chiang Kai-shek once honeymooned

@ Haikou, Hainan. Watch the Impression Hainan, directed by Zhang Yimou. Sun. Sea. Sand. Seafood.

@ Taipei. Beitou – Taipei’s hotspring district. Taipei 101 new year eve fireworks. I have visited Taipei as of 2013.

@  Tibet, China. 青藏高原 by 雪莲三姐妹 Qinghai Tibet Plateau by Three Snow Lotus Sisters does represent the spirit of Tibet. Later, I decided that I am uninterested to visit Tibet.

@ Ubud, Bali
rice field terrace.
Perhaps, I will watch “Eat Pray Love” movie, stars Julia Robert, before visiting Ubud. I think I watched partially on a flight but I could not remember at all, perhaps it is boring.

A documentary can also be entertaining:

@ Komodo National Park: are komodo dangerous to humans? Are domestic flight from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo safe?
@ Lake Kelimutu, Flores.

@ Pulau Macan, 90 min from Jakarta. Recommended by TIME.But, In Feb 2012, I checked their rate, the cheapest rate is USD 155 / night / person. It is expensive for a budget traveler like me, especially where you can expect a better bargain in Indonesia.

@ Malacca, Malaysia.
Peranakan : dishes, beautiful shop houses
Malaka Jonker Street Chicken Rice Balls

@ Luang Prabang, Laos (a Unesco Heritage Site), entry from Thailand or Cambodia. In January 2013, I browsed a photography book on Laos and suddenly realized that I do not have the strong desire to visit Laos, unlike Vietnam in the past.

@ Angkor Wat in Siem Reap (1x is enough). Be careful if you decide to cross the Cambodia border to Thailand from Sihanoukville as there are widespread scams that victimize tourists.

@ If you consider backpacking in India, imagine yourself without a bath for a week while travel endless nights and days on Darjeeling express. By Jofelle P. Tesorio, Asia News Network.

@ Philippine has the best dive sites and beaches in the world. Knowing how to dive is an avenue to appreciate God’s creation. Please add this to the things-to-learn list.

@ Palawan, Philippine. Coral reefs. Feed the fish by hand.

@ The Maldives. Expensive. If you have been here once, better spend your $ on some other destinations that are cheaper and better.

@ Bangkok. River taxi – be careful not to fall into the heavily polluted klongs (canal). See orchid at Chatuchak weekend market. Madame Tussaud: pose with the Obama couples.

@ Tokyo. You can find the world’s highest standards in food, fashion, and toilets. SPECIALISATION is part of their culture as skills are handed down through generations from master to apprentice. No tipping.

@ Brunei
Do you want a royal free lunch?
For 3 days each year, at the culmination of Ramadan, the Sultan of Brunei opens the Istana Nurul Iman Palace to meet and feed his public.

@ Rangoon. Eat MOHINGYA: a fish soup touted as Burma’s national dish.

@ New Zealand: Lake Tekapo.

References: AsiaNews, Time, CNN Traveller, Picasa, Flickr, JetStar magazines.

@ gado2 : vegetable, egg, potatoes, rice cake, tofu with peanut sacue.

@ Penang laksa: sour and spicy

@ Yangon shan noodle: tasty broth, lots of egg noodles, interesting spices.

@ Khao neow ma muang: mango + sticky rice.

@ Crabs in black pepper / Padang sauce.

What I do when time and money are insufficient to fulfill my travel dreams?
Read National Geographic or other travel magazines.
Watch documentary program (e.g. National Geography) on Youtube, Tudou.

Travel destination: universities

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When one travels to a place s(he) has never been before, besides the natural beauties, one loves to visit the markets (traditional, financial, modern shopping complexes), the religious sites (churches, temples, mosques), the power center (palaces, parliament houses, and of course the learning sites, especially the universities.

Once a country bumpkin as my mentor referred me, I aspire to learn and share as much as possible knowledge and wisdom.

Universities where I have visited (as a tourist or a student) or learned from:
Tsinghua U
Peking U
Shanghai Jiao Tong U
Cambridge U
Oxford U
York U
Imperial College
School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), London
ETH Zurich
U of St Gallen
Charles U in Prague
U of Bergen
U of Copenhagen
Harvard U
Salve Regina U
U of British Columbia
Simon Fraser U
U of Toronto
… and this list will grow!

God, thank you so much for inspiring me. I want you to be inspired to. Everyone deserves to attend university at least once in a lifetime. No financial hardship should deter one from pursuing knowledge. Amen!

Now, it is time collect a list of admirable start-ups, companies, and institutions. It is time to learn from the real-world, instead of merely the ivory towers.

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Travel: Great Britain – England, Wales, Scotland

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Avoid using train carriage where there is just 1 other passenger or drunk or a group of young men.

National Trust, English Heritage

If you are going from Heathrow to another city, changing coach at London may be cheaper than a direct coach.

In Aug 2011, I realize how short-term my memory is after delivering a series of talks.

Let me count my blessings here, places where I have been to in England (I remember now thanks to DK Eyewitness Great Britain book):
Avebury stone circle.
Bath (Roman Bath, where TC and AA once studied).
Birmingham (change train).
Canterbury Cathedral.
Eton and Windsor Castle.
Heathrow airport (to the East, to the States).
Liverpool (1 of my friend’s happiest moments).
London (summer 2004, time flies!) – London Eye over a sunset, London Tower (Beefeater); majestic parks, world-class museums; Westminter Abbey and Cloister summer 2009; Borough market; Notting Hill carnival 2008.
Leeds Castle.
Luton airport (stranded once).
Norfolk (lavender, beaches, fish and chip): Norwich Cathedral, Wells-next-the-sea beach huts, Hunstanton Cliffs of carstone, red, white chalks.
Oxford (Christchurch College, Radcliffe Camera), Blenheim Palace.
Silbury Hill (saw on the day we visited Avebury and Stonehenge).
Stansted airport.
Stonehenge (was begun 3,500 years ago).
York (for sightseeing, for a workshop).

I love gardens in Britain: winding paths, palladian bridge, knot gardens, pansy.

Did I visit Canterbury Cathedral ? Yes! I forgot.

Did I visit Leeds Castle? Yes! I forgot.

Did I visit Salisbury Cathedral?

Places that I consider to go (since summer 2011):
Brighton Royal Pavilion.
Cambridge: fan vaulted ceiling and Ruben altarpiece of King’s College Chapel, Bridge of Sigh.
Culzean Castle.
Cardiff Castle: roof garden, library.
Cotswold stone cottage – for weavers.
Dartmouth Ponies.
Gardens of Rose in June.
Hadrian’s wall.
Hampton Court.
Lake Districts.
Lavenham timber-framed houses.
Llangollen Canal – Pontcysylte Aqueduct.
London St Paul’s cathedral, Portobello antique shop.
Peak Districk : (1) Hathersage – Morton of Jane Eyre (2) Crich tramway village.
Robin Hood’s Bay.
Rosslyn Chapel.
Southampton maritime museum.
St Michael’s Mt, Cornwall.
Warwick Castle.
Wells Cathedral – flight of steps.
Whitchurch Mill along Thames.

George Bernard Shaw – Pygmalion.
Francis Drake – 1st Englishman to circumnavigate the globe – privateer (pirate).
Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest.
Beatrix Potter of Peter Rabbit – The Lake District.
Liver bird on the Royal Liver Building @ Liverpool.
St David – patron st of Wales.

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Travel: Europe

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Writer: Matt Gross

Dec 1933, Patrick Leigh Fermor left London on a ship bound for Rotterdam, where he planned to travel 2,253 km to Istanbul – on foot.
No $, only an outgoing nature, a sense of adventure, an affinity of languages and a broad network of friends of friends.
Results: books (1) A time Of Gifts (2) Between The Woods and The Water.

28 km / day ~ 6 hrs of walking. Honestly, Blueroselady cannot do that.

Met Jean-Marc and Marie, newlywed French cyclists, on a 2-year bicycle journey from their home in Paris to Japan.

Donau-Auen National Park

After swollen ankles, there was no way Matt Gross would make the remainder of the trip unless he broke his own rules.

At a cafe in Sered, a customer drove him 3.2 km to an open pension. Why? An American had helped him find a hotel in Rio de Janeiro and now he could return the kindness.

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Tips: before you travel and during your journey

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First aid kit
Drug allergy history
Bring extra 1 week medicine if you are on medication
Pack medication on hand luggage, get a letter of certification to bring on board
Do not carry too heavy luggage

Keep yourself hydrated; alcohol lead to dehydration
Exercise your leg to prevent deep ven thrombosis
Stand up and walk about esp long distance flight / coach
Plan stopover if possible
Drink 1 plastic cup of water every hour while flying – refill water
Do not sit cross-legged

Vaporizer, hot water bowl

Pregnant mum do not travel in 1st & last trimesters.
1st trimester = before 13 weeks.
To obtain a cert of fitness to travel
If you discover bleeding, avoid traveling
Check nearest obstetric facilities at destination
Use anti embolism stockings / TED : reduce risk of blood clots leg

Carry a summary of medical history & prescribed med
Translate to local language
Pace yourself, avoid rush around

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